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  2. Kumazzz

    Imagine for Margo

    @Marie-christine Suire French members are participating to the fundraising. @france7885 @carafon are very active MFC members, could you ask them about threir activities in this year ? Good luck !
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  4. Marie-christine Suire

    Imagine for Margo

    Is there a list of fans who want to participate in the race? Can we get organized so that everyone receives enough donations to participate in the race? It is very easy to give on the Imagine for Margot website ... but it is very good to give a "runner" to support "the event". I do not run .... so I will support a runner !
  5. Hi, I'm writing this on behalf of South American fans who are trying to get Mika to tour South American with his next album. The idea is to invade twitter with several hashtags when the album will be released. It would be awesome if everyone joined in invading twitter once the new album is out Here are more details on instagram in English, Spanish and French Thank you for your help everyone
  6. Kumazzz

    Mika in UK - Ireland press 2019

    The Guardian Feb 17 In Bar Fight, a meathead biker (Beck Beckett) and redneck trucker (Cheadle) square up, only to have their rhythm thrown off balance after another patron accidentally puts Mika’s ultra-addictive dance jam Lollipop on the jukebox. Soon both men are cutting loose, joined by the rest of the cast. This sketch is going to drive up searches for Lollipop, catchy as it is.
  7. MIKA in UK & Ireland Press - 2016 Mika in UK Press 2017 - 2018 It is very much to be desired that many press mention Mika in 2019. 2019 Feb 17 The The Guardian
  8. Mark Crew wiki markbcrew First track out in 2019 - a really fun one with Mika!
  9. Mikasister

    Mika scarf

  10. Who likes?

    I like this serie!!! :wub2: and the actor too :teehee:


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    2. Ysara 22
    3. sara09


      I love this tv show! :wub2:  Freddie Highmore's acting is amazing. I used to follow him on Bates Motel, but his performance on The Good Doctor is next level! Which are your favorite characters? 

    4. Ysara 22

      Ysara 22

      @sara09 My favorite characters are Shaun and Glassman.

      And you ?

      in belgium we don't have the second season 😭

  11. Kumazzz

    Mika in US press 2019

    and her instagram Click to choose files ( SXSW 2007) in 2009 ( maybe... )
  12. giraffeandy

    Mika in US press 2019

    Enlightenment is definitely needed...
  13. Kumazzz

    Mika in US press 2019

    The writer tweets.
  14. lormare73

    Mika scarf

  15. I wish you a nice week and...



    1. A. Clay
    2. Paoletta


      Oh Yes Always listen to Mika

  16. Kumazzz

    Mika in stripes

    in 2015
  17. Anna Ko Kolkowska

    Mika in US press 2019

    This is what I thought once I seen a rectangular confetti at the end of the sketch - like on Mika's concerts
  18. crazyaboutmika

    Help me (and others) to learn french

    Hit me with a PM
  19. Menahyl

    Mika in US press 2019

    That's interesting for sure. I didn't think much of it but this does seem like a brilliant marketing strategy. I was rather hoping that Mika would raise his promotion game this year. He keeps saying how he's fine not being a mainstream artist in the US but in my opinion, he hasn't been good at selling his music. From what I have seen, people either like him or they don't know of him. He is very pleased with all the praise at the moment so maybe this will inspire him to put an effort.
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  21. Amy hudsone

    Mika in US press 2019

    I don't know if it was shared here or not but I remember last year December 28th episode of eastenders, a woman called her son after Mika and they mentioned the song " big girl you are beautiful" but we didn't get the same reactions as today, it was in the UK so a lot of the comments were negative, I'm really happy to see that Mika still have some fans in the US
  22. Amy hudsone

    Mika in US press 2019

    I thought about it again, I think you're right, it is more like a promotion strategy, and it is really good if it happens to be the case
  23. A. Clay

    Mika in US press 2019

    'SNL' built an entire magical sketch around British showman Mika's 'Lollipop' via @YahooEnt
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