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    I’m from Mexico, 41 years old and I have to confess that I’m a new Mika fan. I’ve never been a fan person, I don’t remember to follow any artist in particular before, so it is very surprising for me... But there’s something about Mika that is really endearing and lovable, and it is beyond his talent... He’s a talented artist no question about it, but it’s more than that, he seems so authentic and so humble about his success. Last September he was on a radio show here in Mexico, he was so down to earth that he got my attention. But It was until quarantine that I started learning about him, about his music, his albums, interviews, and that was it... I fell in love with him. Most charming, intelligent, interesting, funny and sexy guy ever. My favorites songs Stardust, Happy ending and Tiny love. My favorite albums MNIMH and The Origin of Love. I cried with Paloma, Good wife and (I don’t know why) with Good guys. I’ve been watching a lot of his concerts and I hope I can go to one soon. Another new for me it has been to see the fraternity in the MFC you all look like long time best friends and your interactions in the Instagram lives are very inclusive all ages, genders, origins, so nice to see. Well, It’s nice to meet you all.
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    Mika IG story. His smile...(it's good that people can only see that you've watched their stories, and not how often... ) mikainstagram_107896180_297710231426696_3500680367335131489_n.mp4
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    My name is Giovanna, I live in LA, my native language is Spanish, but I speak some others. Currently I am a language teacher, I switch from Math lo Roman languages😆. I love teaching not only the language, but the culture, and this how my story with Mika began. Thank you for giving me this space to talk about my road to Mika. Like many of you, I can say that Mika saved my life, perhaps not in way many people might think, more of mental/ personal issue. I am in a much better place right now. Part of my well being has to do with Mika’s music. I cannot explain how, but I just feel alive and vibrant 😊🙃 First of all, I signed up to MFC in 2018, but for some reason this platform is not so friendly to me😅. Seriously, I do not know how to work it out. Please forgive me if I do not comment or do not reply in this site, I am still working on it. So this year I’m giving it another try. All thanks to the live video chats on IG. Which by the way, thank you Debrah❤️love them. Well, so let me begin...🤔I heard “Grace Kelly” song around 2007. I just remember saying to myself: who sings about “Grace Kelly” ? ( I admire her and due to my passion for movies, I knew who she was and I learned her story since I was a little girl). So the name Mika did not click. Although, I like the beat of the song. Years went by and then again by 2012-2013, I saw a video click with Ariana Grande : “Popular Song”, I love the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm; more importantly, the song is about bulling, and that is a huge problem in our schools, that’s way I took notes. Overall I 💕 the song. But still, dots did not connect in my brain. It was Mika singing along. So, more years past by and in 2016-17, I was teaching French language and I always incorporate culture in my lessons, so I showed to my students clips of French music, many French artist new and old. I even introduced the original Kids United group. 🙃 I researched and found out about the voice French version and I found Mika as a judge who one of his protégés was Kendji. Kendji was one of my artist that I included in my teachings, some of his songs have words in French & Spanish, great for my classes. So going through Pop French music ( for some reason, Mika and Kendji will always be linked together on the Internet , thanks to the voice) I discovered many of Mika’s French songs for my classes, “Boum Boum Boum”; “ Elle m’a dit”; J’ai pas envie”; etc. by this time I was getting to know who Mika was, a French singer🤔or is he? Out of my research, I found “ Tant que j’ai le solei” et voilà, my favorite song❣️even better, I found the English version. yes🙌 I said to myself, oh this guy sings in more than one language, perfect 👌🏻 for my students to encourage them to speak more than one language. Now my real research began, as the scholar I am🤓 I did a lot of research about Mika. I spend the next year almost writing a paper about him. All I could fine was so pleasant and unbelievably facts about his life. For instance when he did the French show : Le Divan (de Marc Olivier Fogiel). Mika was so candid when he revealed important moments and struggles of his early years. 😯 wow, it surprised me how Mika overcame so many obstacles. Great episode, I recommended in case you haven’t see it😙. Also, I can mention that I was so glad to learn that he learned Italian in 2 months, but in a way he forgot his Spanish😕. Thank Goodness 😅 he recuperated his skills in Spanish, so adorable😍 especially when he wishes Feliz Navidad ( I saved the greetings in IG😄). I was definitely falling in love with Mika, his creativity, his kindness, his madness, his looks, a great man😜. So many fun facts about him, like when he broke his foot when he was making his audience jump😆😅. Or the time he took a hike to a waterfall on his 25 th 🎂. How he worked in 🇮🇹 and had his show “Stasera Casa Mika” It’s my house” the theme song became one of favorites😝songs. I ended up watching most episodes online. Questo show è una esplosione 💥 d’energia 🤪Mika even had a Monica Bellucci in his show! 😲 I loved the segment when he drove the 🚕 and heard the cute stories, especially the one of the old lady taking care of her ill husband, oh so sweet😚and a little sad😢. I found the documentary of him visiting refugees from Syria, his travels to Beirut, etc. what a human being Mika really is😘. So many talents, so many good deeds, I went back to all his early music and started collecting them. Finally, I really learned who Mika is, well still learning...