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    Just a little update on this from Strasbourg: When he came outside for signing stuff and quick chats, I gave him a letter, and he asked me whether it's a happy letter, as he'd have no tolerance for... (anything else). Actually he stopped the sentence after "no tolerance", because I had already answered that it's a happy letter. Anyway "no tolerance" was a very clear and strong statement, also the way he said it. Maybe he even said "absolutely", can't remember, but in any case it came across that way. My interpretation of this is that with all the sh*t that has happened in his own life in recent times, he's just not able to deal with other people's sh*t right now, I suppose it pulls him down too much. So maybe that's one more reason why he's not doing a lot of M&G's anymore.
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    the only video I filmed last night I saw 4 concerts from Revelation Tour, all gigs were great but this concert topped everything. It was so intense and I loved loved loved every second
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    Hello everyone ! I'm SO sorry about everything. My first intention was to talk about my illness and when the article came out I was very disappointed about it. I sent a message to the reporter immediately after that to say how I was feeling. Thank you to EVERYONE of you for all your kindness and words. I never wanted to met Mika in private or anything else. All I want for him is to put some happiness in his life and showing my story wasn't a good way to do that. I receive several message from people Who also are suffering and Who wants to help me. But I'm so sad about the things this article says... I had the chance to talk to Mika when he came out to see us after the show and it was TOO much kind. As I said before I am so sorry. It wasn't my intention. I sent messages yesterday to tell all MY truth. I really really hope that you know I'm an honnest person and that you will forgive me for all those crazy things !
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    Today I played Mika songs for two hours to my parents and my mum danced with me to Platform Ballerinas.
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    After more than 20 hours of download I finally succeded to post it on VK here : https://vk.com/video579279421_456239017 As it's from a payed channel I've restricted the view to my friends and theirs So please dm me your VK id or VK link if you want to watch it I already have Anna as friend and it should work for Christina and Jieun as well I also found @Kumazzz but can't ask her to be friend ,Don't know why
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    I'm still too high up in the clouds to find words for yesterday's gig. Maybe tonight when my kids are sleeping. Thanks @tiibet for the pix and @Statue_of_Liberty for the video, which I'll post here when I have Wi-Fi.
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    Ow, I see me on this pics… I hate that but it's the price to pay for the first row, I suppose… So, so… It's time to return at the normal life… and it's hard… 😢 But the happiness is still there and the possibility of remembering too. I think I will already make a review, since I don't want to think of anything else now. And I just LOVE writing reviews. Last night was my fifth Mika's gig, and the first since 2015. It was already important just for that. But for me, it was even more : it was the first time I was alone, without my parents for an evening, after years of weakness and panic attacks. Because of that, I could never make what I wanted to. But this night opens a new chapter and it's why I can't make this review without some personnal stuffs. I was there at 9 a.m, thanks to my father who drove me, and I had a very good number, so I was happy. But honestly, it was completely cold there. I just felt frozen all the day and I thought I was crazy at least 10 times. Well, that said, the Rockhal is probably one of the best spot for waiting before a show. Not only because we are protected from the rain (yes, because there was some rain) but also because there is different cafés and food and a big market center where we could go when the cold became a problem. And it was very good for my father too, since he could shop and even go at the cinema in the day (this day was obviously a big sacrifice for him since he wasn't at the show. My family is the best ❤️). They really thought about us fans. I waited alone. I think I saw some of you, but I'm not good in making acquaintance and I didn't dare talk to you or anybody else. I'm autistic, and it was always a problem for me, since I don't even really know HOW to make it. But I appreciated the hour I spent with some of you (very probably) just before the doors open. You were so nice and I had some regrets at this point. Maybe I will be more confident at Strasbourg… In any case, it was worthing the waiting. Like often, the doors opening was just a big rush with the numbers' organisation chaotically dispersed with some running people and some ticket's and security checks' problems. It was to the point I loose my wallet on the floor, but fortunately, someone noticed it and helped me. It was so nice because we were all running for the best possible place, and she stopped for help. I found this really nice and I'm very grateful because if I really loose my papers and cards, it would have been terrible. If you're there, THANK YOU ! I hope she/you had a great place despite of me... As for me, I had a great view of the scene. First row, before ths advancing scene (a little on the right). I perfectly saw practically all, and I was very happy with this spot. Then started the most difficult moment of the day for me : between the tiredness, the cold, all the people (whose I didn't know, at this time I loose even the other fans I was waiting with… ), my old demons and the weakness were coming again. At this moment, it was hard, and I was honestly afraid I could'nt make it. Plus I had an headache because of the cold. But I managed to calm down. I felt bad even for the Charlotte's gig (I found it good anyway, for what I could focus on) but at the second Mika appeared… I felt nothing bad anymore. Just happiness. Even my headache disappeard. Just like that ! When I say Mika is a médicine… 🤣 And now, the show itself… So, what can I say ? It was my first Revelation Tour's date and it was absolutely wonderful. For me who saw that for the first time… I never looked at any videos, only some photos, just for this day. It was pure magic. This show was amazing ! I'm in love with the live arrangements of the songs. Ice Cream, Dear Jealousy, Platform Ballerinas and Stay High are great in live. Tomorrow was amazing ! It's already one of my favorites on the album, but in live… It was so good ! I think it will be one of my favorites in live now. And Tiny Love and Paloma were just perfect. I really like very much those songs in live, especially Paloma with this flying piano. In general case, I love so much when Mika is playing piano, but this thing is just amazing. It's simple in one sense, but very poetic and beautiful. Like the color-themed songs. And it's probably what makes this show as magic : we're entering another world, where all seems possible. I really liked the new arrangements of Love Today, Relax and Happy Ending, too. This last particulary. This a capella part… Underwater is still one of my favorites in live. Not only I LOVE when Mika sings it, but this without-a-word final, just the music, where everybody follows him and sings is one of the best moments of this show for me. I was so happy to see Mika again... Especially since I was in the front row. Nothing is better than this communion, this little contact we can have with him there. I will never abandon it as soon I can survive all this. I love so much seeing him with such proximity. He seemed happy and full of energy and offered us a great show. It's all I can say. He was just excellent last night. He made me laugh more than one time and smile at each second of the gig. Only now, I fully realise how much I missed him. Some random things I remember particulary : He once again took Max with him in the audience and asked where his bassist were. Poor Max, I didn't even see him in the crowd 😂 For Elle Me Dit, he took one fan with him on the scene after she asked him if she could dance with him (maybe she's here… "M from Metz" Good play, I would never dare making this !) and it was so nice. Plus, I found this girl so good for that, it was really pleasant to see Mika and her together. He gave her one "dance lesson" and we started to dance with them. It was a great moment😊 I appreciated how he talked about his songs and all kind of stuffs, sometimes funny… There was a little child next to me, who was fan and knew all the songs. It was so cute. One funny thing was when I saw this poor security staff keeping his serious face even when one of the final's big balloon came and jumped on his head. Poor guy… We were so loudly than my dad, who was outside, could hear all the