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  3. crazyaboutmika

    Help me (and others) to learn french

    Hit me with a PM
  4. Menahyl

    Mika in US press 2019

    That's interesting for sure. I didn't think much of it but this does seem like a brilliant marketing strategy. I was rather hoping that Mika would raise his promotion game this year. He keeps saying how he's fine not being a mainstream artist in the US but in my opinion, he hasn't been good at selling his music. From what I have seen, people either like him or they don't know of him. He is very pleased with all the praise at the moment so maybe this will inspire him to put an effort.
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  6. Amy hudsone

    Mika in US press 2019

    I don't know if it was shared here or not but I remember last year December 28th episode of eastenders, a woman called her son after Mika and they mentioned the song " big girl you are beautiful" but we didn't get the same reactions as today, it was in the UK so a lot of the comments were negative, I'm really happy to see that Mika still have some fans in the US
  7. Amy hudsone

    Mika in US press 2019

    I thought about it again, I think you're right, it is more like a promotion strategy, and it is really good if it happens to be the case
  8. A. Clay

    Mika in US press 2019

    'SNL' built an entire magical sketch around British showman Mika's 'Lollipop' via @YahooEnt
  9. Mikasister

    Mika scarf

  10. Mikasister

    Mika scarf

  11. crazyaboutmika

    Mika in US press 2019

    Thanks a million for sharing the whole video Eriko @Kumazzz
  12. crazyaboutmika

    Mika in US press 2019

    I love that video, I just watched the whole thing and it's hilarious That sure is great promotion either from a fan or not
  13. mellody

    Mika in US press 2019

    I think we'll see soon... the promotion machinery is taking off in France and Italy already, his team surely knows how to keep people talking about him - which is very good, and a big difference to earlier years. I just hope it's promotion also in the U.S., as that would mean someone's taking care of making him known in other countries. If it's a Mika fan in the SNL team, of course that's also good, but I guess in that case there won't be much more news from there in the near future. Maybe it's a combination though, someone who likes Mika and has good enough contacts to convince people at SNL (and hopefully other media) to promote him, no money needed in that case.
  14. crazyaboutmika

    Mika in US press 2019

    Saturday night live is the must be seen in show in the US so that's awesome It's a very funny idea to create this story around Lollipop and the reviews are fantastic
  15. Amy hudsone

    Mika in US press 2019

    Personaly I believe it's a Mika fan, his management has never done anything in the USA and it seams even useless to spend mony for that, I think that the song really fit the context and it was really funny
  16. mellody

    Mika in US press 2019

    Massive Mika fan? Well, I suppose it's more like getting paid for promoting the song. Probably Mika really had no idea, him or his management just hired a promoter to do their job in the U.S., preparing for the album and the upcoming tour (though that seems a bit far away, if it's first Asia and then Europe). Personally, this commercial-like "what's the song called?" "is that Mika with a K...?" isn't my taste at all, but I know in U.S. TV everything is a bit over the top, so I guess they did a good job. In any case, it IS funny, and it seems to get him some media attention. Curious as to what'll be next. Any English content is fine for me really, at least I understand it.
  17. Kumazzz

    Mika in US press 2019

    Indie Wire ‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: First-Time Host Don Cheadle Gets Great Sketches As for the “Bar Fight” sketch, the Mika album that song “Lollipop” came from — “Life in Cartoon Motion”, a great album — actually came out almost exactly 12 years ago as of this sketch. (It was released back February 6, 2007.) Anyone who listed to this album back in 2007 and 2008 was caught between a flood of nostalgia and, honestly, awe that “SNL” was doing a sketch all about it in 2019. And the sketch, like the baking sketch, is so unexpected and delightful that even the final big choreography and then punch from Cheadle’s character are actually surprising. This episode has genuine surprises in its sketches, and that can’t always or often be said on a weekly basis.
  18. Mikasister