😚🤩 I watched a lot of videos that talks about the stories behind the songs, such as the “Staring at the sun” Lovely story about his ancestors. I really enjoy everything he does. His shows in Europe, his music, his collaborations, his human efforts in this society. Suddenly, I had to face major problems in my life😱. Despite many things I did, I was still underwater🌊. Little by little, I began to listen to Mikas’s songs and pay attention to the lyrics. I felt that they were speaking to me. It did not matter in what language; I started to see the light and feel that “I can live under water”, tant que j’ai le solei, “staring at the sun, distant land, we share the same one”.. . “don’t need a thousand guards to lock me in...” Not true. ”doesn’t take a fool to start a fire 🔥 A solitary spark and wars begin... that’s our heart gets Hurt”😞 , I continued listening “My life I'd gave away for this. Don't care what anybody sees, I know I am doing this for me. It’s a beautiful disaster” and peacefully, I realized “I Took a right to the end of the line Where no one ever goes. Ended up on a broken train with nobody I know. But the pain and the longings the same...😖😢 Now I'm lost and I'm screaming for help. Relax, take it easy” 😔🙃🙂☺️ “ I kept repeating to myself: take it easy... “If you could look into the future, would ya? — not really— If you could see it, would you even want to? Got a feeling that there's bad news coming But I don't want to find it out If it's the end of the world, let's party Like it's the end of the world, let's party Wrap your arms around everybody”🎵🎶🎵 ...I came up with my own survival interpretation 😌 No, it was not the end of the world, there is so much to live for🌎 Oh my God, I went in a roller coaster ride of my life. During this time Mika’s music was a true comfort and survival kit. And this is how I got to know the real Mika, the one who saved my life. I’m thankful for him. For the first time, I decided to join the social media outlets( J'ai eu le courage, de sortir de ma zone de confort ) and started to follow people with the same fan love towards Mika💞; therefore, I participated in some outlets to show the beauty of nature and my passions. They’re worth to let the world know that I am still here. I’m still standing and for that I am very grateful. I joined the fan club in late 2018, but is not until now, due to the Pandemic, that I am following some of you closely and got the courage to join the frenzy of social media networks (Je suis fière de moi même parce que je suis d’une autre génération😬). As final note, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to see Mika in a live concert. The year 2019☺️, the city LA😎. I was for the first time face to face with the person that means so much to me. 💝I feel deep in my soul that Mika knows he has help so many of us through his music. And in my particular case music in many languages, that’s how my brain is wired🤪😝. Life is not all about receiving, but giving♥️💯 For those of you who had a similar transformational moment due to Mika, let me tell you that we are together 🤞in this boat ⛵️and we will survive. 🤗😘 Oh sorry, I apologize for my writing, I am a story teller✍️. I can’t help it. Mika is part of my therapy 🙃😉💜...he still is... Thanks for understanding 🙏 more importantly, thanks for reading to the end🙏✌️I sent you comfortable hugs from the distance 🤗 and blowing friendship kisses😘 to all of you. Thank you for letting me be part of this magnificent group🙏💜 C38A5B48-C534-45BD-AE38-DFBC0146C54A.MP4
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    I think Mika has an affair with the chandeliers
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    I just had to explain to my husband why I was watching a video of Mika panting... 🙈
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    Running in Athens , Biking in Italy….. where is he going to practice swimming to compete at the Olympics triathlon ???
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    They say that in the old days, to make electricity, you had to pedal. It seems that today, you have to hang yourself from the chandelier ???
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    Such a cute and sweet Mika story mikainstagram_story_2360655327907898089_179779999.mp4
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    IG story 115803403_664350487491544_3695082245361162654_n.mp4
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    My brain turned to mush when I saw him log and say hi on the live. I didn’t know how fast to get off the stream to make room for Mika!! I just said “hi Mika!” and answered Deb’s question only with 10% of my brain. Whenever I will get to see or meet him live in the future, I’m sure I’ll just stare at him with my mouth open and he’ll think I’m weird. Well I am, but only in his presence 🤣 shoot me!
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    Surprisingly, he's tired. Lovely of him to post another pic for saying goodnight. I mean, 3 stories in one day? I feel spoiled.
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    I dreamt last night that I met Mika in La Réunion (the island)... I was there for some reason and met him at a bar, and he told me he'd have a gig there the next day and whether I'd come. I hadn't expected him to play a gig there and told him I probably couldn't make it, totally weird! From what I remember, I thought the gig was cancelled due to the pandemic, but no idea why I was there anyway (not that I'd actually have travelled to La Réunion to see him, but of course I'd have loved to...). So yeah, he asked me whether I'd come to the gig and that he'd play a new song there and I *have* to hear it and he's curious what I think about it, with a meaningful look to me. He was really excited about it, like he gets when he has something new to share. So the next day for some REALLY weird reason I indeed didn't go to the gig (and I didn't even mind that in my dream ), but I met a bunch of my friends who had videos from it and I listened to the new song there. Mika sang about some moments of his previous gigs, also some that I remembered and it felt really special to hear him sing about memories that him and me have in common. I think the song had to do with the pandemic and how he misses the gigs. The chorus was really big-sounding, it reminded me a bit of "Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. And Mika & band were styled in the way of some 1920's band, like the Comedian Harmonists, for example. So yeah, even though I didn't go to the gig in my dream, it was a very beautiful dream, with the chat I had with Mika and that new song. It was like feeling the connection with him without actually going to a gig, like my mind trying to make up ways of how I could have that despite the fact that gigs can't happen for quite a while.