songs, but also our screams and all. He could even make them hear at my mum by the phone. WE. ARE. THE. BEST. It was so good… I'm still on my cloud and don't want to come down. It really ended too quickly. So quickly I pratically cried when it was over. I'm so happy I will return in two weeks ! But this time, I fully appreciated it. I thought I fully appreciated the previous ones, but in fact, now, I realise I could'nt because I kept one eye on my weakness at the same time. But not this time. This time I danced, sang and lived this gig like if I would die tomorrow. I never had such a free moment in all my life. For the first time, my health authorized me to "dance and sing like if nobody is watching", like Mika says. I was unleashed and totally happy, totally myself. I didn't care about anything for the first time. And it was just so good. Thank you Mika. He's the only one who can make this… I didn't wait after the show. We had two hours of road after that, and I saw my dad was really tired now and since he was outside, he was cold. (plus, he's working today). I knew it wouldn't be before a long time, and I couldn't ask him to make that. He drove me, stayed at Luxembourg all the day alone, and waited for me, then he would drive me back for two hours. When I see it wasn't before 1 a.m, I understand I really couldn't impose him this. Plus, I would stay especially for have some signing (it's the last thing I don't have yet) so… I will try the next times, when we have less hours to road. He already made so much for me, and my mum too, when I couldn't go alone… I know I'm not limited anymore and can go where I want, I did the craziest (and best) thing in my life, it was just perfect. I'm the happier in the world. Right now, I don't ask the life anything else. Sorry, I filmed a little but my phone is really lame on this point, so I don't have any correct pictures… I'm really waiting yours for remember all those great moments… before the Strasbourg's gig.
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    The smile that lights up my day every time.
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    So, time to write a report. This gig was so intense - in the sense that everything seemed a little bit brighter, more beautiful, colourful, energetic, emotional. I guess that was because everyone on and off stage felt that it was special because it was the last one in this part of the world for several months. And the last one with this beautiful stage set. I had feared it, and I got translations now from others that Mika has said it at the gig, the stage set will be destroyed after this show. Anyway I didn't understand that at the gig, so while several times I thought (and said to Saskia) "noo, I don't want this tour and this gig to end!", at least I didn't know then that it'd be the last time I'd see the rainbow stage and the flying piano. The crowd was very energetic from the moment Mika entered the stage - and wow, they were loud!! Mika looked very happy and it felt like he was very relaxed - sometimes I get the feeling at gigs that he's struggling a bit, with his voice or to keep up the energy - but not this time, it all felt so light and easy, but still full of energy and emotions. He talked a lot, I only understood bits & pieces (tho the acoustics in that venue were awesome, I think it was the first time I actually understood all of Charlotte's lyrics!) but I filmed most of the talking parts, hoping someone will translate them on here (thanks @Libellule95 ! ). I didn't film much apart from that though, also didn't take a lot of pix, I just stood there or danced, in awe of the whole atmosphere, the music, the energy, the emotions. At times I got a bit distracted by the fan actions... after I had forgotten to hold up the "We love you Mika" sheet after Ice Cream (I wasn't the only one though), I did think of the flowers and the paper hearts. The balloons were used randomly throughout the show, instead of for LT as planned, but I couldn't find mine anymore, so no balloon for me (and no distraction ). The Thank You messages were held up too early, but that was ok, as during TL Reprise / Stay High I just wanted to fully enjoy that last song and not hold up any sheets. I loved the flowers most, and I think so did Mika - so thank you Anna and the others who had organized them, a really beautiful idea! They didn't even get thrown on stage in masses, as I had feared before. I loved Mika's choice of clothing, the yellow suit and the polka dotted one, I had hoped to see these at one of the gigs (had seen the dotted one in Paris, but from far away) and I was lucky. For Big Girl, Mika didn't do his usual round by going down the stairs and then to the other side, but he jumped off the stage on the right side and came directly to where we were standing and stepped on that high part of the barrier, right in front of me. I tried not to look like that smiley, tho I felt like it, because I was sure someone would be filming or taking pix of Mika there, with me on them (so far I haven't seen any where I can see myself while M stood up there, so no idea if I succeeded in looking cool ). I smelled the starch of Mika's shirt, heard his voice without the amplification and had to resist the temptation to touch his hand or arm - didn't even think I'd be tempted to do that... doesn't happen to me at M&G's and when in Brussels he had left the crowd where we stood, I also just took care of making him space. So no idea why it was different this time, but in any case I do understand the fans better now who touch his arm or back when he goes through the crowd, takes some strength to resist! (I must admit I also couldn't resist but touched his hand for a split second when he had it on the barrier 🙈). I wasn't sure whether he'd climb over the barrier there, sometimes he just stands up there and then goes on and chooses another place... but he did, and put his hand on my shoulder while doing so - I've seen a video of that, and I certainly didn't succeed anymore in looking cool at that moment, but rather like - oh well, who wouldn't have? 🙈 Paloma was the most beautiful version I've heard on the 6 gigs of this tour I've been to where he played it. I nearly cried, and that never happens to me at gigs. Also Happy Ending, especially the off-mic part, was one of the most beautiful versions I've heard. At some point of the show he mentioned the different countries from which fans had come to see him, and pointed to our group when saying Germany, to which of course we cheered loudly. When Love Today started, I was very sad for a moment that the gig was coming towards an end - but when the gig did finish a few songs later, I wasn't sad but just filled with the joy of it all, it felt complete. After Stay High and bowing with the band he got his whole crew on stage to thank them. And the IG video he posted really must've been literally after he left the stage, because we hadn't even left the inside part of the venue when he posted it, tho we were quite fast. We then went outside to the back of the venue, where barriers had been standing all day, and waited there - in pretty much the same spot as after the 2016 Strasbourg gig. We had lots of fun while waiting, the only downside was that it was rather cold. Miri, who would take a bunch of my friends in her car, wanted to leave soon, so Saskia and me got a bit worried that she'd have to leave soon and miss Mika. But we were lucky. At some point, some of the band members walked out and got in a car, and we gave them some applause. Maybe 2 minutes after that, Mika arrived by foot from inside the fence, but we only recognized him when he got closer. Everyone stayed quiet and in their place, just like after the last Strasbourg gig. It wasn't even that long when he came out, in Luxemburg we had waited much longer... But when he came to us, he said "Sorry it took so long, we had to pack all the stuff" (for the next part of the tour) - I was pretty surprised by that, I really don't mind waiting for him a little, because it means the wonderful evening hasn't ended yet and I can enjoy more time with my friends. And even if he had just waved from the car I'd have been happy, after this intense gig. My only worry was that he might be gone already, because his IG post had sounded like a goodbye. Or that my friends would have to leave before he came. Anyway, it wasn't a long chat, but it was really nice. He thanked us, we thanked him for the tour. I gave him a letter and he asked me so he could be sure it was a happy one - as I wrote in the other thread, I think sad stories just pull him down too much these days. I assured him it was, then he also asked if I was good and when I answered and asked 'and you?', he said yes, with a little happy smile on his face. We then went along the street to where his car would drive out and did our little Mexican Wave for him, which we always do when we get the chance. I didn't even see Mika this time, the car was too fast, but it's enough to know that he saw our little crazy 'choreography' for him, I hope it makes him feel happy and special in a similar way as he does make us feel.
