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    I like playing bass, drawing and languages. I also like other artists such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Twenty One Pilots and Owl City. You know, the emo kids.

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  1. You guys should have seen me jump when I saw this in the morning! but I can't believe he's so close to me too and I can't see him because I live in the countryside... Oh well, next time I'll be lucky!
  2. Aahh I recently got Flash to animate stuff!! I'm planning to make something simple with the song Blue Eyes. If anyone can help me with the program I'd thank you forever! By the time, stay tuned. :naughty:


  3. hi!

    God, this is so ME. Anyways, my name's Dallon or Vireo and I'm from Spain!! Welcome to MFC!! I'm gay too hough, so we got something in common.
  4. the trans thread

    Ah just a tip: DO NOT come out if you've seen hints that your family it's transphobic. My internalized transphobia is increasing 'cause my parents keep telling me it's just a phase and that I'm [Dead Name] not Dallon or Patrick or whatever. I low-key went to the closet again by lying to them and saying that I'm still confused so I'm safe again.
  5. hi!!

    Yes I know!!!! I also wanted to go as Patrick but it didn't really feel like it could suit me x_x About my family, I recently came out to them and they keep telling me I'm just confused. My mom kinda forgot about it now but my father hasn't spoke to me the same way and I'm really affected by that... I just hope he accepts it or I'll have to make some kind of lie to not hurt me or him. I mostly do digital art! I have some traditional too but I'm trying to get used to my graphic tablet! Wanna see some examples?
  6. hi!!

    Oh hello!! My name's Vireo or Dallon!! Nice to meet you! I'm also gay and trans, what a big coincidence! (Despite the fact that nobody of my family accepts it so... ) Also, the fact of you writing futuristic cyberpunk sci-fi is so cool! I might not write but I do draw and edit stuff so those things are a big inspiration!
  7. ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    Whoop! Here I am again! This time I made some edits, I don't really know if they actually belong in here or not but whatever! And the next ones were for his birthday but I forgot to post them in here! Oops!
  8. Just watched the movie Marrowbone (El Secreto De Marrowbone actually, I don't know if there's an English version?) and I haven't cried over a movie in so long! The story was really interesting, got scared a couple of times too and an unpredictable ending. I'm not good at reviews though but I would totally watch this movie again! 

  9. This was actually planned to be done in Halloween but I'm always late hah! Anyways, the werewolf!Mika thing is something like this? I made this pic in about 5 minutes, excuse me for the wrong anatomy! So yeah, I need someone to help me with this... :lmfao:

    aaaAAA werewolf.png

    1. Dominika


      That's nice! :thumb_yello: Now I've got an idea for Mika werewolf but it also will take time :biggrin2: Thanks for inspiration :wink2:

    2. bone II

      bone II


  10. Mika's collaboration with Pilot?

    OH. MY. GOD. I NEED THEM ALL. I'm imagining myself drawing, inking and writing with those pens, everything would be extra special, oh gosh (I'm sorry, I get REALLY happy over this! )
  11. I just had a really cool idea for this halloween: werewolf Mika! I'm going to try doing a photoshop edit or a drawing when I can, right now I'm really busy but I'l definetly do something! :teehee:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. daItrick


      @bone II yes i am lmao

    3. Dominika


      Interesting idea! Can't wait to see the final effect :wink2:

    4. bone II

      bone II

      just draw him in a fursuit..... u kno u want to.........

  12. Tumblr blogs

    Ohh may I say that my blog is @/mikasovnds !!! I have other blogs too but my main is that!
  13. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    I've been listening to CHOKE by I Don't Know How But They Found Me in repeat since the day it came out, it's so good!
  14. sing along..

    I'm feeling sick, I've got to medicate myself!
  15. The New Argentinian Thread :)

    Hmm sé que estáis un poco desilusionadas con el camino que está tomando Mika pero... ¿por qué no pensamos en cómo podría ser el nuevo álbum? Puede que nos sorprenda. (Digo esto porque intento ser lo más positivo posible, sólo con lo mínimo que piense que se quedará en la TV o haciendo música muy simple me pone muy triste, echadle la culpa a mi sensibilidad. ) Siempre he pensado en el que algún día haría un álbum siguiendo la temática de los dos primeros. Sé que pueda ser imposible a estas alturas pero... ¿qué pensáis?