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    YouTube Si scaldano i motori di X Factor 2020 con "The next start" Milano, 11 ago. (askanews) - Dal 17 settembre un nuovo inizio per X Factor, con una nuova giuria composta da quattro artisti molto diversi, due ritorni in famiglia e due new entry, tutti alla ricerca dei talenti che si sapranno distinguere per originalità, identità, passione e proposta musicale. Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli e Mika si raccontano, parlando di ripartenza, talento e musica, in "The NeXt Start", in onda su Sky TG24 mercoledì 12 agosto alle 16.30 e disponibile On Demand e sul sito Skytg24.it Nello speciale, a cura di Federica Pirchio, i quattro giudici raccontano dal backstage come hanno vissuto le settimane di lockdown ma soprattutto i loro progetti, aspettative e ambizioni per X Factor 2020, che li vede protagonisti in questa fase di cambiamento epocale. The next start sarà in onda mercoledì 12 agosto alle 16.30 su Sky Tg24 (canali 100 e 500 di Sky e canale 50 del dtt), su SkyTg24.it e on demand. Milan, 11 Aug. (askanews) - From 17 September a new beginning for X Factor, with a new jury made up of four very different artists, two returning to the family and two new entries, all looking for talents who will be able to distinguish themselves for originality, identity, passion and musical proposal. Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli and Mika tell each other, talking about restart, talent and music, in "The NeXt Start", broadcast on Sky TG24 Wednesday 12 August at 4.30 pm and available On Demand and on the Skytg24.it website. In the special, curated by Federica Pirchio, the four judges tell from the backstage how they lived the weeks of lockdown but above all their projects, expectations and ambitions for X Factor 2020, which sees them as protagonists in this phase of epochal change. The next start will be broadcast on Wednesday 12 August at 4.30 pm on Sky Tg24 (Sky channels 100 and 500 and DTT channel 50), on SkyTg24.it and on demand.
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    Danna Paola's team told me that the song with Mika it's included in her album that comes out at the end of the year. They have also told me that there will be a video but only the director of the video and his tem have information and that's why they have not been able to give me more information about it by now.
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    I added the links for the English and French versions in the first post. Here is the text: Mika Shares Letter to the Lebanese People 'Devastated by the Apocalypse' 8/8/2020 by Billboard Staff The British singer, who has Lebanese roots, shared in the country’s grief over the deadly Beirut blast. A massive warehouse explosion in Beirut last Tuesday (Aug. 4) killed at least 157 people and injured thousands more, devastating the city’s port area. As investigators continue to comb through the rubble, protesters have vented their anger against the Lebanese government, accusing leaders of years of negligence in the storing of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate linked to the blast. British glam-pop star Mika (real name Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.), who was born in Beirut and whose mother was of Lebanese descent, wrote a letter to the Lebanese people to share in their grief and anger over the incident. Billboard was sent an English-language transcript: My dear Lebanon, My dear Beirut, It’s still early in the morning on the other side of the Mediterranean and I feel so close and yet so far away from you. So close to you, as you lie devastated by the apocalypse, I can’t stop staring, transfixed, at the battered expressions of my brothers and sisters. In their eyes, I sense their fright, their tears. I shudder as I see a wounded person carried out through the rear window of an old car, a young girl covered in blood in her father’s arms, shell-shocked inhabitants running through streets littered with rubble, broken glass and shattered buildings… So far away from you, haunted by the desolation, I hear in my head the deafening noise of the two explosions that haunted the residents of Beirut. The screams of the grieving families and stunned victims merge in the middle of the night with the screeching sirens of ambulances. I’ve also been told of the silence in the early hours of this morning, of the smell of the smoking ruins. Faced with this chaos, I recall a line from the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran: “one can only reach dawn by taking the path of night.” For some months now, you have once again been sinking into the path of night. There are divisions, echoes of conflicts at your borders, corruption, the powerlessness of your leaders, the monetary crisis which has plunged your families into misery and then the surge of the coronavirus epidemic. The carefree Lebanese nature, the answer to dramas in the past, was replaced by anger and fear. I became more anxious each passing day, as if my wounds, the roots which I’d left behind at the age of only one and a half were finally catching up with me. And then, suddenly, at 6:10pm on Tuesday, a tragic grey cloud rose up from your port, mowing down your exhausted people. The thick orange smoke drowned the skies of Beirut and replaced the distant memory, so often recounted by my mother, of the yellow light which bathed our fourth-floor, sea-facing apartment on the Corniche. I cannot but think of these two explosions as a symbol of a system which is shattering. The crash of bombs, wreaking death in streets still marked by the scars of war, cannot be