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  1. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Potete aiutarmi ? Che cosa Luciana ha detto che fa ridere Fabio ? (Questa cosa con la spalla) non ho capito bene . Luciana è meravigliosa. Secondo me lei e Mika si divertiranno molto. Non vedo l'ora
  2. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Ho studiato il tedesco per 9 anni ma ho dimenticato quasi tutto ( come Mika con spagnolo ) Oggi capisco qualche parola. Ma è vero, il tedesco non è molto difficile
  3. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Und der Gewinner ist Mika Questo è vero per noi Oggi noi dobbiamo sentire queste parole o leggere su Internet
  4. He is writing new album, with or without the Voice we will get new music. Soon or later but I think Voice doesn't change that. Maybe I'm wrong. For now I'm very happy to see him again as coach and can't wait for the Voice and Stasera
  5. French speaking thread - Part 5

    Quelle bonne nouvelle ! Je suis tellement ravie Avec Zazie et Florent Pagny, ils s'amusent toujours ensemble. À mon avis Mika comme coach est parfait
  6. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Francese è un poco difficile ma con Mika non è importante la lingua. Il suo sorriso, comportamento, anche questo è divertente Lui è veramente pazzo e ottimo come coach
  7. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Penso che è vero e sono molto contenta Prima di questa informazione niente oficiale sul sito The Voice era stato confermato.
  8. Hi from Poland :-)

    Thank you Eriko. Yes, I saw this and I read the threads. It's nice to see polish language here. I think there's not much polish people at this forum but it's ok. I hope next time when MIKA will be in Poland I will go to see him performing live. That would be amazing !!! But for now I have so much videos to watch, I can't wait to watch all of them Thanks to all members of MFC
  9. Hi from Poland :-)

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I have so much fun watching all these videos of MIKA and his interviews. This forum is like treasure, I'm really happy to be here I should be studying but instead I'm spending my time here. No regrets Thank you again !
  10. French speaking thread - Part 5

    Salut, je suis d'accord avec vous chère Denise. Sa voix est tellment unique( même avec les fautes ) , dans n'importe quelle langue. Je veux vous remercier pour votre accueil et gentillesse. Mon français n'est pas encore bien donc désolée pour mes fautes mais je suis très contente d'être ici avec vous, merci
  11. Hi from Poland :-)

    Witajcie, buongiorno, bonjour Hi, I'm Ewa from Poland. My adventure with MIKA started with the Voice. I had a lot of study at the university so I decided to watch something in french for practice. I study french since 2 years and also italian. I'm in love with this show even if I don't understand everything. And MIKA, he's the best coach. So funny, honest and nice. I really like how he talks with people. I had a little rough time in my life and once I was listening Relax, Takie It Easy all night. I don't know how but this song helped me a lot. Just relax. Now this song is special for me. After that night I started listening other of his songs, watching interviews ( there is so many to watch yet ). He's amazing person, he's so smart and full of colors. Still I have to learn a lot about MIKA but I'm happy and when I hear his voice and laugh I'm smiling. Ok, that is my story. I apologize for all mistakes in my english ( I'm like MIKA and I'm speaking others languages my own way ). I'm very happy to read your stories and discover world of MIKA with you. Honestly lessons of french or italian ( I started watching Xfactor and Stasera ) with Mika are the best ones! Now I'm in the train so I have to go but like I said I'm very happy to be part of this fanclub. Ciao !