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1 minute ago, dcdeb said:


Well, as I said, your country should be in your profile already, but you're right, a newcome may not make the connection, or notice it.


As for having to edit it when there's a change, what I was going to do was was create a new user group called "World Reps", so that the logo would show up in their profile automatically, without anyone having to upload it. Of course, we would still need to manually add or delete users from the World Reps group. Also, it looks like you can only have one logo in your profile, so that users like you, Silver, who are both a moderator and a rep, would only be able to have one logo or the other. I just thought you wanted to get the logo out of your signatures, but if you're OK with have it there, it's OK with me. :)


At the moment the World Rep logo can only be updated by one person (Guylaine), and it is also quite big.  We were just trying to get away from that.

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