unheard. The Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, promises that the persons responsible will “be held accountable.” But those responsible for whom? For what? Those responsible for 30 years of agony which have turned the land of cedars into the land of ashes. It’s said that a catastrophe is a tragic outcome, the end of a series of misfortunes. After darkness comes the dawn. I know your resilience, your strength and your solidarity, nurtured by your mix of cultures, by this special place you occupy, halfway between the Arab world and Europe. Tomorrow, you will rise up as you have always done before. Music will pour once again from your windows. People will dance on your terraces and perfumes will waft from your kitchens. I will be there. Mika Mon Liban, Beyrouth, OLJ / Par Mika, le 09 août 2020 à 12h52 Il est tôt ce matin de l’autre côté de la mer Méditerranée, et je me sens à la fois si près et si loin de toi. Si près de toi, dévasté par l’apocalypse, je ne cesse de regarder sidéré les visages martyrs de mes frères et soeurs. Dans leurs yeux, je devine l’effroi, les larmes. Des frissons surgissent quand je vois ce blessé évacué sur la lunette arrière d’une vieille voiture, cette jeune fille en sang dans les bras de son père, ces habitants sonnés qui courent dans les rues jonchées de gravats, de vitres brisées, de meubles pulvérisés... Si loin de toi, hanté par l’apocalypse, je ne cesse d’imaginer le bruit assourdissant des deux déflagrations qui ne quittent plus les Beyrouthins. Les cris des familles endeuillées et des victimes hébétées se mélangent aux sirènes hurlantes des ambulances au coeur de la nuit. On m’a aussi raconté au téléphone ce silence au petit matin, l’odeur qui se dégageait des ruines fumantes. Face à ce chaos, je repense à cette phrase du poète libanais Gibran Khalil Gibran : « Nul ne peut atteindre l’aube sans passer par le chemin de la nuit ». Depuis des mois, tu t’enfonçais à nouveau sur le chemin de la nuit. Il y a les divisions, l’écho des conflits à tes frontières, la corruption, l’impuissance de tes dirigeants, la crise monétaire qui a plongé tes familles dans la misère et puis l’épidémie de coronavirus toujours plus virulente. L’insouciance libanaise, ce remède aux drames de l’histoire laissait place à la colère et la peur. L’angoisse montait chaque jour un peu plus en moi, comme si tes blessures, mes racines que j’ai quittées à l’âge d’un an et demi me rattrapaient. Et puis soudain mardi à 18H10, un tragique nuage gris est monté de ton port, fauchant ton peuple à bout de force. L’épaisse fumée orangée a noyé le ciel de Beyrouth. Elle a remplacé le lointain souvenir tant de fois raconté par ma mère, de cette lumière jaune qui baignait notre appartement du 4e étage sur la corniche face à la mer. Comment ne pas voir dans ces deux explosions le symbole d’un système qui éclate. Comment ne pas entendre le fracas des bombes qui semaient la mort dans tes rues encore marquées par les stigmates de la guerre. Le premier ministre libanais Hassane Diab promet que les responsables devront « rendre des comptes ». Mais les responsables de qui ? De quoi ? Les responsables de 30 ans d’agonie qui ont fait du pays du cèdre, le pays des cendres. On dit de la catastrophe qu’elle est un dénouement tragique. La fin d’un enchaînement de malheurs. Après l’obscurité viendra l’aube. Je connais ta résilience, ta force, ta solidarité qui se nourrissent du mélange des cultures, de cette place si particulière à mi chemin entre le monde arabe et l’Europe. Demain, tu te relèveras comme tu l’as toujours fait. La musique résonnera à nouveau depuis tes fenêtres, les corps danseront sur tes terrasses, les parfums s’échapperont de tes cuisines. Je serai là. Par Mika, artiste.
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    Vanity Fair Italia - 7 Aug 2020 Interview with XF judges https://www.vanityfair.it/show/tv/2020/08/07/x-factor-2020-giudici-intervista-emma-marrone-mika-manuel-agnelli-hell-raton-tv «È la prima volta che noi giudici ci frequentiamo anche fuori dal programma. Usciamo, andiamo a cena e visitiamo mostre. È come se fossimo il cast di una sit-com» rivela Mika con il consueto entusiasmo. MIKA: «Torno a X Factor con la stessa anima, ma con più esperienza» Sono passati 4 anni dall’ultima volta che si è seduto dietro al bancone di X Factor, eppure per Mika sembra passata una settimana: «In questi anni ho fatto tante cose: tv, ho ripreso con i tour, ho trovato il mio linguaggio. Sono dovuto andare via per crescere e ora torno qui con la stessa anima e un po’ più di esperienza di prima». La parola d’ordine per Mika, dopotutto, rimane una: leggerezza. «Solo così riesci a essere cosciente del meccanismo, ma anche a dimenticarlo totalmente: è questo mix di leggerezza e prendere le cose sul serio il segreto di uno show di questo tipo». I colleghi li conosceva poco – Hell Raton non lo aveva mai incrociato, con Manuel Agnelli aveva parlato 5 minuti nel dietro le quinte una volta sola, ed Emma l’aveva intervistata nel suo show, «anche se all’inizio della sua carriera, poco dopo Amici, si era presentata alla presentazione del mio album in maniera molto candida. Ritrovarci seduti insieme oggi è molto bello» -, ma tra loro è subito scattata un’energia particolare: «È bello avere la mattina le stesse energie che abbiamo a cena la sera prima». Insieme alla gioia di aver trovato alle selezioni meno «karaoke» e cover in linea con lo spirito del cantante in gara, Mika, nonostante abbia partecipato come giudice a 3 edizioni e non abbia mai portato a casa il titolo, alla vittoria non pensa: «Io vinco sempre nel mio cuore, chi se ne frega del resto. Se perdo, perdo con grazia e aplomb: faccio un big splash anche perdendo».