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    Update from @Statue_of_Liberty: He talked about writing OOL and mentioned Andy. And he played Last Party! Edit: Popular Song, EMD in the crowd.
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    That was my second Mika concert: after seeing him in Bologna I was so astonished by his performace that I had no choice but go to Padova 😛😛. I have no Mikaddicted friend so.. I decided to go all alone ... and it was a very happy choice as I was forced to find new friends among aaaallll these crazy Mikaddicted people and it was sososo much fun!!!!A complete new world opened in front of me!!! I even meet for the first time @Gabry74 and @mellody and I was so happy for that!!! The organization of the event has been almost perfect, starting from the queue with numbers written on our hands to allow people who were queueing from the day before (!!!) to be the first to enter and even the security staff was very kind and collaborative Speaking about the concert... well what can I say that you already don't know? It was so so magic... and the atmosphere so warm and friendly... and this is all about Mika, his way of being so.. nice in every aspect of his life. ♥️ He can attract only good people.. and when you see him you know he really was born to do exactly that, and there is nothing more beautiful but seeing someone that really loves his work. And he really loves it. He loves us. He has so much fun when he performs!!! And you really feel it! His smiles are so genuine!! 🎊🍭🍬🎉 Well, now I really understand people that follow him in almost every gig and I really envy them.. every gig is different from the other, you would never have enough!! Unluckily for me this will be the last for the moment but.. who knows 😛😊🤗
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    I find it hard to write a report about this gig, because to me it was so full of emotions which are hard to put in words. But I'll try. The queueing was very relaxed (especially for Italy!) and the venue was very cold. It's an ice stadium and the ice rink was beneath the floor, so I kept on my jacket until shortly before the gig started. Mika talked and joked a lot - mostly in Italian, sometimes in English, and a little bit of German here and there - made LOTS of eye contact with the crowd, and certainly managed to heat up that venue! Luckily it looked rather full, despite being far from sold out - but I had feared far worse when I looked at the half-empty seating map a few weeks before the show. I suppose many decided last minute. I thought I had gotten lots of eye contact with Mika in Luxemburg, but that was nothing compared to Bolzano! Gig with the most eye contact of all the ones I've been to since 2007! At times it felt as if he was playing a private gig only for me, and although I know that this was just me getting lost in the moment and he had lots of eye contact with many others as well, it certainly felt very special. When he left the stage for Big Girl, first thing he did was give Allegra a hug. And later he went through the crowd just a few rows behind me, that was also very nice and close. And well, when it was time for Elle me Dit, instead of his usual talk about his Mum, Mika decided to talk some German instead and asked me to translate for him. He pointed for me to come to him - so I climbed over the barrier, which before the gig I had thought would be impossible, as it was a rather high one - no idea how I did it, I can't even remember if people next to me helped me, but I found it very easy. The rest of it you can see in the video. It took me a moment to realize what he wanted from me when he just said "who here speaks German?" and thought, how would I know what language every person in that venue speaks?! Luckily he then gave me the missing info that he wanted me to translate it. "the sky is blue" and "the grass is green" was easy to translate, as there's no room for interpretation in these. But what I wasn't fully aware of so far is that for translating for someone else, you need to know not only the words but most of all what that person intends to say with a certain sentence. So when he asked me for "Bozen is very nice", I got confused - you can say that a city is nice, as in beautiful, or, what I think he wanted to say, that the people in front of him are nice, as in friendly. My mind isn't quick enough for that, as I'm generally someone who thinks too much, so it took me a while with a confused Mika waiting for a clear answer, until I decided for one of these options. 🙈 I probably would've done better just dancing for EMD, but I think the German speakers in the crowd (and those online who can watch the videos) were quite happy with it, so I guess it's fine. And I definitely enjoyed being so close to Mika for these 90 seconds. Tho I didn't even realize he put his hand on my shoulder, I only saw that in the video later. I wasn't even extremely nervous, he made me feel comfortable. But I was unhappy with myself for not being a better translator, when I got back to my place. I shouted, danced and jumped out all my insecurities during EMD though, and after that I felt great again, and the gig continued to be fantastic. What was amazing and the first time ever I have felt this during a gig was that for a while after that I had the feeling that I saw the whole venue and everyone inside just like they were, with all their flaws and insecurities, but also as special individuals, and that feeling was so pure and filled me with amazement and happiness, it's so hard to describe. It's like I didn't see the show, but the people working on it, the