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  1. McTulus

    Hello From Indonesia

    Though I never try to look for fanclub, despite I've been listening to Mika for ~8 years. Thanks for having a thread too Good Wife lyrics, that's how I found this site.
  2. McTulus

    Hello From Indonesia

    Hi Everyone, I'm Michael Tulus from Indonesia How I become Mika fan: There was this one day, when my mom come home with a flashdisk full of song so I can listen to something other than political or sad song (too lazy and miser to buy other album. Those were my father's). One of the random album (okay, it's just 6 songs from the album) in there was "The boy who knew too much", where somehow I manage to reach among 50+ album through shuffle. Intrigued at the first song in the list (blame it on the girl. we are golden were put last there), I listened to the whole album, and finally, for the first time in my life, there's a whole album that managed to fit my taste. Other than the last halves of The Boy who knew too much, at most there's 1 song each album that I don't instantly like, and those will take 3-5 times too grow on me. Honestly, Mika is the only person I can honestly say I'm a fan of.