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  1. Chère Maria :happybday:

    Je te souhaite une vie pleine de joie, de bonheur, que tous tes rêves se réalisent et que tu puisses finalement aller au concert de Mika! J'espère pouvoir te rencontrer un jour! Joyeux anniversaire mon amie! :hug: 

    Wszystkiego najlepszego!!! ( C'est en polonais Happy Birthday :wub:)  



    1. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hello @Ewa12 !!!! :hug:

      Oooooh it's sooooooooo nice thank you from the bottom of my heart  !!!!! :huglove:

      I hope we 'll meet us one day too. :wink2:


      See you soon !! 

  2. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    http://www.cerisefm.fr/news/l-instant-the-voice-197/1 I don't know if someone posted it before. I'm not sure but from next week there will be some radio broadcast with interviews or something on Thursday and Friday
  3. Finalement c'est le Jour J !!! J'ai hâte de voir the Voice!!  :cheer: J'espère qu'on va bien rigoler  :lmfao:
     @Dominika are you ready ? :naughty:



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    2. Ewa12


      I think he and Pascal Obispo will give us many reasons to laugh 😂😂  I really can't wait!! Just a few more hours :cloud: Now I go back to french literature.  

      Have a nice day ! :hug:

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)


      Yes, I agree, I think we 'll laugh a lot ! Good french work ! :wink2:

    4. Dominika


      And I'll understand nothing but I'll laugh with you :lmfao:

  4. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    I just spent an hour or even more searching one photo. I saw once photo from Blame it On the girls ( this collage or similar like the one at right bottom) but now I can't find it Maybe someone has photo like this or knows where I have to search ?
  5. Moi quand j'essaie de chanter en français:lmfao:

    I'm so happy to celebrate Christmas as Mika-fan for the first time! It's so much funnier :) 

    I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

    Joyeux Noël! Buon Natale!:newyear:



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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Merry Christmas girls !!! 

      Have a good time with people you love 😍 

    3. emilyb


      Merry Christmas Eve girls!

    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hi girls, I hope you are doing well this Christmas day. I wish you a very happy Christmas and a happy new year, full of good surprises. I wanted to thank you for the good times that you bring me every day, all that little comfort after school that I would not trade for anything in the world. So thank you thank you thank you.




  6. Hey! Eins, zwei, drei,vier! 

    On my way to Munich! :fisch:


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    2. Ewa12


      Thank you! Hope I can sleep a little bit. Last day (and night) was so crazy that I slept just for 2 hours 😴  So good night to both of us :hug: 

    3. emilyb


      yeah, its around 4:45 where you are right?? Hopefully you can get a little bit of sleep! I'm going to be headed to bed soon so I can wake up and run before it starts to snow here:bed:

    4. Dominika


      Have a nice time with your sister :wink2:

  7. Happy Birthday :happybday:

    1. Ewa12


      Thank you so much!! :hug:

  8. I've never seen this!! The broccoli song!! I laughed so hard :lmfao:

    ''Tutti pensano che broccoli sono broccoli ma sono sbagliati perché sono piccoli, piccoli alberi e noi siamo i gigantiiii! :lmfao:

    ''ovviamente sono buoni sono alberi'' :lmfao:io lo amo :wub2:

    Mika from 2:44

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    2. Ewa12


      @Maria :) hi, I'm fine thanks for asking 😉 Well he sings that broccoli is not broccoli but a small tree and we are the giants. And if we think differently we're wrong. It's just funny song he made up. Je vais essayer de traduire en français et je t'enverrai plus tard par message privé, si tu veux😉

    3. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hahahaha thank you Ewa !! 

      It's funny 😂😅

    4. Dominika


      Yes, thank you @Ewa12 :thumb_yello:

  9. Tu fais n’importe quoi
    On dirait que t’aimes ça... :fisch:



    Tu es toujours un enfant, tu ne seras jamais grand...

  10. Jeszcze raz wszystkiego najlepszego w dniu Twoich urodzin Kochana! :yay::flowers2:

    1. Ewa12


      Dziękuję bardzo bardzo bardzo !!!! :wub2:

  11. When you're not feeling well and can't just stay in bed... forever :annoyed_h4h: 



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    2. Ewa12


      @Dominika I'm sure about it! :hug: And yes Mika and pancakes connected us for good. Can't wait for Thursday! :cheer:

    3. Dominika
    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Oooooh !!! 

      It's so great ! 

      You have much lucky to meet you !!! 😏😍

      I wish you a good day together. 

  12. Mika and Michael - what a great combination :wub2:


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    2. Mikasister


      Good night @girls good luck with your exams, studies and everything in your life. See you tomorrow. :hug:

    3. Dominika


      Good night!!! :huglove: Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow :fisch:

    4. Ewa12


      @Dominika you know me so well :wub2:  Good night to all of you!! 

  13. Does anyone still have working links for whole show ( interview + songs) ? Or maybe could upload file ?
  14. Stasera le porte di Casa Mika si apriranno per l'ultima volta! Ma non voglio piangere. Era un bel viaggio per Mika e per noi! Grazie :wub2:  Ci vediamo su Rai 2 alle 21:20!!

    It's our house!!! :cheer:



  15. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Si, tutti questi momenti erano belli. Ma quando lui ha cominciato cantare One of Us, mi sembrava appartenere ad un altro mondo Per me il momento più bello. Ho scoperto questa canzone di nuovo