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  1. Mikas' Stories

    So, I will put here my thoughts on Lady Jane song from my status update To me this song is about chasing your dreams (sometimes in different ways like Lady Jane and the King) but you have to remember that fulfilling them don't lasts forever. There is always something standing on the way but despite that you have to be courageous to reach for them because it can give you the most beautiful moments of happiness What are your thoughts on this song?
  2. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

  3. I will quote Mika: "Are you ####in' kidding me?" :lmfao: Have you got the same? Do you like the song?

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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Hahha i prefer when he sings his songs. 

      I don't like when he makes covers. 

    3. Dominika
    4. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      Sorry i don't know how say in English. 

      Je trouve que ça lui va moins bien. 

      Il est moins dans son univers, ça le rend moins unique alors je trouve ça dommage. 

      Pas toi ? 

  4. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    I love it too! There is also another part!
  5. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    I know that it was for the show and maybe he is like that, but still he didn't gain my symphaty that's all...
  6. Ciao!

    Hi there! Welcome on board! Have a lot of fun here
  7. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    Yes and yes You're doing great @Maria :)
  8. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    Oh yes, this one is really good too Sometimes he sounds like an old man but it actually comes from his rich life experience. He can talk about simple things so wisely
  9. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    Are you counting down for the rest of your job? How much time left to finish the shift with children?
  10. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    I have to say that google translator is quite good with translating from french to polish for example but it's terrible with english! And I wonder how is it possible since it's a very common language He's saying that his lyrics can contain difficult subjects, sad stories and different terrible things but they are put together with happy melodies. And when you first hear the song you like it straight away because it's so rhytmic and joyful but when you actually realize what is he singing about is quite terrifying but then it's to late to let it go
  11. Cute/Must See Mika Videos

    In general I don't like the guy who is interviwing Mika. For me he is too direct and weird but Mika's answer about beeing apetizer is priceless
  12. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    One of my favourite Mika about his music...
  13. Mika 's wonderful quotes

    C'est moi! Je suis un pessimiste total Google translator fait des miracles! J'espère que c'est tout à fait correct