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    My name is Prisca and I’m a new member of Mika’s fan club. Nice to meet you. I belong to a linguistic minority in Switzerland: the Romansh population (there are around 45,000 speakers). I work as a translator. Other than English and Romansh, I also speak fluently German, French and Italian, so feel free to contact me in these languages. I have a busy time behind me and as I’ve received last Saturday the results of my French test (I passed it 😅) and I can now move on and do more than to work and studying for this test, I think it’s time to join MFC. 😃 Actually, I thought 2020 would become a great year, as I dreamed for the first time that I spoke with Mika the night from the 31 December 2019 to the 1 January 2020. I definitely didn’t see the corona crisis coming. Let’s hope there will be soon medications or a vaccination against the virus. I discovered Mika in 2016. I was at the end of my studies and I had to improve my Italian skills, so I came across X Factor Italy. There I discovered him and got to know him. I think the thing that I like most about him is, that he accepts the people like they are and doesn’t try to change them. In my opinion, there should be more people like Mika on this planet. I knew some of his songs long time before him. However, I didn’t know who was singing it. Especially, "Relax, Take It Easy" I knew very well. It's difficult for me to choose my favourite song of Mika, I like them all. However, it's summer, so I would say right now "Ice Cream". As I've never met Mika in person, my picture with his was figure at the Musée Grévin in Paris has to be enough as profile picture for now. 🤣 Take care and stay safe. Prisca
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    Yes, and for a long time now according to this nice fan photo on Twitter.
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    I cannot keep up with this man, guess I’m sharpening my pink pencils 🤣 Pink is the colour of desire! Well sure feels that way 😍
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    Hi everyone! I'm 25 and I'm from Italy. I discovered Mika back in 2009 when one of my classmates showed me the We Are Golden video, but I started to listen to more of his songs in 2013 when I became obsessed with Stardust. Later, in 2015 I finally became a real Mika fan, keeping up to date with everything he does and discovering the man behind the artist. I have been lucky enough to see him live 3 times (including a symphonic concert in Florence) and was looking forward to the gig in Verona this summer (it was also meant to be my graduation gift), when the coronavirus changed our lives and ruined every plan. However, I enjoyed watching his Cooking with Mika shows, a nice way to help pass the time during quarantine. I am now following him on X Factor Italy, happy to see him at least this way, and I hope he will also have the chance to sing some of his songs. And... that's all I guess. Nice to meet you all! 🤗
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    Of course he's proud because he's always LATE, LATE, LATE
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    @dcdeb does a great job every time Mika is joining, it would be nice if all the interviewers would do the same and let him speak without being interrupted all the time.
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    MFC Live 22/07/2020 with Mika!!!! MFC LIVE 22 07 2020 MIKA small.mp4
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    The Subtitling Team is working on it! Almost finished! ☺️
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    As I made a translation for my website, I did it in English as well for you. English translation Bonsoir Bonsoir 14/07/2020 RANCARD AVEC UNE STAR Jean-Philippe Wautier and Mika Mika: Oh. You are in a suit. Jean-Philippe: After all, it's called "Rancard avec une star", so I thought ... but I'll tell you something. I cheat a little bit. I have an old t-shirt underneath. M: Me too! J-Ph: Good, good. We are meeting for the first time and I have prepared a nice introduction to tell you a little about myself. M: OK. J-Ph: My name is Jean-Philippe Wautier. My mother calls me Phil. I speak French, English. I understand Italian a little. I understand German quite well. I was born in Saguenay. I love cooking. You know, this is the first "Rancard" program so I think it's good to know your stron and weak sides. M: All you have said so far are the strong sides? J-Ph: I think so. M: OK. J-Ph: What is your stron sides? Your main strength is ... M: Seriously speaking, my weak side is impatience. This is a weakness that drives everyone crazy. I'm always unsatisfied with the situation I'm in. But it also means that ... you see ... I'm moving forward, I put a pressure. J-Ph: Are you not ssatisfied now? It's an uncomfortable question, but be honest. M: Life has completely changed. I was on tour ... A few weeks ago I was to perform at Center Bell. But despite all these changes, I am much more satisfied now than it was three months ago. This inhibition allowed me to take a better look at my life. I began to wonder what I could do in this free time. It doesn't mean I didn't do anything. I did many things. I actually came back to school. J-Ph: Really? M: I've always regretted that I couldn't ... I never studied at the university. Even if I could work in the music industry, if I work with music and I'm happy about it, it always seemed to me that I could learn many other things. That is why I took classes of philosophy, political science, international relations and learn Arabic for four days a week during lockdown. I feel like a student. Some parts of my brain work at full speed, up to pain. It's hard. I feel so stupid and humble. J-Ph: Come on stop it. M: At the age of 36 I start everything from the beginning and it is so difficult at this age! J-Ph: I didn't finish my university