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  2. It's from Salomé Ah! ah! wherefore didst thou not look at me? If thou hadst looked at me thou hadst loved me. Well I know that thou wouldst have loved me, and the mystery of Love is greater than the mystery of Death.
  3. VIMEO MIKA tiny love -directors cut Digital media Colour Running time: 4mins 8secs ___________________________________________________________________ ‘The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death’ -Oscar Wilde ___________________________________________________________________ Cast: Michael Holbrook, Ronke Arogundade ___________________________________________________________________ Shoot Date: Tuesday 30th July 2019 Location: 13 Dehavilland Studios, 20 Theydon Road, Hackney, London Town, E5 9NY ___________________________________________________________________ Director: WIZ Writer: Pierre Angeligue ___________________________________________________________________ Production Company: My Accomplice Films Exec Producer: Imogen Harrison Directors agent: Alexa Haywood Producer: Fred Bonham-Carter Production Manager: Ellie Phipps Directors Assistant: Angie Avgeri 1st Ad: Cordelia Hardy Runner: Anniston Lewis-Rodriquez ___________________________________________________________________ Director Of Photography: Denzil Armour-Brown 1st Assistant Camera: Oleg Poupko 2nd Assistant Camera: Angela Garcia Camera Trianee: Oscar Healey Dit: Ashley Hicks Grip: Sid Jones Gaffer: Bruce Magahy Electrician: Niall Higgins Electrician: Andy Laenen Electrician: Jonny Boomer Electrician: Dave Allen Addition Photography: DoP: Ken Eakins ___________________________________________________________________ Movement Coach: Ally Green ___________________________________________________________________ Production Designer: Lucie Red Buyer: Lydia Hicks Art Dept Assist: Terry Palamara ___________________________________________________________________ Costume Designer: Leonie Hartard Costume Assist: Leena Mistry ___________________________________________________________________ Make-Up: Tracy Ejuetami Hair: Alero Ejuteami Artist Hair & Make Up: Geraldine Fougerat Artist Stylist: Paloma & Yasmine ___________________________________________________________________ Stills: Ali Tollervey ___________________________________________________________________ Editor: Ed Hanbury @ Trim ___________________________________________________________________ Colourist: George Kyriacou Post Supervisor: Guy @ Black Kite Post Producer: Tamara Mennell ___________________________________________________________________ Camera Equipment: C/O Movietech Contact: Jeremy Sassen Lighting Equipment: C/O Panalux Contact: Chris Cowan Catering: C/O Jones & Sons
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  5. I agree with you. Mika never does anything randomly, even in the smallest details, and as he's in extreme control, each piece of his clip has a meaning he wants. But since he won't explain it, it's up to us to look for it.
  6. It would be a nice idea too! 😊
  7. I love your idea, the book would be his 36th birthday's souvenir.
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  9. FACEBOOK video Watch back Mika’s Instagram Live from yesterday where he answered some of your questions about Tiny Love! YouTube
  10. Yes, but for now he's keeping some mystery for himself. On the other hand, by asking us to write about Tyni Love, he lets us take it over to translate our own feelings. ❤️
  11. I understood the contrary, as he said there's a lot of hidden messages, that it's a puzzle for us to decipher. He'll probably drop clues in interviews over the next few years, so one day we'll know the truth, and until then we can only try but will never know for sure.
  12. Thank you Eriko. I am translating Mika's chat into Polish for my website (than I will convert it into French) and I as I wanted to learn the name of the actress ( I asked for it on Instagram) I will write it correctly now. Ronke is really amazing!!!! For more - while doing translation I realized how mamy details I missed!!!!! I am in a halfway. I hope to finish tomorrow.
  13. I’m hoping for no complications aswell!! If my prelims (exams) start a week early this year, I might miss one because my flight back isn’t until the afternoon on Monday!!😬🤞
  14. I didn't understand everything during Mika's live performance. But, come back to me if I'm wrong, I think many of us have understood the general idea of the clip, namely that you shouldn't try to decipher every detail. He didn't give us a psycho exercise to interpret... I find it very clever on his part to leave everyone the interpretation that suits him; for two reasons... The first is that while he gives himself up to us, he keeps a part of mystery. The second, and I think it's very strong of him, he doesn't fall into the trap of the sibyllin. What I mean by that is that he doesn't play it like some authors who make sibyllin just for the pleasure of doing it while explaining to you that their text is nevertheless clear and that if you don't understand it, it comes from you... Congratulations Mika for coming up with this fabulous result so that finally each of your fans can appropriate this song as a little piece of their own story.
  15. Yes but he advised us to re watch an interview about that goose thing nobody knows which itv he talks about 😂😂😂
  16. Flights and hotel booked! Now I only hope there won't be any complications, only a bit over a week after likely Brexit. What did Mika's team think choosing this date?!
  17. IG story link to MP4
  18. Her PINTEST Dough Lover looks very cozy nice place. Her INSTAGRAM
  19. Mika: I will answer your questions about Tiny Love. ....... Oh! That question! I'm going to lie! It's complicated! Come on, I'm talking nonsense! It's.... I... Too hard! No, I'm not explaining anything!
  20. I wonder if the colours of the hearts can be seen at all when lighted by the phones - in the test it looks just like a white heart, although it's red. Maybe we need thicker paper?
  21. Thank you for all this info! Mika says her first name in his q&a, sounds like Ronke (spelling?) and that she has a restaurant in Brighton. There is a restaurant called Dough Lover in Brighton owner by Ronke Arogundade. i’ll keep researching
  22. Or goose and pig, as flying animals? Maybe it's just an interview that hasn't been released yet, I'm not sure he keeps track on when which interview is released, if he already does interviews for October in July.
  23. I realy love your story ,it's a very touching one I just wondered if it woudn't be too much to read for Mika if there're all the stories both in ig and tw .….. but it may be the lazzy person in me who is speaking
  24. Well, as you already read I wrote my story like that and then @virgi had this idea which I like a lot but of course it’s up to the writers of the stories to do it like that or not. Anyway it’s not the date of birth it’s just the year (like Mika does in the song) and also there isn’t the surname. But anyway I also think your idea is cute and I like it. Greetings Bea Xx
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