stage set as something that several people had put a lot of thought and work in, the people in the crowd as all those individuals with different life stories, tho I don't know most of them, and also Mika and his band not as performers but just as normal people, although they were performing at that very moment. And no, I didn't take any drugs, except a huge dose of Mikaïne! The day before in Padova I had the impression that it was hard for Mika to talk about his Mum before EMD. It might have to do with the different language - maybe in French it's easier for him than in Italian. But I suppose that's why he didn't do his - meanwhile - usual speech im Bolzano. I don't remember tho how he introduced EMD, I was a bit distracted at that moment. The intro for Lollipop was super funny, and most of all, in English! I've uploaded the video in my other post. I guess I need to watch Roger Rabbit again soon, as I can't remember much of the story - I loved the movie as a child, but I also was scared to death of that acid which dissolved the toon characters and I had nightmares about it. 🙈 I'll probably find it boring today. The ending of UW was also even more touching to me than the last 2 times I had seen it - thanks so much for the video, @lormare73 ! Happy Ending off-mic was amazing too, with the fantastic acoustics of this venue, Mika's voice seemed to echo from every corner of the Palaonda. The distance I had felt from Mika last year was absolutely and completely gone at all of these 3 gigs I went to last week - and that was not just because he did meet us after the show in Luxemburg, he didn't in Padova and Bolzano. I didn't expect it in Italy anyway, but I'm surprised just how little I missed it after that gig in Bolzano. I suppose tho that also might have to do with seeing him leave, and him waving to us - and he even had Andy turn down the window when he saw us, I felt he wanted to say something - but when they saw the window being turned down, a bunch of fans crowded the car, handing gifts and letters through the open window, so Andy quickly closed it again and they left. I expected nothing at these last 3 gigs, except a good show, but got everything I could've wished for and more. Strasbourg surely won't be able to keep up with that, but I think I'll have no problems staying high from these experiences until the summer festivals, or even longer.
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    I'm not good at writing reports but I'll try... First of all I want to thank the MFC for the ticket because otherwise I wouldn't travel so far on my own. But it was a great experience and I'm really glad I did it even though I needed a push to decide to go to Bolzano alone. Also thanks to @sara09 and her friends for the support. It was my first time seeing the big show and it was definitely worth it. For sure in some ways I liked the smaller show in Zürich better but in other ways the stage with the piano and lights is so amazing so I'm happy I could see both "types" of the show during the tour so far (I still hope there'll be some more dates in Europe later ). I didn't watch many videos of the big show before because I didn't want to "ruin" my own experience even though of course I saw the stage on social media before. I really like how the show is working with lights and colours on the stage, it's so clever and effective and also of course the moving piano with the changeable lights is amazing! I like how Mika uses it as a musical instrument/sofa/pedestal during the show. I had a great spot in the 2nd/3rd row right in front of the "catwalk" stage even though I arrived only 30 minutes before the door opened (and only 45 minutes after I arrived to Bolzano with the bus, so it was still quite a success that I made it to the venue so early after checking in in the hotel). I was so excited to be there because it really was a long, last minute trip and luckily everything went smoothly, it felt almost too good to be true. The support act (Charlotte I think) was decent but to be honest, I was too excited to really pay attention because she sang rather ballads and at the moment I was too hyped for that but she sang really well. When it comes to Mika, I have to say the setlist was quite predictable this time with no surprises (unfortunately for me no NPIH song) but the show really made up for it. Mika was right when he said it's ####ing freezing because it was really quite cold in the venue. I've been to ice hockey arenas before for concerts but it was never so cold that you had to keep your jacket on. So it was really funny when he brought his own coat for Big Girls. Again I was lucky that he entered the crowd right in the place where I was standing, so I got a really close look even though it works even better in smaller venues in my opinion where you can see Mika the whole time during his "journey" through the crowd. I have to say I couldn't appreciate most of the spoken parts this time because I don't speak Italian, of course I knew a bit what he is saying in these pre-recorded parts but sometimes I was quite lost. However, that didn't matter as much. The show was great with a lot of Mika energy, his iconic dance moves & jumps and little jokes (like his pantomimes when he let the crowd sing). I feel that these are the things that are even more present in the big show where Mika has more space to move. I still feel high after the show, maybe even more than after the last one but it's hard to say... (I know it's a bit messy but I tried my best to put down at least some of my impressions from the show – it's impossible to mention all of them because is an endless list.)