studies. I started international relations. I haven't studied philosophy. But I always wondered if I could come back to that. M: You could ... How old are you now, Jean-Philippe? J-Ph: I'm old. I'm 40. M: I wonder ... Can you imagine now that you are going back to university? You sit in the hall with all these people. And you are old. I mean, you're not old, but you would look old between them. J-Ph: I know I would look old. M: Everyone would go for a beer in the evening or whatever. Maybe nowaday it’s not for a beer. J-Ph: I would be afraid of being judged. I am afraid that I will want to "rejuvenate" myself. M: There is a saying: "How do you know you're getting older? You are starting to rejuvenate yourself”. J-Ph: Oh ... M: I didn't write it. J-Ph: Maybe. But it hurts to hear that. M: You work on television. You are 40 years old. My friend, this is a "sunset". I am in pop music. OK? It's like being a grandfather! At the age of 36! J-Ph: Wait, wait. But your talent let you release great albums. Your last album is great. Can you imagine making a weaker record at 35? That would be a problem. I think it's good. As long as the curve goes up, it's good. M: I've always thought that albums should grow (be more and more mature). Albums should grow even faster than I do. The stories we tell are getting the most important part... But you know what antidote I have about aging? There is one thing. And it is not that people say to me: "oh, you work with colors, your stories are colorful ... you are a bit like Peter Pan" ... then ... (Mika shows his middle finger) ... What I want to say ... Antidote to this is to stay honest ... When I write songs, when I am on stage, I become someone else .... When I was a boy, when I was 7 years old, I used to take a table in the kitchen and change it ... my mother went into the kitchen and asked, "what is this?" And I said, "this is the scene." I took things from the kitchen and turned them into something from another world. As if it were decorations. I put my head on the table and often, when my mother came into the kitchen, she found me with my head between broccoli, eggplants and paper figures. I looked at the world that I was building and illustrated it as if it were a movie set or a theater stage. I wanted to find a way to be able to live in this construction, not just in the outside world. J-Ph: Mika, thank you very much for this meeting ... M: But wait. You started by introducing yourself. Wait, I took notes ... Let's move back to the place where you finished. I'm Mika, but my real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman junior. And if one day I have a son, I should call him Michael Holbrook Penniman the 3rd. Of course I won't do this, because it would be pure madness. My mother calls me - when she loves me - Mika, and when she doesn't love me - Asshole. My dad calles me... well, hedoesn't call to me most of the time. J-Ph: I was very pleased ... M: It was a real pleasure. Thank you. Ciao.
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    My knowledge of haute couture just tripled since being a Mika fan 😆 awesome though! Feel like he is subconsciously expanding all of our horizons 😊 when it’s not language wise, it’s fashion wise.
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    TG24.sky.it 11 ago 2020 - 13:00 Aspettando X Factor 2020, lo speciale 'The Next Start' Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli e Mika raccontano progetti e ambizioni per la nuova edizione. L’appuntamento con lo speciale è su Sky Tg24 mercoledì 12 agosto alle 16.30 Dal 17 settembre un nuovo inizio per X Factor (LO SPECIALE XF), con una nuova giuria composta da quattro artisti molto diversi, due ritorni in famiglia e due new entry, tutti alla ricerca dei talenti che si sapranno distinguere per originalità, identità, passione e proposta musicale. Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli e Mika si raccontano, parlando di ripartenza, talento e musica, in “The NeXt Start”, in onda su Sky TG24 mercoledì 12 agosto alle 16.30 e disponibile On Demand e sul sito Skytg24.it. Nello speciale a cura di Federica Pirchio, i quattro giudici raccontano dal backstage come hanno vissuto le settimane di lockdown (GLI AGGIORNAMENTI) ma soprattutto progetti, aspettative e ambizioni per X Factor 2020, che li vede protagonisti in questa fase di cambiamento epocale. approfondimento X Factor, il 17 settembre parte il viaggio nella musica di Sky Uno Hell Raton (chi è il nuovo giudice di X Factor 2020), punto di riferimento discografico per la scena rap italiana, si dimostra già un giudice attento ed esigente: “Non basta più il talento, non è l’unica arma che un artista al giorno d’oggi si deve giocare. Molto spesso, dietro a un minimo di talento, iniziano a creare un personaggio, ma il personaggio se non ha una struttura si sgretola. Io voglio dare quelle fondamenta di struttura ed essere anche una guida per i ragazzi. Se vedo che un artista è curioso allora mi dà gli stimoli per lavorarci, altrimenti vuol dire che abbondona in fretta. Chi getta la spugna non mi piace”. Mika, giudice molto amato e mai dimenticato dal pubblico del talent (Mika torna a X Factor: è uno dei quattro giudici), è attratto proprio dalle novità di questa edizione 2020: “È l’X Factor della ripresa ma è anche l’X Factor della libertà. Il livello di eccellenza di questo format è quello italiano, che è il più bello al mondo. Quest’anno, anche per questa situazione unica nella quale stiamo facendo la produzione, ci saranno dei cambiamenti molto importanti”. Manuel Agnelli, che per tre stagioni è stato un giudice temutissimo (X Factor 2020, Manuel Agnelli torna al tavolo dei giudici), racconta nell’intervista il significato che X Factor deve avere per i giovani artisti: “I miei inizi sono molto diversi da questo, partecipare a un contest è una situazione molto diversa da quella che ho vissuto io da ragazzo. Sono qui per portare anche un punto di