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39 minutes ago, dcdeb said:


Well, as far as your second image -- I think that has to do with the html coding. I remember reading something about how that would be handled when we upgraded -- I'll have to research to find that again and see what we can do about that. I've noticed it myself on a lot of pages. :(


About the error message in your first image, though, I think that's because not all of our files have been rebuilt yet. I've sent that over to Tech Support, too, so I'll let you all know what they say.


Finally, I wanted to say to those having trouble with the mobile devices, I've tried posting and doing other things with both my iPhone and iPad and haven't had any issues yet -- well, I had one moment of panic when nothing was working, but then I realized that I wasn't logged in. :lmfao:  Ooops.  Once I logged it, everything seemed to be fine.


But do keep letting us know what sorts of problems you're having and we'll keep on trying to solve them! Thanks for your support and patience during this transition! :flowers2:

Thanks to you Deb and to the other moderators for your great work!

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3 hours ago, silver said:

Have to agree with the people who are finding the site very slow.


Also, trying to change text colour is more difficult.  I guess the palette it gives on the dropdown is the one which goes with the style we have adopted, but this palette only has muted colours.  If you choose the More Colors option, to get blues and reds for example, the colours are listed in hexadecimal, so you have to note which shade you are using


EDIT:  and I also seem only to be able to open 1 window for MFC - before I could open two (or more) which made editing much easier


This is difficult, since I can't seem to replicate the problems you're having. :(


The site isn't really slow for me, so I can't speak to that.


The text colors are not muted, that I can see. These are just some of the colors (there are more) I see on the drop-down menu:


dark violet

dark emerald


vivid yellow

strong red

strong blue

dark cyan


dark gray


Are you seeing something different? If so, that should be something we can fix.


And at the moment I have 3 MFC windows open and there's no problem.  What happens when you try to open a 2nd or 3rd window?

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10 hours ago, dcdeb said:


Sabine, did you get an answer to this? I might have missed it. I'm not sure what you mean exactly. What numbers? 


The posts in each thread were numbered in the old version. Dunno if it's a setting or if they generally disabled this.

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Maybe it's a silly question,but I am curios if there's a way to make any settings for Unread Content,in order to exclude certain threads from the list,threads that I am not interested to read. I mean the kind of settings similar to Twitter,where you can exclude some items from the content you follow.

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