    Mika scarf

  19. Kumazzz

    Mika in US press 2019

    CELEBHOOD ‘SNL’ built an entire magical sketch around British showman Mika’s ‘Lollipop’ Following December’s extraordinarily specific instant-classic Weezer sketch, in which Leslie Jones and Matt Damon argued about the deep cuts in Rivers Cuomo and company’s back catalog, Saturday Night Live is now targeting another niche music market: Mika fans. This weekend’s funniest (and most leftfield) SNL skit was completely built around the somewhat obscure “Lollipop,” a 12-year-old bouncy bop by eccentric British pop star Mika. In the sketch, Beck Bennett and guest host Don Cheadle are about to engage in a Roadhouse-style bar brawl, but when “Lollipop” accidentally comes up on the jukebox, the macho men cannot resist the sprightly, earwormy song’s syncopated handclaps, vivacious falsetto, and stacked kiddie gang-vocals — so they end up engaging in an epic dance-off instead. “It’s very bright, it’s very fun. … It just don’t feel right dancing to this sucking-on-a-lollipop song!” Cheadle protests, seemingly unable to stop shaking his hips to the glam banger. Someone on the SNL staff is clearly a massive Mika fan. This sketch is practically an infomercial for the flamboyant singer-songwriter, with the cast members clearly enunciating the song’s title, discussing its perceived meaning, and even clarifying the proper spelling of the artist’s name (“Is that Mika with a ‘K’ or a ‘C-H’?”) for any viewers wanting to immediately hop on iTunes or Spotify to hear more. Mika himself appeared to have no idea this skit was in the works, tweeting his surprised delight Sunday morning and saying the homage had him “crying laughing.” For those whose introduction to Mika’s clearly universally appealing music was via SNL this weekend, here’s a Mika primer: The 35-year-old glam-pop piano showman, who has earned comparisons to Elton John, Robbie Williams, and Freddie Mercury, was born Michael Holbrook Penniman in Beirut, the son of banker and grandson of a diplomat. His family relocated to Paris and then London, where the prodigy studied at the Royal College of Music and recorded with the Royal Opera House before becoming an international sensation with his 2007 full-length debut, Life in Cartoon Motion. That album sold 5.6 million copies worldwide, topped the charts in the U.K., and went to a respectable No. 29 in the States. “Live Today” from Life in Cartoon Motion (which also included “Lollipop”) earned a Best Dance Recording Grammy nomination, but the album’s best known track is “Grace Kelly,” which went to No. 57 in America, stayed at No. 1 in Britain for five weeks, and was a top 10 hit in 24 other countries. Check out an exclusive, stripped-down Yahoo performance of that smash, shot at the South by Southwest festival in 2007: Among the many accolades Mika has won are the Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter of the Year, the BBC Sound of 2007 critics’ poll, and the BRIT Award for British Breakthrough Act. His fourth and most recent album, No Place in Heaven, came out in 2015. Though he hasn’t enjoyed a particularly high profile in America lately — his most noticed U.S. project was probably the 2013 duet “Popular Song,” which he co-wrote, on Ariana Grande’s debut album Yours Truly — he’s still a major star overseas. In 2016-2017 he hosted the Italian variety show Stasera casa Mika, which won the Rose d’Or award for Best Entertainment Series, and he has served as a judge on The X Factor Italy and The Voice France. And now he’s a Saturday Night Live star, too.
  20. Kumazzz

    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    Team MIKA from 2nd episode. Louna Mano
  21. Kumazzz

    Mika in US press 2019

    Saturday Night Live Mika tweets Twitter MIKA likes on Feb 17 INSTAGRAM mikainstagram IG story
  22. Mika's article in Corriere della Sera.

    I translated Mika's text from "Corriere della Sera" into Polish. It is in "Quotes" tab on my website


    As some of you know, it can be read in English, French and Italian using links in the tab "English".

    To make things faster I put here links to:


    English translation 



    French translation



  23. krysady

    Mika in US press 2019

    Funny moment, thanks for posting, Eriko! " Your dumb ass probably thought it was about candy"
  24. cat_loves_mika

    Noticable places you hear mika :p

    My friend sent me the link to this sketch and I enjoyed the dancing and the Mika shout outs. It made me want to come on here and see what's going on, actually. Here is the link to the video if anyone is interested.
  25. Happy Birthday :flowers2:



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      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Happy birthday Joelle!!!! @carafon My best wishes :thumb_yello:

      I just have found time today to read the Forum and I can see it's your birthday.

      And you know, today is Internationa Cats Day as well. So you can celebrate with  you babies :flowers2:



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      Thank you anna 

      Didn't know the official international cat's day is today …..because it's basicaly everyday in my house :naughty:

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      Happy birthday! :D

  26. Anna Ko Kolkowska

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Zapraszam na Mikapopolsku. com do przeczytania tłumaczenia włoskiego artykułu, który Mika napisał dla "Corriere della Sera" z okazji 100 dni do wyborów do Parlamentu Europejskiego.
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