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    https://youtu.be/b-_8yfXRPv0 Voici le lien vers le dernier concert européen du Revelation Tour à Strasbourg 😀 🎶 💘 Merci pour tout ce que vous avez donné durant ce Tour #Mika : amour, énergie, humour, partage, tendresse, bonheur, folie 🥰 🤩 On t'aime tellement 💕 💕 💕 💕
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    I’ll try to write my report of the concert later on. Need some time to write my feelings down in English. But for the time being, I’m sending you a pic of my tiny Paloma while waiting at the venue in Utrecht the other day. You know the little girl with the sign 😊❤️
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    Oh, so many emotions after this gig! Firt of all I was in the first row, right in front of his piano and I had an amazing view! I can't believe he was so close to me and I could see every detail on his face! In Brussels I saw only a silhuette It was worth waiting 9 hours, especially inside such a nice venue! The gig started a little bit later, his supporting act came late and said that she has just arrived here after 2 days of travelling. She was really nice and even sung a Whitney Houston song Finally, Mika came a little after 9PM. After Ice Cream he admitted that he was late (not surprised, he's Lebanese) and said something about a hurricane that was here and flying with Austrian pilots who were terrified ,which was a bad sign. I think he also arrived shortly before a show, but he said he landed at 10(!)PM in Utrecht and well- it wasn't even 10 yet and there is no airport here, poor Mika, so confused! 😂 I hink he corrected that it was Rotterdam later... When he noticed little's girl sign that her name is Paloma and started to talk about his sister... I didn't want to record it, cause it was very intimate and I wanted to show respect and just listen to it, especially as he shared details about it, like this neighbour who run out with a baseball stick cause he though it was a burglar and then held her up... It was really touching, the way he talks about his sister with so much love and admiration ❤ Overall, he did no soundcheck, said he doesn't have his setlist He even told us that we get to pick a song! Eventually he couldn't hear anything out of our screams and noticed that one lady raised her hand, so he asked her and she chose Paloma, and that's when he started talking about this little girl. I am very happy he sang Blue, Sanremo and Popular Song, I've never heard them live! So here are few special moments that I captured! Funny scene before Tiny Love, when people shouted that they couldn't see him behind his piano so he decided to move it... or at least tried. Enjoy: 20200210_214034_001.mp4 Intro to Big Girl & singing from the balcony: 20200210_213250_001.mp4 20200210_213535.mp4 Asolutely hillarious story about Normal Jack hiding a lollipop... well, you have to hear and see where: 20200210_221401_001.mp4 Talking before Blue and a part of him singing it, light gets realy bad but you can listen to it: 20200210_215243.mp4 And a little bit of Grace Kelly! 20200210_225401_001.mp4
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    I've got a short report and some videos to share with you from the performance in Piazza Colombo It was my first time visiting Sanremo, I really loved the place. The atmosphere during this time of the year is quite magical, but just walking around felt like a time travel. Piazza Colombo was less crowded than I had expected it to be. Mostly after the first two songs, when Mika left, our side was made by 2/3 rows of people (which was good as we had a little space to breathe, but still a little sad). During the first part, Mika sang IC and Relax and told the audience he had to go and sing inside of the Ariston, but he wanted to sing more, so he would continue the gig after his performance. There was a big screen behind the stage, so we could follow everything that was happening inside, including his magnificent interpretation of "Amore che vieni, Amore che vai". De André songs own a huge part of my heart, so when I found out that he was about to sing one of his songs - and when I saw the performance - I was exceedingly happy and moved. He came back right after singing inside of the theatre and he sang Tomorrow/Domani, Grace Kelly and Big Girl. The barrier was very close to the stage, and as I said we weren't so many, so it felt quite intimate and surely a precious gift during such a special night. Here's a little part of the soundcheck, when we were still queuing, and a bit of Ice Cream: IMG_9467.mov IMG_9472.mov IMG_9472 2.mov And this is the poster my friends and I prepared: Hope you enjoy!
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    Hey guys, I was at this concert where the album was recorded and I wanted to clear up some confusion about the DVD rumor. At the concert, Mika said himself, that this concert would be turned into a live DVD as well as a live CD. Now, I don't know if this has since changed and they decided to only do a live CD, but that is what he said at that time. The whole concert was filmed like the Dear Jealously video, with multiple cameras, even going onstage. Mika really gave it his all into performing because he was under the impression this was going to be both a live album and DVD and it was pretty obvious. Lollipop was my favorite of the night, so much energy!
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    I'm pretty tired after returning from Padova, but the concert was great. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to arrive there early, I decided to buy a sitting ticket this time. My seat actually turned out to be terrible: it was in the front row, which was at the same level as the standing area, and you could see absolutely nothing (the part of the stage that wasn't blocked by the people standing was blocked by the loudspeakers). I really don't think the venue should be allowed to sell tickets for such a place (and nowhere did it say that the view was limited or anything like that). Anyway, if I wanted to actually see Mika, I had no choice but to join the people in the standing area, and I ended up really enjoying the gig after all. It was unusually long (almost two hours), maybe because Mika was very chatty. Other than Stardust (which I think he usually does in Italy anyway), there weren't any additions to the usual setlist. When it was time to sing Tomorrow, he started singing it in English, but then sang the second part in Italian. I'm sure most people have already seen the band members with "Mika masks" that he posted on Instagram. While Max was wearing the mask, Mika had to help him walk across the stage because he "couldn't see worth a s**t now" (Mika's words, slightly paraphrased because they were in Italian). There was another funny moment: before Lollipop, some people were throwing candies at Mika (at least I think that's what happened, as I wasn't close enough to really see it), and he joked that they were trying to kill him. He pretended to be an Italian news announcer: "Mika had a pretty short career that lasted about 10 years. He died in Padova because of a caramel in the head." He said that the news would show his old apartment in Milan and that his Italian friends would talk about his death. "Chiara would say: I thought Mika had stardust in his head, but it turned out that it was actually a caramel. Morgan would talk about the poetic death of Mika." He got really invested in the story of his death by caramel and just kept going on and on about it before he finally finished singing Lollipop. A less funny part was that he said he had lost his voice in the morning, but thanks to medication, he was able to sing now. I really hope he'll get better soon, considering how many gigs he has to do in the near future!
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    I made my own template for a phisical CD,you can use it if you want 😄
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    Part of my Mika shelf.
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    Bad news: There's a reconstruction in our house so there's a lot of noise lately (drilling etc.). Good news: Songs like Dear Jealousy, Sanremo, Tomorrow or Platform Ballerinas sound really good when you play them really LOUD.
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    Today it's three months since my first Mika gig...
