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  1. Mika looks like an old man who sees himself on the cellphone for the first time :floor:


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Paoletta


      maybe when he was very very very old ;) (70 or 80) not today


    3. Dominika


      He promised in his letter to wear hats :lmfao:


    4. Loo


      He already does, but not all the time. And anyway wearing a hat or washing your hair too much accentuates their fall! :bleh:


      Anyway, if he looks like that mischievous 80-year-old grandpa, it'll be fine! :wub2:

  2. Dominika

    Mika in white shirts

  3. Dominika

    Mika's Dog Thread ▽・w・▽

    I have a question. What is that place where girls are staying?
  4. Dominika

    Mika in white shirts

  5. Dominika

    Mika in white shirts

  6. I thought they were going to make that famous catch from the movie
  7. Is there something new going on? New photoshoot or something like that?
  8. Dominika


    Hi Chelsea! I'm Dominika and welcome on board! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here and you'll make a lot of new friends It's so difficult to have one fave song, each day it's changing
  9. Dominika

    Tom Hiddleston

    100% agree but I'm so sad that he end up his role very early in the last Avengers movie I think that british actors are really talented. They can play absolutely everything, even a chair and they still will be convincing
  10. Dominika

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supermika...

    One brother has already flew to Hogwart, another is waiting for his letter. Meanwhile he's sweeping his hiding place under the stairs. Harry Potter must be based on Penniman brothers life
  11. Dominika

    Mika in white shirts

  12. Dominika

    Mika in white shirts

  13. Dominika

    Not everything needs a thread

    nothing is going to surprise me here
  14. Dominika

    Not everything needs a thread