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  2. Gabry74

    Mika at BBC Radio 2 19 June 2019

    The streaming:
  3. Gabry74

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2019

    Domani Mika sarà alla BBC Radio 2 con Jack Savoretti alle ore 9 italiane e alle 18 su R101. E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
  4. I've a tickets for Mika for next 24 november yeees!!!:cheer:

  5. Twitter Tomorrow, @ZoeTheBall's @BBCRadio2 Breakfast Show from 8am. Don't miss it! @JackSavoretti BBC radio2 19/06/2019 The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show 06:30 BBC Radio 2 19 June 2019 2 hours, 59 minutes Wake up and embrace the day with Zoe Ball! It’s The Why Workshop, and Zoe quizzes the QI Elves with more wonders and ponders, including your questions. Along with Tina Daheley on news, Richie Anderson on travel and Mike Williams on sport, she and the team have the best start to your morning. With celeb guests, quizzes, headlines, tunes chosen by listeners, and more music that you can shake a glitterball at! There's also weather with Carol Kirkwood, a daily Pause For Thought and listeners on the line, as Zoe entertains the nation with fun for the family!
  6. Gabryyyy ce l'ho fattaaa!!! :cheer::cheer: vado a vedere Mikaaa anche io a Torino!!! preso bigliettiiii son felicissimaaaa dopo tanto faticare ci vediamo a Torinooooo ciaooooooo

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    2. Paoletta


      @ Gabry74 e siii sarà super belloooo sicuramente ci sarà da divertirsii infatti sto ripassando le songs

    3. Gabry74
    4. Paoletta


      @ Gabry74 e grazie :mikadas:tu che 6 + esperta di live di mika di solito vendono merchandising (nel senso magliette, spille o roba simile) grazie sai cosi mi attrezzo con gli euri 6 sempre super gentile e disponibile te che posti hai per il concerto io ho preso 1° settore (prima fila)

  7. Mika will be at BBC Radio 2 the 19th of June 8am with Jack Savoretti.
  8. Mika IG stories Four MP4 files radior101 65123966_1160493430801811_2929445019922197648_n.mp4
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  10. Mika IG stories Four clips MP4
  11. Gabry74

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Thank you very much!!!!
  12. silver

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Sometimes when we find out about events, we don't know if it is possible to attend, so the RSVP isn't set up. You can show you are going to this event now.
  13. Thank you very much and I'm very happy for you!!!! ❤
  14. Ohh le girls are beautifuls  Mel and Amira forever!!!:dog:

  15. Paoletta

    Mika on TV Sorrisi & Canzoni 18 June 2019

    @Gabry74 come sempre 6 unica grazie mille un abbraccio e tantissimi baci... ah forse vengo a Torino per mika
  16. We-Are-Golden

    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    In the Netherlands we call it 'polonaise'
  17. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  18. Kumazzz

    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    simplement parce que je sais d'où ça vient. just because I know where it's coming from. Je me souviens du moment, d'une manière très précise, I remember the moment, in a very precise way, où ca s'est cristallise st c'est reste comme ca. where it crystallized and it stays like that.
  19. Mika_baby

    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    Thank you Eriko!!!!
  20. Kumazzz

    Grand Live Contact FM in Laon 28 June 2019 #GrandLive Contact FM Le 28 juin 2019 21h00 - 23h59 21:00 Stade Levindrey La Ville de Laon et Contact FM vous donnent rendez-vous le 28 juin prochain à 21h pour un nouveau #GrandLive ! MIKA, Claudio CAPEO, le trio ARCADIAN et Kadebostany seront sur la scène du Grand Live Contact FM. Pour découvrir les autres artistes présents, suivez-nous sur la page Facebook Ville de Laon "page officielle". Retrouvez chaque jour, à 9H un nouvel artiste jusqu’au lundi 17 juin.
  21. Kumazzz

    Grand Live Contact FM in Laon 28 June 2019

    Ville de LAON "page officielle" La Ville de LAON "page officielle" et Contact FM vous invitent pour la 5ème édition du #grandlive. Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer le premier invité du Grand Live : MIKA A partir de dimanche et toute la semaine prochaine, on vous dévoile les artistes présents le 28 juin au Stade de #Laon pour le GRAND LIVE The Ville de LAON "page officielle" and Contact FM invite you for the 5th edition of the #grandlive. We are pleased to announce the first guest of the great live: Mika From Sunday and all next week, we unveil the artists present on June 28th at the stadium of #laon for the great live
  22. Yesterday
  23. Grazie mille @Gabry74 I'm happy Mika mentions JAPAN !!!
  24. miknikel

    Flashmob idea.

    Oops, I thought I was on the French line. I live in Burgundy. If you're not too far away, we can rehearse together !!!
  25. Gabry74

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Hi! Why there isn't the possibility to put GOING on the Calendar about the event Mika at Party Like a Deejay the 22nd of June 2019 in Milan? Thanks.
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