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    This is pretty interesting interview about future plan.. - a series of different EPs which have different styles, both musically and visually - filming mini travel and culture documentaries Mika welcomes his local fans’ enthusiasm: British singer-songwriter is excited to perform in Seoul for the 7th time since 2009 Korea JoongAng Daily 1362 words 21 February 2020 http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3074080 Are you ready to rock with Mika? He certainly is. The British singer-songwriter will be performing at the Jamsil Arena in southern Seoul on March 4 and 5 as part of his “Revelation Tour” that kicked off last year. It’s his first time in Seoul since 2016, and concert organizers had to add a date to his original schedule after tickets for the first show sold out in just three minutes. This will be the seventh time he has visited Korea since 2009. Mika released his fifth full-length album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook” last October, and it is a bold and powerful compilation of songs filled with wit and ingenuity. The singer received positive reviews, especially for the tracks “Ice Cream” and “Tiny Love,” and kicked off his tour in London in November, followed by stops in Australia and Asia. “I am very excited to be coming back,” Mika wrote in a recent email interview. “Every single one of the six shows we have done in Korea have been exceptional experiences for me and my band. The warmth of the audience, the volume of their singing, the surprises they plan collectively during the concerts. It’s a very special place to play and I always say that in interviews, no matter where I am in the world!” Mika answered questions from the Korea JoongAng Daily via email prior to the upcoming concert. The following are edited excerpts from his responses. Q. It’s been four years since you last visited Korea. How have you been? A. I have been good these past few years. Working hard, and I made a very conscious decision to focus on music and creativity, stepping away from the TV shows I was doing. This has made me happy and helped me understand life and what is important. It also comes at the same time as some very big personal challenges, deaths, illnesses […] However, the writing and the creativity have helped me be strong and stay happy. So it was good timing. As a result also, these shows have a very, very special, urgent quality. The upcoming will be the seventh time you have come to Korea. What makes you enjoy your shows in Korea and come back again? It’s the generosity of spirit of the Korean fans, which is so special. They understand that a show is meant to be a roller coaster of emotion. That real life stays outside for two hours. This understanding allows the audience and also me, to lower the defenses we all have in our everyday lives. We become more fragile and bigger at the same time. It’s really an amazing feeling. A lot of your songs deliver mixed emotions, like the happiness along with sadness found in “Happy Ending” (2007) and “Lollipop” (2005). Why do you like to use two contrasting emotions in your songs? The contrast is very useful. It creates tension. However it’s more than just a writing technique. It is also reflective of how I deal with life. I always mix the two emotions, it makes it easier to deal with things and see beyond just the sadness, or be blinded by joy. How would you like the listeners to take those songs in? As individual bubbles. Each one contains a little bit of air and time from the moment or the part of my life that I am writing about. That’s why my albums are so varied, even within themselves. There are all these different stories that happened during the writing period of the album. The only thing that binds them together is that it happened to the same person. What is music to Mika? Would you say that it has changed since you first started music? It’s storytelling. It’s also about collaboration. Music is not a solitary activity. Even a classical composer who writes music at a desk on their own can’t make the music come to life without the musicians or without the audience. It’s this communication that makes it music. I have realized the importance of that. When I was at college, it was about skill and being as good as you can be. I realized later that being good is not enough. Music only counts when it provokes emotion. You once called yourself “a traveler who doesn’t belong” in a past interview. Do you still think the same about yourself? Is it the freedom that you have that makes your songs? I belong to a lot of places. And I can adapt quite quickly to a new place. I have started to realize now, more and more, that I generally prefer the south of Europe to the north. People are softer. I just spent time in Germany and Holland [- and] I felt like I was being told off all the time! However it really comes down to curiosity. I am quite curious. This lack of a main “home” has helped me nurture and encourage that curiosity. One day it might change, or it might not. I really don’t know. You also mentioned in your past interview that you are interested in the indie music scene of Korea. Do you think that Korean music has what it takes to appeal to the global market? K-pop, Korean culture, film - it’s remarkable the reach it has had and how quickly it has grown over the past five years. The world is changing so fast. People are able to make their own decisions as to what they want to listen to or what shows to buy tickets to. If you live in Chicago, you are no longer going to decide what you will listen to based on what the local hit radio station is playing. This is amazing, because most of the time the commercial stations play the same 10 songs a month. K-pop has grown also thanks to this new way of music distribution. Also its production values are so high. It takes a lot of work and I think that audiences respond to that. What is also so amazing is how “Parasite” has been so internationally recognized. It’s a triumph and a well deserved one. More and more people communicate online and listen to the same music. Have you ever felt that the language barriers between people affects them in the way they enjoy music? Language has never been a barrier! This is why we can listen to Portuguese music, Arabic music, French music - even if we don’t understand the words, we can understand the music. The real issue is the media and distribution. They are much less likely to promote an artist from Cape Verde than they are from Los Angeles. The internet is changing that, thank goodness. One of the best ever concerts I’ve seen was Cesaria Evora from Cape Verde, just before she passed away. She sang barefoot and the audience in London lost their minds. Everyone was so happy, so warm. She was like a goddess or priestess and we didn’t understand a word! What will you be up to this year? This year I want to start making new music, NOT an album, a series of different EPs which have different styles, both musically and visually. This is something I’m very excited about. Also we are starting to film mini travel and culture documentaries during my travels. Where I go and explore whist on tour. I will also be filming in Seoul, so keep an eye out for me! BY YOON SO-YEON [yoon.soyeon@joongang.co.kr] Pop star Mika performs at his Seoul concert in 2016, his most recent performance in Korea. [PRIVATE CURVE] Singer Mika will perform at Jamsil Arena in southern Seoul on March 4 and 5. The March 4 show was added to the singer’s tour schedule after the March 5 concert sold out in just three minutes. [PRIVATE CURVE]
