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  1. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I'm schocked, just a moment ago I was in the bathroom while my parents are watching TV and suddenly I heard Celebrate from the living room... It immediately caught my attention but it took me a while till I've realized what's going on – the Pilot commercial was on the TV! I really haven't expected to see the commercial here on TV!
  2. Mikas music on TV/film.

    I know, it's not a big thing but I was still really happy and surprised to hear Love Today on a Czech TV! It's a teaser for the next season of Superstar which is one of the most popular talent shows here. I found on YT just the Slovak version (the show is co-produced by both a Czech and a Slovak TV channel) but the Czech teaser is almost the same:
  3. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I think there are just too many contestants to check their background before the show... There has to be thousands of people who participate. And once they've chosen them it's too late to check them out.
  4. "It's available pretty much all over the world!"
  5. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    Could anybody please briefly explain what's the problem? I didn't get it and unfortunately my knowledge of French is almost non-existent...
  6. Mamma Mia 2 trailer



    1. giraffeandy


      Yeah, I've already seen two similar trailers... :)

  7. Mika Musical

    I dreamed about it too, it'd be perfect, colourful and with many dancers...Btw, I know it's OT but do you know there'll be a sequel to Mamma Mia this summer? I've seen the trailer just a few days ago so it's probably already an old information but just in case you haven't heard about it yet. EDIT: Besides Casa Mika this is also a good inspiration...
  8. Mika Musical

    Mamma Mika or Mika Mia? Or Mikaland!
  9. Mika Musical

    I was thinking the same, a musical using his songs... I know that it's maybe his dream to write a musical with new songs etc. but I think a musical film with songs he already has would be also really cool. His songs tell so many stories.
  10. Mika Musical

    Btw, it reminded me on this tweet: However, I found more similar tweets when I was searching for this... Hopefully it'll happen one day. It's really easy to imagine, especially after projects like Casa Mika.
  11. Mika Musical

    Actually, I think many of us already had the same idea... Mika's world is quite like a musical. And I think it's also his dream to make one.
  12. Today Pilot Pen CZ posted on FB a birthday competition – you should make a birthday card for their anniversary and in two weeks they'll choose 3 winners with the most original cards. However, they didn't mention what exactly the prizes are. I really hope you can win the gift packs as they promised me before on messenger because I'm going to create the best birthday card ever (and I'd be quite dissapointed if I'd realize I'm competing for anything else)... :lmfao:

  13. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I'm honestly a bit surprised that MFC has such a bad reputation by some fans. I have to say I don't have any experiences with MFCers in real life but this forum seems to be quite friendly compared to other fandoms. To be honest I originally joined MFC just because I found out about the subtitles for Casa Mika and I really wanted to watch the show with english subtitles, so I made an account just for that... However, later I realized that there's so much more to discover and I started to be more active here. I haven't joined many forums like this one before but I have an experience with at least one that is also dedicated to a singer and the atmosphere isn't so good as here in my opinion. I always think twice before I post there something because the fans are sometimes really mean to each other, often a fan attacks another one, they start to argue etc. Sure, it's something that is happening in real life too but I haven't seen so many fights here yet and I'm not afraid to post my opinion here. I also like all the competitions and projects such as Christmas card exchange, I haven't seen such things that often on other forums. Maybe MFC isn't perfect (nobody is) but I still feel that the community is more open-minded unlike other fandoms I know. I hope my impression won't change in the future.
  14. Facebook Login!

    I'm really happy for that because since I've joined a few months ago I've already managed to forget the password and I had to reset it but I blocked my account for a couple of minutes because I was trying to figure the password out for too many times...
  15. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I know but I'll be there in July... Even though shops are always ahead of time, I'm not sure if someone will start with 'back-to-school' so early.