vista che un po’ trascenda dal contest, che deve essere un mezzo per crescere, per affermarsi ma soprattutto per conoscersi a livello professionale e musicale. Però sono anche molto competitivo, quindi è inevitabile che partecipi alla competizione”. Emma, una delle voci più amate del panorama musicale italiano (Emma debutta a X Factor 2020), ha già fatto intuire che sarà un giudice molto ambizioso: “Sono molto esigente con me stessa, il giudice più cattivo sono proprio stata io con me stessa. La celebrità è la conseguenza del talento, perché la celebrità fine a se stessa dura poco. A X Factor cerco il talento, non ho mai avuto pregiudizi nei confronti dei generi musicali, quindi che un artista sia rock, punk, trap o pop a me non interessa, l’importante è che abbia qualcosa da dire e che lo sappia fare sul palco con rispetto verso il pubblico”. Waiting for X Factor 2020, the special 'The Next Start' Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli and Mika talk about their plans and ambitions for the new edition. The appointment with the special is on Sky Tg24 Wednesday 12 August at 4.30 pm From 17 September a new beginning for X Factor (THE SPECIAL XF), with a new jury made up of four very different artists, two returning to the family and two new entries, all in search of talents who will be able to distinguish themselves for originality, identity, passion and musical proposal. Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli and Mika tell each other, talking about restart, talent and music, in “The NeXt Start”, broadcast on Sky TG24 Wednesday 12 August at 4.30 pm and available On Demand and on the Skytg24.it website. In the special curated by Federica Pirchio, the four judges tell from the backstage how they experienced the weeks of lockdown (UPDATES) but above all the projects, expectations and ambitions for X Factor 2020, which sees them as protagonists in this phase of epochal change. Study In Deep X Factor, on September 17th the journey into the music of Sky Uno starts Hell Raton (who is the new judge of X Factor 2020), a record reference point for the Italian rap scene, is already an attentive and demanding judge: "Talent is no longer enough, it is not the only weapon that an artist at nowadays you have to play. Very often, behind a minimum of talent, they begin to create a character, but if the character does not have a structure it crumbles. I want to give that structural foundation and also be a guide for the kids. If I see that an artist is curious then he gives me the incentives to work with him, otherwise it means that he abandons quickly. I don't like anyone who throws in the towel ”. Mika, much loved judge and never forgotten by the talent audience (Mika returns to X Factor: he is one of the four judges), is attracted by the novelties of this 2020 edition: "He is the X Factor of the recovery but he is also the X Factor of freedom. The level of excellence of this format is the Italian one, which is the most beautiful in the world. This year, also for this unique situation in which we are doing production, there will be some very important changes ". Manuel Agnelli, who for three seasons was a feared judge (X Factor 2020, Manuel Agnelli returns to the table of judges), tells in the interview the meaning that X Factor must have for young artists: "My beginnings are very different from this, participating in a contest is a very different situation from the one I experienced as a boy. I am here to bring a point of view that transcends the contest a little, which must be a means to grow, to assert oneself but above all to get to know each other on a professional and musical level. But I'm also very competitive, so it is inevitable that I participate in the competition ”. Emma, one of the most loved voices on the Italian music scene (Emma debuts at X Factor 2020), has already hinted that she will be a very ambitious judge: "I'm very demanding with myself, the worst judge was me with myself. . Celebrity is the consequence of talent, because celebrity for its own sake does not last long. AX Factor I am looking for talent, I have never had any prejudices towards musical genres, so that an artist is rock, punk, trap or pop I don't care, the important thing is that he has something to say and that he knows how to do it on stage with respect for the public ". RE-uploaded to YouTube ( Sorry, it's BLOCKED in Italy )
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    The name of the song is Me, Myself by Danna Paola ft. Mika and there's no the release date yet:
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    Mi querido Líbano, mi querido Beirut, Todavía es temprano en la mañana al otro lado del Mediterráneo y me siento tan cerca y tan lejos de ti. Tan cerca de ti, mientras yaces devastado por el apocalipsis, no puedo dejar de mirar, paralizado, las expresiones maltratadas de mis hermanos y hermanas. En sus ojos, siento su miedo, sus lágrimas. Me estremezco cuando veo a un herido llevado por la ventanilla trasera de un coche viejo, una niña cubierta de sangre en los brazos de su padre, habitantes conmocionados que corren por las calles llenas de escombros, vidrios rotos y edificios destrozados ... Tan lejos De ti, atormentado por la desolación, escucho en mi cabeza el ruido ensordecedor de las dos explosiones que atormentaron a los residentes de Beirut. Los gritos de las familias en duelo y las víctimas atónitas se fusionan en medio de la noche con las sirenas chirriantes de las ambulancias. Frente a este caos, recuerdo una frase del poeta libanés Kahlil Gibran: “sólo se puede llegar al amanecer tomando el camino de la noche”. Desde hace algunos meses, te vuelves a hundir en el camino de la noche. Hay divisiones, ecos de conflictos en sus fronteras, corrupción, la impotencia de sus líderes, la crisis monetaria que ha sumido a sus familias en la miseria y luego el aumento de la epidemia de coronavirus. La naturaleza libanesa