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    Here is my report: The journey from Cracow via Amsterdam to Strasbourg was pleasant, calm an a little bit long. So what a surprise when I saw two Mika fans at the Amsterdam airport waiting for the same flight to Strasbourg: Solange and Cynthia in person! We took a taxi together as our hotels were very close to each other. It was already 8pm but I was waiting for Zlata who was coming from Czech Republic and she had the same hotel. She arrived pretty late as her UBER car took her to a correct street but not in Eckbolsheim but in Strasburg!!!! She had to take another UBER to come where I already was. Next day we went to Zenith about 10 am to see how many fans are there. As we had flowers and hearts to distribute for our fan actions we wanted to well planify our little work. I found some faces I've already known – this is so nice to go to diffrent corners of the world and to feel like home! Oh, a short anegdote: me, Zlata and Nicole were coming back from lunch and I can see a man riding a bicycle toword us in a little road on the Zenith area. I say: he reminds me of Mitch. And I hear Nicole screamig: Hello Mitch!!!! Yes, it was him :-) It was funny because in the morning I was “complaining” that fans meet Max or Mika in the street and I have never met anybody like this outside a concert. But I've met a new fan from Moldavia - Irina (hello Irina if you read it). She is very friendly. She had food, drinks, sweets and she was sharing them with everybody. So we have created a post-comunist countries trio: Poland, Czech Republic and Moldavia. And we were distributing our flowers and hearts with laughter and fun. Each time we've seen from afar that soemone was coming to the queue we were „screaming” : new people!!!! And we were distributing our items. Funny thing: sometimes people were not sure what it was about. They thought they should pay for it :-) Anyway I think all of you having standing tickets you know our faces now :-) The door opened at 6:30pm and we rushed to get the best places possible. I landed in the second row on the left side of the stage right behind.... Solange :-) Zlata and Irina took places right next to me. I was dreaming to see Mika in his yellow suite. And when the intro has finished and Mika was on stage I was so happy: he was wearing the yellow suite!!!! The show started. After the first song Mika said that this is the last gig of Revelation Tour and all this decoration, the whole circus will be destroid after. It was a sad news, but hopefully during the show I completely forgot about it. Than during Relax Mika started to talk about St Valentine's Day. That tonight it's a romantic evening with us all. He said that we are his recompence for all his sh**y Valentine's Days of his life. And that we wants to know us better. And to do it we have to sing. Because when you sing you show more that if you take your clothes of. And we sang “relax, take it easyyyyyyy”. He continued his litte story about better knowing each other before Big Girl. We will dance together to learn better :-) And he entered the audience of course :-) Then it was time for Origin of Love and our fan action with flowers. I think it looked really good. The place has changed into a field with colourful flowers. Mika took one flower and played with it during the whole song. Of course we used our flowers as flags during next songs. Then for Tiny Love we made the same fan action as in London – the first gig of Revelation Tour. But this time the venue was huge and we distributed hearts only on the floor level (well some of them were even in seated places as well). I wonder if Mika discovered the intention: the first and the last gig. He was smiling. But when you watch the videos I am sure our colouful hearts looked beautiful. Underwater: of course Mika decided to stop talking and he showed us with his hands how to sing. It was so funny! Before Elle Me Dit Mika continued his discour about St Valentine's Day. He arrived to Strasbourg and he went to eat breakfast alone in a cafeteria. The place was decorated with heart-shape balloons and everybody was sitting with his beloved and he was alone with his heart (balloon). But it was OK. And then he started to talk about his mum who can't dance anymore but who teached him that when life throws s**t on you – dance! You can read a translation in a post above by Libellule95. Then Lippopop song. Mika changes stories every single time. Now he added Frere Jacques song into it. Mitch was playing piano and Mika was jumping on it. I was watching the trambling instrument I was was really concerned by its state. Well, I don't think Mika will use it anymore so maybe he did not give a s**t? But the story about Cinderella and brother Jacques was very funny (he told it already in Utrecht but I think that each time he changes it a lot). Happy Ending – what a beautiful version we've heard this night! I haven't recorded it as I wanted to listen to the song and not to do anything else. For Love Today another fan action was scheduled: balloons. People brought different kinds of balloons: heart-shape, regular balloons of different colours and transparent ballons with heart-shape confettis inside. Mika took on of the last ones and squeezed it over his head. It looked wonderful! At the end of the song Mika started to mention places ans came from: Strasbourg, Alsace... then he has seen Brasilian flag and then fans from other countries started to shout their coutry names and Mika repeated them. And I showed a panel I've prepared with “POLAND (HEART) MIKA”. He has seen it and mention Poland too!!!!! We Are Golden – this song, as well as Love Today is so enegretic!!!! Here fans started to show their printed papers with a word “thank you” in different languages. They supposed to be shown just after the next song, which was Grace Kelly. But it was so natural that fans wanted to thank Mika already during We Are Golden. Mika was so happy again seeing it. At the beginning of Grace Kelly I had a panic moment: I couldn't find my mobile. I wanted to take some photos of Mika in his dotted suite. I was sure I put it into my little hand bag but I couldn't find it! I was checking my pockets, my hand bag, my big plastic bag with my coat. Nothing! The song was almost over, the big colouful ballons were flying over my head and the light was on. I found my mobile on the floor. Hopefully nobody stepped on it! I was happy again and I was able to take some photos and videos of Stay High :-) And Mika blowing us a kiss and his heart ❤️ At the end Mika asked his backstage team to come on stage and we could thank them as well for the good job they did. Then the show was over. I wasn't sad. Mika's gigs give me so much energy. We gathered together with other fans and we decided to tempt the chance and to wait for Mika. And this time we were lucky. About 0:20 (accoriding the date of my first video) Mika came to the taxi waiting for him. But he walked toword us and started not only talking but signing autographs as well. Hopefully I took with me a booklet from MNIMH album. So I handed it to Mika when he was in from of me. And he signed as well my concert ticket! He made a lot of fans happy this night. He was very generous and talked with almost everybody. He stayed with us for about 20 minutes. I hope everybody had his autoghraph. On Zlata's video we can see Mika talking with Solange. She asked him about roumors that the Korean gig was cancelled (she will go there and she wanted to know). So Mika answered that he is 100% sure it is not cancelled. He did an interview today and shot a video for this one. But people should wear masks. And they can't have fever. He continued to sign and talk with other fans. Even with a Brasilian fan from Rio! This fan will go for Mika Rio show of course. Then Mika jumped into his taxi and left. It was already very late. Me, Zlata and Irina decided to go back to our hotels. Zlata had an autgraph too. Irina talked to Mika and she told him that she travelled from Moldavia. You can hear it on this video. Everybody received an expected gift. We were happy. Many, many fans were happy. Thank you Mika!!!!!
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    I made a second collage from pictures I took, for my shelfs...
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    No proper report from me at the moment, but about Paloma: I saw some people filming, so I hope they'll upload it somewhere. I didn't feel like filming. From what I remember: He asked what song he should sing next. Obviously people where screaming different songs, after a while he understood Paloma. Then he walked to a side where a girl was in front row. He said she had a sign telling her age was 10 and her name was Paloma, so he'd sing this song for her now. Apparently that girl only understood French, so he said something to her in French. I think he asked her to come on stage, but she was too scared. He said that Paloma is such a beautiful name and it means dove and doves can fly. Then he explained the story behind the song. That it's about his sister who is very brave and a hero because she was born with a weak side, but she always tried to hide it which is a superower she has and many people with disabilities have. But that superpowers can be very painful too. And then he talked about the accident, (I think there was the part about the name, but she didn't fly. She fell) that she was falling from a high place and fell into those spikes that basically saved her life. And that a man living on the ground floor saw her there, but thought she was a person trying to break in. So that man went outside armed with something he could find and wanted to make that person go. But instead he saw her and hold her for one hour. And in that one hour Paloma asked that man to leave her alone so that she can get up which obviously she couldn't. So that was another superhero-moment. Mika came and saw her like that. And then he concluded by saying that this song is not a sad song, but it's about superpowers.
