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  1. [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    All you say it's true @Anouchka.11 Here is the video : It's such a pity.. well... I think she is sincere and that she didn't want to hurt anyone... but the polemic has been too far.. Mika will be very upset for sure ! Who knows how far she went in the adventure please ? Anyway... it's very sad news ...
  2. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Ooooh !! I didn't know about Mika Encyclopedia !!! A precious link Thanks for your welcome @Kumazzz and after my first day on MFC, l'm a little bit tired !!!! So have a good night and thanks again for your links and advice !!!
  3. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Hi Gabriella Nice to see you here... and yes ! In next Mika's concerts or shows too !!! Of course and with great pleasure I already have fun here, but it's quite difficult to follow all the different threads and pages...!!! But it comes slowly Have a nice evening !! And sweet Mikadreams !! And see you very soon
  4. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Thank you so much Littlelady Have a nice evening !!
  5. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Yeeees !!! It's pretty cool and very nice from each one of you !! I spent my whole day on my computer trying to answer to everybody... but I surely forgot someone here or there !! So excuse me !!! So I'll see you soon (probably tomorrow) on the Oldings thread !!! Step by step !! Kisses my friend
  6. Hi everybody !! :-D

    You're so cute Thank you very much !!
  7. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Thank you very much Cristina !! I try to make my mark as quickly as I can !!! But you're right.. step by step... and day by day !! I also thank you for the link And I wish you a very good evening !! Ciao & see you soon
  8. Hi everybody !! :-D

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!! It swings here with you Dominika !! Thank you so much for your welcome !!! Nice to meet you "again" !!! See you very soon here and there !!! Bye bye !!
  9. Hi everybody !! :-D

    I succeeded !!!!! AT LAAAAAAAAAST !!!!!! Thank you so much Sabine !!! But it was not won !!! I finaly took another picture than the one that I wanted first... Cause it was too big But I like the new one now !!! Have a nice evening & thanks again ! Kisses
  10. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Thank you so much Sara !!! You're so cute Well, I'm felling very fine here.. and I wish I will meet a lot of fans so that we can exchange a lot about Mika and Mika again Thanks too for your advice !!! It's very precious for me !! Oh.. wait.. I'll try to capture a video of the snow here !!! But I don't know if the size will be ok... !!! It takes so much time to upload...... 20180206_143213[1].mp4 Apparently... it worked !!!! You'll tell me, ok ?!!! Bye and see you very soon around !!
  11. Hi everybody !! :-D

    It seems so easy when you speak about it !! I promise to make efforts to navigate a better way in the MFC !!!! Thanks again for your precious advices !! And see you soon !! Actually, i try to answer to everybody writting to me... but it goes so fast !!!! It comes from everywhere !!!! ahahahahahahahhaa !!!! Bye dear Sabine
  12. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Hi Sabine !!! Thanks a lot !! It's a very good idea but please where can I find the link to the oldings after closing this post ? I'm quite lost... Bybye !! And see you very soon
  13. Hi Gabry ! :hug:

    I'm a new member here, and I felt on your profile which seems very pleasant !

    So I decided to follow you :biggrin2: !!

    Hope to see you soon around !!

    Have a nice day !! :flowers2:

    Celine :cheerful_h4h:

  14. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Thank youuuuuuuuu so much !! Yes.. I plan to stay here for a very long time !! By the way, could you please explain to me how to put a permanent "undersigning" into my posts as you did it ? Thanks in advance, and see you very soon
  15. Hi everybody !! :-D

    Hello guys & girls !!! I'm surfing on the MFC site for a little month now, and I always find it like a "labyrinth" !!!! I'm 41, living in France near Paris and I'm a Mika fan only since 2017 !!! But it's never too late isn't it ?!!! I appreciate this site because it's full of informations about Mika and on all subjects ! It's very pleasant !! I discovered Mika overall on The Voice ! I matched with his clever argumentation and his sense of humor and his joyfulness !!! Anyway.. He's the best and I love him so much Here it snows in Paris !! It's so cold but so beautiful at the same time !!! Mikaaaaaaaaaa... ! I need your hat now, to protect my hairs from the snow !!!!! Could you lend it to me please...?!!! Well, it was a short introduction !! So I hope I will meet a lot of nice & cool fans here and there !!! Don't hesitate to guide me in the MFC, ok ?!!! Cause I'm quite lost yet !!! Have a nice day everybody and see you very soon !! Kisses and hugs ! Celine