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  1. giraffeandy

    Charlie Puth!

    I have to say I wasn't a fan of him at the beginning of his career but now on the new album there are some enjoyable songs! I really like Done For Me (I think this is my favourite because it has a good beat and it's catchy) and also How Long.
  2. giraffeandy

    Mika in Italian Press 2018

    LOL, they could at least try to make it a bit difficult...
  3. giraffeandy

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I have to say I always admire your supply of gifs, it has to be really sophisticated because you find an appropriate gif for every situation...
  4. giraffeandy

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I think that bonus tracks (if there aren't acoustic versions or remixes) are usually just songs that don't make the cut but are still pretty good... As you usually record more songs for an album than you finally choose to use. So maybe some of the songs he doesn't want to have on the standard 11 tracks edition anymore if he doesn't hate them too much?
  5. Maybe it's just me because nearly everything reminds me of something Mika-related but when I saw the dancers I just had to think about Blame It on the Girls for some reason... :lmfao:



  6. giraffeandy

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I really hope there'll be something in Central Europe as I probably won't be able to travel to France or Italy for a concert...
  7. giraffeandy

    Tour rumours 2018

    I agree, that's what I've been thinking about too, somewhere I read a rumour about November but I think it could be realistic as I don't see anything coming before autumn...
  8. giraffeandy

    Eurovision 2018

    The Italian song was one of the best in my opinion, I really liked it.
  9. giraffeandy

    Eurovision 2018

    I have to say it's better today than what I saw on Thursday...
  10. That explains why once Google considered Mika a female singer when I was searching for something, I've been always wondering about it (I didn't know about the other MIka...). But what does any of these Mikas have in common with the band The Boss from Soul, South Korea?! EDIT: One of the members is called Mika...
  11. What wouldn't we do for Mika...
  12. giraffeandy

    Eurovision 2018

    I actually agree with you, I saw it today just because my mum was watching and I was in the same room but I don't like the show, the songs are mostly uninteresting to me and the show is really boring... I don't get the hype either.
  13. giraffeandy

    Eurovision 2018

    Me and to be honest, I didn't like any of the songs...
  14. giraffeandy

    Mikas music on TV/film.

    Wait to the end!