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    Hi I could finally got to my daughter's and you can now download the file on my drive (if everything went well) It can't be played from the drive as it is too big (I think) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rDQ-_zN4-HkvUyHNG-LS2yLKtRk4pXQM/view?usp=sharing Please let me know if it works @Kumazzz
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    Hello Mikafanclub, I would like to say- thank you again gor tickets for the show in Luxembourg. I won them in the MFC competition and I went to Luxembourg with my friend Miša😃. She knew only 3-4 Mika-songs before the concert.. But she was delighted with him❤️. She asked me after that, when and where the next concert is... I think we can welcome another fan among us😘 Here are a few photos and videos from Rockhal. If you want to see more of them, you can look at my ig- .https://www.instagram.com/zlataberkiova/ Enjoy it❤️. And MFC- thank you again❤️. Special thanks to @dcdeb for very fast answers to my questions before the gig😁😘😘 (and the last note-Mika in his pink suit at the end of the gig was.... ❤️W❤️OW❤️😍😍) VID_20200129_211020.mp4 VID_20200129_210844.mp4 VID_20200129_215750.mp4
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    I've asked on instagram to Danna's team when we will know about Mika's collaboration with her and they told me around mid year. So as always,we must wait.
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    So i had a friend over to my dorm room today and she was going through my library and found the song for sorrow book. she preceded to open it and look through all of the art. i saw her looking through it and explained to her what the book was and that theres music that goes with it. she then asked me to play Mikas music for her so she could look at the art with the music and guys, MY HEART MELTED AND I GOT SO HAPPY!! lol i couldn't pull out that CD fast enough. and even better, she liked his music. 😭
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    She did meet him but it was not in private. She was waiting with us after the show. And she spoke to Mika. And she did tell him what she wanted to say. And Mika was talking with her too. I don't like the fact that now the journalist "blames" Mika for not accepting to meet the girl in private. Maybe as @mellody suggested in her post about her letter, "sad stories just pull him down too much these days"? I don't even want to imagine a number of other fans coming to Mika to talk about their problems in private. He has his own challenges now and I can understand that he needs to keep this high energy to cope with his professional and private life. "We're gonna stay high not low."
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    My short video from M&G after the show. YouCut_20200217_171245869.mp4
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    This was my first Mika concert and I just have to say that it was the best concert of my life. The energy and joy that this man spreads is incredible! I am in awe of him and I must say that it was one of the best nights of my life! VID_20630320_042119_757.mp4
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    Finally have some time to write something sensible I went to Bari unexpectedly. Long time I was thinking to go but decided to do it short before the event. I went there with my friend who isn't Mika fan (she didn't become one after all - ALIEN ) Queuing was suprisingly pleasent. There was just a little mess when we have to devide numbers in two queues because two gates were going to be open. That moment was stressful because I dind't understand what Italians were saying and some were screaming. We spent most of the day with lovely @Statue_of_Liberty and one Polish fan who lived in Italy. After a gig I found another Polish fan who was there. I getting suprised more and more that Polish Mika fans exist and appear from time to time When we got into the stadium we found a very good places close the stage and my excitement was growing. I saw all the stuff from the set for the first time and it was amazing Mika was fabulous as always, I caught his attention a couple of times. Once particulary, when I show a poster "Sending Tiny Love from Poland", he read it, looked at me and nocked his head (I think that message is delivered ). He was also passing by me while Big Girl and stepped on my foot (he wasn't that heavy ). Unfortunately (yeey me! ) by accident turned off my camera and I didn't record it What a surpirse when Mika sang Good Guys, wish he sings more songs from NPIH. I think in general Mika was pleased by the audience even though concert wasn't sold out. He was talking a lot and just having fun. After the gig we've been waiting for him of course but finally he didn't appear. I had such wonderful night that I wasn't dissapointed that he didn't go out to us. Try to stay on Mika cloud as long as possible
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    So, it was my return to Strasbourg's zenith, ten years after my first concert For me it was a better night that Luxembourg's. It was far more difficult to have a good spot this time, since the doors opening was a total mess -it was really a hard job for those who tried to organize it and it as essentially a big race with the numbers system totally destroyed so in this point of view, it was a lot more stressful. Plus, there was a lot more poeple since the early morning, so really, it wasn't easy and I felt just so stressed out as I hoped I could keep my place and all... But in the end, I managed to have some good second row spot, just where Mika is the more often, so it was a good ending. That said, all the rest was better for me : this time I wasn't alone and I talked with people, and laughed and all, so it was a lot more fun (anyway, before the mess). I felt better physically (not headache this time and not weakness). The show was the same as usual, but it was more intense, now I already knew how it was, and it was so good once time again. The audience was good, and, this time, people weren't screaming when he asked for silence. The songs and all, we already all know it, and my favorites didn't change : the silent ending of Underwater, the without-mic Happy Ending and Paloma and in the other hand Tomorrow, Love Today, Platform Ballerinas and Relax (I will never have enough of this singing audience), took me in another world again. I'm so happy also, and especially, because this time, I had some real contacts with Mika and that's priceless. It's not the firt time it's happening to me, but I must say it wasn't the case at Luxembourg and I was just so happy it was the case this time. We had eyes-to-eyes contacts, and one I couldn't even hold since it was so… I Don't know why exactly, but it makes me this each time. He really looks at us… I lived the better final in my life : Mika clearly aimed his big balloons on us ; me and the others who were there, I suppose we will be a lot to say that. It was so fun ! He also invited all his team to come at the end. It was a real emotionnal roller-coaster. When Mika talked, it was with some mentions of the end of the tour ( ), then some funny stuffs about St-Valentines and fairy tales… He also talked about his mum and finished with so adorable thanks... Really, it was intense and I felt all the possible emotions in less than two hours… I'm so hppy, and in the same time, the PMD is coming. My heart is hurting when I think I will have to wait until the summer… But it was so good… I'm so happy. Plus I shared my joy with my family, my little brothers and sister who were real little fans… It was just perfect…
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    And some of my pictures I took! What an amazing show! I'm still staying high! I can't believe he also sang Billy Brown! 😮
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    Get my tickets for Coruña. To celebrate my ten Mika anniversary, first time i saw him, Carcassonne and La Coruña. Yeahhh!!! Because im happy...
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    There is now a live video performance of Tomorrow.
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