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  1. I told myself that I would go to bed at a reasonable hour but now it's nearly 4 in the morning and I can't seem to stop listening to Mika's music and watching youtube videos of him!  He truly is a brilliant artist and an amazing man:wub2:


    1. Ewa12


      I totally understand you! My record is 6 in the morning :lmfao:It's so hard to stop watching almost every time, he is amazing:wub2:

    2. Mikasister


      That remember when I first heard about him. I spent hours in front of my laptop watching his vids and listening his music, especially TBWKTM thousands of times. Those were good times and I miss them a lot lately. 

    3. emilyb


      I would say it's been about three weeks and I rarely listen to other artists music just because nothing can match up to his at the moment! I love watching interviews, music videos, and anything else I can find on him because I love learning more about him! He amazes me because he is involved in so many others things than just creating music for his new album. I've seen him say in some videos that he's dead tired but its okay because he is having fun and doing it for his fans which is such a great attitude! I think he is a good role model for others because he is such a well-rounded person who cares for others, it seems hard to find that in someone nowadays.