What Mika song has the most meaning to you?

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On 8.7.2017 at 9:34 PM, Panduck said:

My favourite MIKA song - A story by Panduck


My favourite MIKA song is "The Origin of Love". The way it starts as a "dull love song" and slowly evolves into a complex masterpiece of sound is just out of this world. The lyrics goes deeper and deeper as does the effectusage that is very difficult to keep at that level without making it seem "overdone". It is a masterpiece of a song, virtually impossible to top.

But eh.. My favourite MIKA song MUST be "We are Golden". I listen to it and I am pulled back to the greatness of the 80s. It is such pure joy and bouncy happiness that it lifts you up almost no matter what. He shows that he just can outdo even the masters of the 80s. I just wanna dance!

No, listen.. My favourite MIKA song is "I see you". The fragile voice, the amazing instrumentation. It paints a picture in my mind that cannot even be described. It is a palette of musical colours on a dreamy canvas with lyrics that just grabs your heart. 

Hm.. No.. My favourite MIKA song mut be "Any other world"... I mean... Seriously... It takes a poetic genious to write these lyrics. Here, he competes with the masters of the 60s with amazing lyrics and simple, yet powerful music. You cannot listen to this without getting tears in your eyes.

Really.. I think my favourite MIKA song is Promiseland. I dont even know how to describe this song. It is so dynamic, crafted from start to end. Beat,instrumentation, lyrics, vocal performance.. Wow!

Beautiful Disaster has to be my favourite MIKA song. I am attracted to this song for so many reasons, the lyrics are amazing, and he wraps it up in, again, a song crafted from beginning to end, like a true master. I enjoy every single second, every single note seem to be put there for a purpose. Nothing is left to chance. Well. I guess this goes for most of the songs on this list...

Overrrated is so amazing it must be my favourite MIKA song. Heck, I dont even like music in this style and this song just makes me want to bounce. Please do not ask me why this is my fave MIKA song, I have no idea. I just get so happy. Yet.. pulled down a bit... by the lyrics. There is a bit of conflicting emotions here. I... eh...

But.. I really think my favourite must be "Last Party". It is so lovely, and sad... Odd combination of joy and depression. And such an important song. This describes how I feel about the world to the letter. 

No! My favourite MUST be Good Guys! *runs and get a tissue* Seriously... I cannot even... 

Heroes is... Oh thank goodness I have a stack of tissues... Dang you MIKA how in the world could you write something like this. This song HURTS and I just cannot stop listening to it. 

I may have left a few favourites out still.

Have been a bit absent from the forum. From MIKAs music? Not at all. Either I listen to it, or it is autoplaying in my head.


:thumb_yello: Thanks a lot - this's a really great story - a "nice try"  to find/describe a fav. song - which's impossible, when it comes to MIKAs albums, imo  :teehee: He has so many masterpieces, which leave you in awe, and you just have to wonder how it's possible to make so much good and beautiful music, with meaningful lyrics - covering so much!! :shocked:

I have to agree with both Chris: "please don't stop" - and Sabine: "you describe the feelings with the songs so well" :blush-anim-cl:  And I'm so happy that you've found MIKA and his music!! :fisch:  So keep on enjoying, and spread the message,  to all the poor Norwegians - who probably "lost" our music genious, after LICM...:doh:


Love, love


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Well, there are several. But if I have to choose, I'll choose three.

The first one is Hurts: when I listen to this song I always feel like I have a friend by my side telling me that everything's alright, no matter what people say. 

Then there is Last Party, which is about my other hero Freddie Mercury and his legendary three-days party. To me Freddie has been the incarnation of courage, a really amazing man. 

Then the last song is Origin Of Love. It reminds me what love is and how to deal with it. It also taught me to erase any prejudice about people's sexuality and I'll be forever grateful to Mika for this. 

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No place in heaven; J'AI PAS ENVIE;Love me when i am drunk, origin of love..ECCETERAAAA

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Like many other people here I would say "it is hard to choose one". It really depends on my current mood. When I'm happy there is nothing better than Grace Kelly or Love Today. When I'm sad I will cry with Last Party or Any other world.I think because of Mikas life experience and how genuine his songs are the choice is not easy. If I had to tell you what is the most meaningful Mikas song today I would probably say I see you,  because of my personal situation. But if you ask me tomorrow I will propably change my mind and answer complately different :D

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