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  1. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Ahahaha grazi @melaviola !
  2. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Hi @Mika Freaka =)! Oh yes, I've learned about that in sociocultural studies! I had always wonder about the Cape Malays lifestyle there now tho haha
  3. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Well yeah, that's exactly what all the photographers do haha. Xie xie, I'm off to Mikaland...starting from...3..2..1
  4. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Ciao @Gabry74! Grazie! Hope to see you too!
  5. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    You're right! Life is short. Ok maybe I should start saving for Mika's upcoming concert, specifically haha. I would love to go to Europe tho. I'm studying art and design now, under photography department. But before this I did major in psychology, doing ADP (one year here in MY, and supposedly continue 3 years in US). But due to circumstance, in which Trump won the election, things got a little difficult huhu. For safety reason, I just continue at local university. And too bad, public university didn't recognize the ADP certificate (different system and scheme). I was thinking of continuing psychology at private university actually but the tuition fee is kinda too expensive for me haha. Hence, I just start over and got an offer in this field that I'm doing now. Et voila! Now I'm on sem break, that's why I have so much time watching all of these videos of Mika lol. But I still have a life outside okay, been shooting outdoor. So yeah, I think I have a balance lifestyle rather than just being a lazyass who sit in front of a computer hahaha Hope too see you soon, perhaps at one of Mika's tour? Haha. À bientôt!
  6. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Lol you're so funny Ahhhh I wish I'm a richass to go anywhere without worrying about money, but nah, I'm still a student. Yep, my money flies with my project mostly, cries :'( By the way, you're a psychiatric trainee, right? That sounds pretty cool! I had always wanted to study in that field, but life seems to have another plan for me uhuu
  7. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Omggg hi neighbour!! Now I have hope that we can actually spread the MIKA virus around here
  8. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Muchas gracias @Mikasister!
  9. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Konnichiwa @Kumazzz! Oh yes, this is the show that I was talking about, arigatouuu! And thanks for the warm welcome
  10. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Omg yeah I'm so glad I found a malaysian fan of Mika here!! Ni hao! To answer your question, no, I wasn't from international school. Just a normal sekolah harian. I just happen to love learning languages haha. I agree with you, even most of my friends just listen to kpop and the songs on the radio. But I'm trying to spread Mika's song at the same time hahha. Or as you put it, "promoting" Mika's songs lol. Hey, I'd never met you but I can literally imagine how excited you could be when Mika is the main topic of conversation. Hahahaha. And let's go to Mika's concert if he's coming to Asia! I don't care, even if he's not coming to Malaysia, let's go to Japan/Korea/China/Indonesia/any other country near us! Never thought I'd see the day where I would be this excited about his show, but oh well, there's a possibility that I would be a #mikafreak too P.s. (Still secretly hoping that Mika would make a tour in KL, tho).
  11. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Tchuss, Sabine! Maybe they should see Mika for who he is in the first place, don't you think? It's his personality that made him very unique.
  12. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Thank you @Littlelady @sara09 @Sabine64 @silver for the warm welcome
  13. Newbie from MALAYSIA! (How I found Mika, again)

    Thank you @krysady! Arghhh can't wait for this new album!!
  14. Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Woah I had just discovered this fan club and I have to say that it's awesome!! Great job guys! Ok, I guess I should say a little something about myself, no? So, hey, it's me! Hahha. I actually haven't heard about Mika for quite a long time. Last time I heard about him, I was 11 or 12, I don't remember much -I'm 20 now, by the way- but I absolutely remember his music hits that made my childhood memorable. Because let's face it, who doesn't love his kind of music and have a life in full of colours?!! Anyway, I've been learning french since I was 17 and been listening to french songs a lot. And this is where the story begin. If any one of you ever heard about Cœur de Pirate, yep, she's one of the most influential artist for me to learn French (but mostly I listen to the '50s, '60s, '70s french songs). And that was when I stumbled across a video of Mika again -after all these years!- on YouTube. A duet with Cœur de Pirate at the L'été Indienne show, if I'm not mistaken. And that was the badaboum moment for me! Alors, French is not my third language, mais je parle un peu français. So when I discover that Mika can speak French and some other languages, I feel really really inspired by him. I've been learning so many languages since I was 14 but I master in none, like seriously, arabic, español, nihon go, italiano, deutsch, and even sign language. But because of lack of practice, I kind of forget most of them. Too bad, I know, but I still remember some basics but not as good. Luckily enough I live in a multi-racial country, so I know some chinese mandarin. And oh, I'm malay, by the way. Enough about myself, let's talk about Mika, shall we? Hm, where do I start? Well, I think Mika is quite underrated here in Malaysia. That's one of the reasons why I join this fan club. I was hoping that we'll have a #mikafanclubMY soon. It's a little disappointing when I checked the country rep list, because there's no malaysian rep, sobs. So I made up my mind that maybe I should start doing something, spread the word, spread Mika's music, let the world recognize him! I've been giving my friends and some strangers at the cafe samples of Mika's songs, and see! I knew it people would love his music! They just never heard about him! So I hope very very soon, that Mika will be a topic of music again in my country. I heard that he's making a new album at the moment? I really do hope he will make a concert here, I would love to see him in person. Quite the unique one, isn't he? I thought I could make this short, but, uh, sorry. It's getting longer and longer every second. Maybe I should stop here now. Ciao!
  15. Am I the only Mika's fan from Malaysia?? Greetings from KL by the way :)

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    2. silver


      The person most likely to be around is Nie - you can try leaving a message on her profile page

    3. heyitsme


      Thank you for your response!! :cheerful_h4h:

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      I just saw this! :teehee: 

      thanks @silver