despreocupada, la respuesta a los dramas del pasado, fue reemplazada por la ira y el miedo. Cada día que pasaba me ponía más ansioso, como si mis heridas, las raíces que dejé a la edad de un año y medio finalmente me alcanzaran. Y luego, de repente, a las 6:10 pm del martes, una trágica nube gris se elevó desde su puerto, arrasando con su gente exhausta. El espeso humo anaranjado ahogó los cielos de Beirut y reemplazó el recuerdo lejano, tan a menudo relatado por mi madre, de la luz amarilla que bañaba nuestro apartamento del cuarto piso, frente al mar, en Corniche. No puedo dejar de pensar en estas dos explosiones como un símbolo de un sistema que se está rompiendo. El estallido de bombas, que causó la muerte en las calles todavía marcadas por las cicatrices de la guerra, no puede ser ignorado. El primer ministro libanés, Hassan Diab, promete que las personas responsables "rendirán cuentas". ¿Pero los responsables de quién? ¿Para qué? Los responsables de 30 años de agonía que han convertido la tierra de los cedros en tierra de cenizas. Se dice que una catástrofe es un resultado trágico, el fin de una serie de desgracias. Después de la oscuridad llega el amanecer. Conozco tu capacidad de recuperación, tu fuerza y tu solidaridad, alimentada por tu mezcla de culturas, por este lugar especial que ocupas, a medio camino entre el mundo árabe y Europa. Mañana te levantarás como siempre lo has hecho antes. La música volverá a fluir desde sus ventanas. La gente bailará en tus terrazas y los perfumes saldrán de tus cocinas. Estaré allí. Mika skytg24_20200809_7.mp4
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    This letter is a masterpiece! Just like Mika's. Full of love and rage, just like he does in his songs. He manages to get the strongest messages across with common sense wisdom. It's so strong and so well written, that when I read it, I had the impression I could hear his music behind the lyrics.
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    Mika and his music became even more important to me than before in this crazy world.
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    Hi! My name is Rory, I'm 18, and I'm from Colorado. I've been lurking on here for the last few months and figured it was about time that I made an account and said hello. I've really been enjoying the Instagram lives that y'all have been doing- it's a lot of fun to get to see people from around the world all talking about Mika. Anyways, my need to understand what Mika was saying during the Radio Italia Ora thing won out over procrastination and social anxiety so here I am lol As for how I discovered Mika, it's kind of a long story. Like, four years ago, I was in I think my second year of learning French and I wanted to start listening to some French music. A blog post I saw recommended Mika, and so the first Mika song I ever heard was Elle Me Dit and the second was Boum Boum Boum (which, looking back on it is quite funny... 14 year old me listening to Boum Boum Boum and then reading the youtube comments... yeah). Then I heard a bunch of his other songs, and from there listened to him on and off. Fast forward to the beginning of quarantine, I was putting together a playlist and wanted to add some music I hadn't heard in while, so I went to Mika's page and saw that he had released a whole new album while I wasn't paying attention! I became absolutely obsessed with MNIMH, and then after falling down the rabbit hole of watching interviews and live shows, obsessed with Mika in general. So yeah, there you go, and it's nice to meet you all!
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    Here in Edmonton, Canada winter lasts wayyy too long, but lately we've been blessed with some beautiful sunshine so I've been blasting Ice Cream on repeat! 🍦 My roommate and neighbours have also been listening to lots of Mika (against their will, but they'll come around eventually). I think I started listening to Mika some time around 2012. I loved Grace Kelly, Elle Me Dit, and his other biggest hits but never really dived into his albums until 2017. That's when I realized every song on every one of his albums is a masterpiece. Everything he touches turns to gold, and it's a shame he's not more well known in North America or I may have discovered him much earlier. At any rate, in 2017 I started learning his songs (I'm a singer and pianist) and gained an even bigger appreciation for his work. His melodies, harmonies, vocal clarity, and vocal range are probably unmatched in pop music today. He's famous for his high falsettos of course, but it's impressive how beautiful his voice is in the lower register as well. When I learned Ordinary Man, I was surprised to find he hits an A2, which is really low for a tenor! I ended up having to raise the key, which I never thought I'd have to do for a Mika song. Anyways, I'm hoping this freaking pandemic gets under control soon so Mika can get back to playing shows. My biggest dream is to see him live some day, even if I have to fly to the other side of the country. Until then, I'll keep his latest album on repeat and keep learning more of his songs. Peace and love to all of you around the world! 💖
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    Happy Mika at home again. 2356676519269761570179779999.mp4
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    Manuel Agnelli IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/colleghidimanuelagnelli/2353094168687508044/
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    X Factor IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/xfactoritalia/2353078750994490757/
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    Thanks. He talks about how different the Xfactor recordings are this time, for him and everyone else. But the interview stops in mid-sentence, I hope we'll get the whole interview somewhere. Ah, and at the beginning he says he's happy, "Sono felice".