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  2. I dreamt last night that Mika announced the Revelation Tour part 2! It was going to start on 1st January next year in Leeds and end on Christmas day in London with a load of other countries in between. (sadly Mika himself wasn't actually in the dream, just me screaming with excitement).


    Please please please let this dream come true! 🙏 


    I'm only 20 minutes away from Leeds, I know Mika has performed there in the past, I would love him to come back. I would love to see him in London too but getting down there for Christmas might be tricky


    I'd find a way though... 😅

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  4. The Cap Roig Website is not working properly anymore for me - the English version just shows a weirdly assymetric loading circle and I can't access the original ticket page either. Might be a sign for cancellation, but I'd prefer if they'd just announce this, instead of taking down (parts of) the website without any comment. Well maybe it's just a technical issue, but it has been like that since yesterday night for me.
  5. I know this is very unlikely but I wonder if Mika will post something on SM mentioning Andy's birthday. I KNOW he has never done anything like that before and If I were Andy I probably wouldn't like that kind of exposure on SM but still, either way I hope they both have an awesome Sunday / birthday celebration
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  7. @silver do you remember alla ricerca di nemo "Zitto e nuota e nuota e nuota, Silence wait and wait
  8. 💖 @Kumazzz Mika is a beautiful person.. with a beautiful heart.. pround of Mika forever
  9. Bonne anniversaire  :happybday:

    1. Paoletta


      Happy birthday colorful happy birthday GIF by Nora Simon bonne anniversaire ma chere

  10. Would anyone be interested in buying "Prunes are sexy" stickers? I'm so tempted to make some, but I would have to make a minimum of 50 to make a profit and of course I guess only Mika fans would understand the phrase anyway 😅 


    I might make a few handmade ones for personal use just to see what they would look like 🤔


    Any other sticker suggestions are welcome!

    1. Paoletta


       😅 "Prunes are sexy" beautiful 

      with mika you never stop learning beautiful and fun things
    2. Paoletta


      @TinyLove_CJ Good Idea my friend


    3. TinyLove_CJ


      That's it I'm making 'em! No one can stop me! 😁

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  12. My today's discover.

    Polish singer and vocal coach YAZIK is singing RELAX.

    I love this cover!!!

    How is it that I've never heard it before? The video is from 2014.



    1. Mikasister


      We are so used to Mika's voice and it means a lot for us that it's weird  hearing his songs in other singers but the boy has a good voice. 

  13. @Gabry74 hai ragione te NON CI ABBANDONA Mika!!! si fa aspettare ma quando arriva è festaaa
  14. @silver yes Mika.... soon... we wait... and wait.. and wait...
  15. Joining you but I have to wait until Mika shares it and then I have to wait until it is on youtube thanks to @TinyLove_CJ
  16. Best Mika dream ever I was working like a maid in a sort of big house with many rooms. I met Mika there and he asked me to look up for stuff online for him and we got on so well that when he left he asked me so work for him permanently so we were in his car. Andy was there too and we didn't sleep or barely. We all took turns to drive all night long. We had fun and we laughed so much like crazy teenagers. We were young, wild and free. It was a very vivid dream. We were like a team or family. It was perfect happiness. It was clear that it was forever
  17. Y el sol por esos lados pegas diferente! Lo digo por expet propia!! ( Extraño ese lugar) Seguro algo lindo prepara!!
  18. Tonight I dreamt that Mika had posted a Morning routine on his YouTube channel😂 And he said that every morning as soon as he gets up he curls his hair with a curler😆 and showed his technique to do it 😂😂 i don’t remember anything more from this dream
  19. Hello Evergreen! I'm Gabriella and I live in Italy, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! Have fun here and see you around...
  20. Gabry74

    Marhaba MFC!

    Hi Eman! I'm Gabriella and I live in Italy, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! Have fun here and see you around...
  21. Marhaba dear Eman to the MFC! It's nice to see you here. I hope you'll enjoy here.
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