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  1. I have a lab practical tomorrow...


    But then I am done with this semester!!!!!:hi5:


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)

      And you ? 

    3. Dominika


      Ok, as I thought about it in fact we have a christmas break about two weeks then the break between semesters also abut two weeks and our summer holidays lasts three months, but it depends on whether you've passed everything on time

      So in general I think it's not that bad :lmfao:How does it look like in your countries?

    4. emilyb


      I start fall semester mid-August and probably get a total of 2 weeks off scattered throughout the semester and then (if you don't have to take finals) you get about a month or so off. Spring semester starts early January and I actually don't know when it ends:lmfao:I'm not going to have a summer break because I chose to take classes to get my degree faster! I'll probably have about two weeks between spring and summer & summer and fall