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  1. Best Grace Kelly live please?

    You know, his accent singing this is very like Mick Jagger's when he was young.
  2. Best Grace Kelly live please?

    It's too strange to see people sitting like mannequins in the background! What is wrong with them?!
  3. Best Grace Kelly live please?

    They are both good. I guess I am looking for one where the energy is off the hook like this cover. I know its asking a lot.
  4. Dead links

    Why are so many links dead? Or am I not understanding where to find live ones?
  5. Best live performance of Grace Kelly? Thanks
  6. Growing Up With Mika

    It is beautiful. As much as any one of us changes, it will always be beautiful. I just saw the beginning of Casa Mika 4. I had to stop watching for a while after Mika read his story (?). It surprised me, it was so daring. And that story is something worth translating and making available. When somebody puts himself on the line like that, how can you not feel something? Something like love? In front of a huge audience expecting music, joking, or conversations, Mika delivers a story that is so small and so personal, it is really extraordinary. To make it big with that orchestra? This is incredibly brave, maybe even reckless. That story about seeing someone when the light is red and imagining who he is, who he could be? He is very much talking about himself. "Run," he says, "run and never stop running." "They will tell you that you are doing it wrong, but run, run and never stop running. Only then will you achieve all your dreams." The things he wants to do that are not music? He is running to do all those things. Because he has big dreams. And life is very short. To want Mika to stick to singing alone when he has this in him? Not me. Run, Mika. Just run.
  7. The Essence of Mika

    I heard this once before and it proves the point. One voice and a few notes on an instrument, and you can be just as moved as listening to a symphony. BTW I am still figuring out this forum. Wanted to quote you without the link and this is what happened!

    if you like a guy singing in a high register, check this dude out. John Elliott is the guy behind THE LITTLE UNSAID. I adore this band, and this man. He is, like MIKA, a unique songwriter. His songs, like MIKA's, can be reduced to a singer and a single instrument. His melodies are lovely. His lyrics are frequently extremely dark. He is more folktronica than pop. Good music crosses genres for me. He tours and records mostly with a full band. His musicianship is stunning. He is a recent winner of the Steve Reid InNOVAtion Award for boundary-pushing new music creators. The music industry is very different now. That this band is not supported by a label is only sad because it's so hard to do it yourself and have time for your music. If you live in England and can see one of his shows this fall, do it! The energy is fantastic and do not I will be terribly jealous. Sorry the links are so big.
  9. The Essence of Mika

    I am not a great guitarist. But I am on my quest to figure out what exactly I like these songs so much. So I put a bunch of them in C with a capo. And sang them. This is when you really hear the simplicity and beauty of the melodies. Everyone talks about Mika's melodies, including him. But for me, until I went very very simple, the production has been a problem. I like some of it, other stuff I think is overproduced. Even the simple stuff usually has harmony singers. Pull it back from that and you can own it, stripped down to the core and forget the octave jumps if you like. It is still beautiful stuff. Maybe more beautiful that the big versions?
  10. Growing Up With Mika

    I find what you said beautiful, too. And I also love Mika. What's wrong with that? Off topic, but he is probably responsible for this dog that fell into my lap. I might call him Humphrey!
  11. Growing Up With Mika

    Interesting that some people are nol pleased by Mika's choices to do The Voice and another season of Casa Mika. This makes for a really meaty conversation, I think. Not about the shows, but about how everyone is handling Mika's growing up. Because I recently got into Mika and we now have everything available to watch, I have spent the past month seeing him mature as an artist over ten or so years. The early years were a special kind of magic for all the misfits including Mika. Mika did what he wanted, the way he wanted to. Sometimes the transformation to adulthood is shocking in its ugliness, and sometimes shocking in its beauty. How did this secretive, scarred, chubby kid turn into such a beautiful, kind young man? Where does this spark come from in someone which makes them glow like that? How on earth was he able to turn his unhappiness into our (and his) pure joy? And now, where is that beautiful boy going? What is going to happen to our sorrow if we don't have Mika's music to transform it? Growing older is always trouble. You become someone else over and over. How many times can you expect him to play the same songs? And with the presence and passion of the first time? Or write the same kinds of songs? If he did, I don't believe people would like them. They would make us sad, and maybe we wouldn't even know why. Be careful what you wish for. As you age you become responsible for more and more. How many people does Mika employ, and what would happen to them if he just walked away? They are his family, literally or not. I have faith in Mika. He is supernaturally gifted. Let him wander where he will, and learn more about himself and what he really wants. When he comes back to the music, I don't think he will disappoint.
  12. Someone on my FB page suggested people filed insurance claims asap because you may be reimbursed for your evacuation exoenses. Hope it goes okay for you. Glad you are safe.
  13. Is he worried about his Miami friends and his house? Those of us in the States are terrified for anyone there, and it's supposed to arrive on Sunday. Nothing you can do either, nature is the boss. And loss is a miserable creature. I very much hope he is able to give himself over to the writing and the music soon. He has a unique vision that is much needed by this difficult world.
  14. Can I turn off the gifs etc in signatures

    I meant images in the signatures, thanks.
  15. Copyright

    Another question. Does the club have a policy/permission regarding the copyrighted materials of Mika and his collabs? Is it all fair use? I'm no lawyer.