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  1. I think that among other nominees in entertainment category Mika's show is very uncommon and unique which should give him a huge advantage
  2. Growing Up With Mika

    First of all beautiful dog I am dreaming to have a golden one day... About the topic I agree with both of you. You just probably exhaust the subject (although about Mika can talk like forever ). I think that maybe the things is he doing now are the right things for him. We can only keep guessing… Mika is an extraordinary man with wide horizons and whatever he does is happening for a reason. He will not leave us without any music that’s for sure, because for Mika music is like the oxygen to breathe. He cannot leave it voluntary. Through listening to his albums we can see (or more hear) how he evolve and that is good. Nobody supposed to stay the same person forever . All the time the circumstances change and the person changes with them. That is why he is a mixture of everything little by little. Maybe Mika is not as much recognizable as Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake or whatever, but he and his music can reach to every corner of the world and the proof of that we have right here on MFC We are the proof of how many people in different age, different culture, different part of the world he can bring together and that in my opinion is beautiful. I had to write one sentence and it came out as always… I do not know if it deviates from the original theme, but overall the theme is all the time one and the same which is MIKA !!! I think that the picture absolutely fits I couldn't think about anything else when I read your ( @ladyolivier , @Anditwassummer) posts
  3. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    M. Pokora - 17 ans Don't understand a single word but this song is magical to me By the way do you know what exactly is he singing about?
  4. Doctor Who BBC

    No problem after choosing a new doctor the emotions have subsided and now we all are waiting for christmas special
  5. Greetings from Spain!

    Hello Vireo! Nice to meet you, I'm Dominika from Poland First of all welcome to MFC!!! Second of all I really like your introduction and third of all just have a good time here
  6. Doctor Who BBC

    Hi! Can I join in?
  8. I was so happy to see the performace, so I looked for French Peugeot page on Facebook but every time I want to enter they redirect me to Polish page So officialy Facebook ruined my day Or maybe you know if there is any possible way to watch it?
  9. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    So as you can see there are only benefits Let's start to think positive people! everything is gonna be alright
  10. Hey, hi, hello!

    Thank you and nice to meet you too 😉I am so excieted to be here
  11. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    I think that new The Voice and Stasera could be an opportunity for him to promote his new songs. Who knows?