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    First, I really like most Mika songs, except one at least the album version, but that's my personal taste. Nearly each song is good for something, to dance, to think about or to sing with. But there are some songs that touch me in a very special way, sometimes cause of own experiences and sometimes the feeelings which are coming out and it is different from the popversion or orchestra version Happy ending, Any other world, last party, heroes, underwater, overrated, porcelain, no place in heaven, ordinary man, Tah dah and not forgot Grace Kelly cause with it my Mika journey started.
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    Buongiorno!! Vi ricordo il primo appuntamento con l'épreuve ultime di The Voice, questa sera alle ore 21:00: https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/direct http://fr.cloud-tivu.net/2016/12/19/regarder-tf1-en-direct-stream-a-letranger/ Buona visione!!
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    Thank you @Kumazzz and @crazyaboutmika for the wishes.. I will do my best.
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    Preview CLIPS of The Ultimate tests TF1 agathe-choisit-une-chanson-improbable-epreuve-ultime.html exclusives-premieres-minutes-epreuves-ultimes-de-samedi-1.html VK https://vk.com/video232312753_456239530 https://vk.com/video232312753_456239531
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    Ciao @Giulia26!!! Mi chiamo Gabriella, ho 42 anni ed abito ad Alba, in Piemonte. Benvenuta nella pagina italiana del MFC!! Nell'attesa di conoscerti presto di persona, ti auguro buon divertimento e se avrai bisogno di aiuto, chiedi pure senza problemi, anche in privato.
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    Ciao a tutti, mi sono iscritta al MFC da qualche tempo ma non ho avuto l'occasione di presentarmi. Mi chiamo Giulia, ho 25 anni e sono di Pistoia. E' un piacere fare la vostra conoscenza, spero un giorno di incontrarvi anche di persona.
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    Good Wife since I first heard it , because his words could be mine