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  1. The birdie Tshirt and other weird clothing thread

    Mika not in a suit.
  2. The birdie Tshirt and other weird clothing thread

    No words. only fear.
  3. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    I give up. This site is too big. Would somebody put this somewhere if its okay?
  4. Most Energetic Performance?

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a crazy energetic performance by Mika. Like this , but his own song. I am guessing many of you know this performance well. And will watch it again anyway.
  5. Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Updates - 2017

    I am glad Mika will get a nice book but I have been also moved by the hashtag and hate to see someone who could benefit from it go to a dead end. And doesn't he look a bit foolish sending people to the wrong place? Here's a problem, and there are worse, too many good ideas not enough solid follow through. I feel its too bad. But it's my own fault for forgetting the reality of the entertainment business. Oh well.
  6. Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Updates - 2017

    It's #whenivebeengregory not wheniwasgregory. I messaged him on Instagram. But what are the odds he will see it? can someone he follows let him know? I put mine on Facebook so I screwed up too.
  7. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Okay, I just wrote the American author Andrew Solomon (who has written two brilliant books on depression and one on identity) about Gregory. I wonder what he will think. I am now having some chicken soup and heading to bed!
  8. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    So several years ago I had a horrible depression caused by a medication I was taking for a sleep disorder. I sat in my chair for two years looking out the window and waiting for each second to pass. I will not go into details but I have learned more than I ever wanted to about emotional pain -- and compassion. But on the other hand, I am still here. I started crying when Gregory came out -- and I still don't speak Italian. Sometimes I have a very bad day. Today was one. Then I started reading the #whenIvebeenGregory and had another crying jag. Because at least I didn't feel alone. Thank you for posting it. I will try to follow up on the English page when I stop crying. Could be a while.
  9. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I just went searching the internet for info on the show. i always check Wikipedia, in the past I have contributed to some articles. . I don't know how big this contributor driven encyclopedia is in Europe, but.... the ItalianCasa Mika page has almost nothing on it. I am a professional writer. But I don't speak Italian. I am not as knowledgable about as the show as the Italian lot. . If I were, I might roll up my sleeves and write some proper informative, insightful information for the page. It's important for Wikipedia foe articles to be fact based with citations if possible and I know this is work. But many people submit their own Wikipedia pages, almost anything will go up if it is informative and not obviously crazy. I just toss the idea out lightly. Certainly most people are too busy to engage in this kind of contribution. But just in case, I humbly mention it. @dcdeb you are the only one I have come across who writes professionally? I know Mika must have a publicity team, but this is not where they would place their energy, still I think the page could use even a few paragraphs of help. But I admit there is much more I don't know about the Mikaverse than what I do. I have many wild ideas. My theory is that the more ideas you have, the more likely one of them may be a good one. And I love much of what Mika does. I support his vision with my heart. Gosh I can't wait for English subtitles. Pat PS Isn't Luciana like a big sister/mother hen for Mika? I liked her from the moment when she mopped his forehead with her skirt. But I may feel differently when I know more of what she is saying.
  10. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    This is my alter ego Punkin. She gets around and wanted to see Himself. She's good-bad, but she's not evil I know, I know, he wasn't wearing sneakers but she has a vivid imagination. She really enjoyed the show, especially the talking dogs, but was distracted by Mika's teeth, of all things. Something is different...?
  11. Since I can't speak Italian I can only offer this if needed:  To proofread the subtitles at the end, when everyone has looked at them so much sometimes you can't catch the mistakes.


    Otherwise, I remain in awe of your hard work, and wish you good luck.



    1. Subtitling Team

      Subtitling Team

      Hi Pat!


      Sorry for not answering, we (or rather I, DerMoment1608, mostly managing the Subs Team account) didn't see your post. We get an email if someone writes a personal message but as I have realized now not when someone posts on our profile. We didn't want to ignore you, even if it probably looked like it :shocked:


      So, thank you very much for offering :) We have enough helpers for now. But if we should need help for future episodes, we may would contact you :)

    2. Anditwassummer


      No worries.  I figured as much.  Meanwhile I am busy doing some translations of my own of Mika songs only in French.🙃  It's not all that easy, I can imagine how hard you all work.

    3. Subtitling Team

      Subtitling Team

      Haha, lyrics are especially tricky :sweatdrop: Good luck! :biggrin2:

  12. Mika in UK Press 2017

    1. Mika is still really a service oriented business. He has to do Casa Mika himself. He has to write and record and tour himself. He cannot clone himself in order to fulfill all of these many avenues. Also, his successes come from a hands on, handmade point of view.. The sets on Casa Mika may be made for him, but the structure and content of the episodes are handmade by one man. Service oriented businesses are more limited than product oriented ones, but ironically, the individualism, quirkiness and quick thinking of Mika does not easily adapt itself to mass produced products. I shudder at the thought of the Mika couch. The Mika cookbook. The Mika white tee shirt. The Mika tribute band. I am pretty sure he would too. So I somewhat doubt the syndicated Mikaverse. 2. I don’t know how many he needs to fund an album and a tour, I do know he said he lost a great deal of money on Parc des Princes. I believe that a worldwide tour as he has done before is not going to be constructed the way he did it in the past. But writing and performing his music is still, and always will be, at the core of who he is. The trouble is with time. Nobody can be in two places at once. Servicing tv and music are going to be quite a trick. And this is why, I suspect, the book isn’t done. He is only one extremely talented, unique, inspirational person. 3. If I were Mika (ha!) I would be writing a Broadway or West End show to star in. Thiis is the one genre where I think he could be replaced by another star and have it still be successful. Or could actually not have to star at all. And spin off a touring company, use merchandising and cast albums to make money, and still not be eaten up by the project. 4. I am sorry for those of you who miss the old days. I would have given a tooth to have been there. You are all different people because of this experience in a way I envy. When I see his old handdrawn site and personally written blogs, I am actually very moved. It’s all there. The vulnerability. The desire to have a communal experience. The intellectual, artistic bent. And the kindness. Everywhere else, if you look, you can find the ambition, the self control, ideas beyond measure that have been brilliantly executed or have not gotten done yet. And it all still gets you in a tizzy, I do wish people could hope for the best outcome for Mika, and try to understand how complicated the situation is. He doesn’t just pick music, record an album and tour. Who knows, he might be missing the good old days too. But he was always destined to change many, many people’s lives through living out his own. It’s a rare, dangerous yellow brick road that would scare the hell out of me. I wish him luck, peace and happiness as he goes. I will be watching from a nearby tree. 6. Why did I number these ideas? I have no idea. Pat
  13. Finally! Something in Italian I can read! The pictures help.🙂 Also, what is that on the bottom front of his sweater? A rocket ship?