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    Final Audition (whatisit), first session, 14 december « But I do like a disaster! » So the « good » (or not) news is that I finally found the motivation to hide a pen. The bad (or good) one is that I didn’t use it that much (especially as it turned out that it wasn’t working Xd), and anyway I spent the last 2 hours in a very happy sleep on my neghbours’ shoulders (no but really I try but I don’t have the same job than the years before, now my rythm makes me get up really early so past 11pm I am dead) We started with a big Opening Song mess, as they explained to us that the song we recorded 1565153 times during the blind won’t be used at all and they gonna redo it with a song from Johnny Hallyday (for those who missed it (meaning eveyone who is not french I guess), the country has lost its biggest star last week so it’s all about paying hommage and so the show HAD to start with a Johnny song). Anyway so they came back in their clothes from last month, did two takes of the song and both times Mika kind of f*cked it because he didn’t manage to cut the words on the right places (I won’t blame him, it’s always his major problem when he tries to learn a song in french. I get that but the producer might not share my opinion though xD). Then obviously they had to change clothes, and you can’t imagine how long it takes… we already came in a bit late and we kept loosing even more time, it was already late and the thing still wasn’t officially started (even the coaches would comment about it, and will star a running joke with « but has the show begun yet or not ? ») Useless anecdote about the recording of the song : Mika couldn’t hear himself, so, he increased the volume of his mic… a bit too much. Meaning that we could hear him very loudly… but the other coaches, having him directly in their earplugs, were having quite a hard time . So Florent quickly asked the technicians to put Mika’s volume down, to what Mika began to scream (RIP Florent’s ears) « NO ! NEVER ! » Finally they are on their seats, Mika in zombie mode I’m gonna sleep with my eyes opened for the next 6hours, thank you; and Florent and Pascal in an agitation state that promises us a veeeeeery long night (and to let us know why they were so turbulent , Florent will just tell « we had a big reunion dinner », which in the Voice coded language means « we’re half drunk yepeee » (and for us it means that there’s gonna be a lot of stupid laughs for no reason but then it’s the first recording involving alcohol this year, they have been serious ‘till then for once) So to be short when you’ve already seen that kind of messy introduction you already know even if it’s only 9pm that you’ll see half the audience leave the place at 2am and you’ll end up the thing in a half empty room with 4 coaches stuck in a permanent hysterical laughter for no reason (and all right it happened. Lateness+champagne is a classic of the voice). One of those laughs will be a direct consequence of this : Nikos, God knows why, kept calling Pascal « Florent » by accident. Which wouldn’t have been that bad if it only meant that they’d had to do one other take… exept a)he was doing the same mistake again on the next take and b) it made everyone go bonkers and they ended up switching their names and calling Nikos by the name of another famour french presenter, and yes itw as really funny actually but also really long and it didn’t help to end up at a decent hour . Another one of those laughs will come from Nikos’ english accent as he was trying to pronounce the word Issues with an accent that he hoped sounded english except that not at all (for once it was Mika who was laughing about someone else’s mistakes so he really did enjoy it). Also, talking about mistake, the only memorable one from Mika was a conjugation one that I can’t really translate here ("on envie qu'il va loin") but that’s the bad side about him having done so many progress in french : we remember the time when every the voice recording gave us a full page of funny mistakes Like last month, I found Obispo a bit heavy, even if less than a few weeks before. But still. So I loved when Mika told him exactly this, when after a story about hair Obispo ended up sitting on the knees of a very happy looking Mika (that’s ironic, the face he made when he saw that the guy was about to sit on him was fabulous, like "oh f*ck here we go again" *rolling eyes*). So anyway after that Mika told him really seriously « I have to tell you you might be good looking without hair but still, you’re heavy » which of course can be heard as you’re heavy for real as you’re sitting on me but I could bet that he wasn’t really thinking about it that way Nothing more to say really. Globally I didn’t find the performances that good, and also I don’t like seing Mika that tired, let’s hope the Christmas break will allow him a massive sleeping cure...
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    I found some more photos from this photographer which @Maria :) mentioned lately. Gosh how I love black&white pictures Some of them probably you already know but they're simply beautiful
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    I love his suits and clothes. Many of them are like works of art rather than clothing
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    I had PMD once but after his birthday was over and I had watched so many wonderful videos by fans ...it's wierd but I missed him in rl But the more I can see him, the happier I am. I was both extremely happy and desperate at the same time when I had ticks and I couldn't use them (Paris Jam session and Compiegne) but his Wonderland concert in Paris I was able to attend really helped me overcome those difficult times and also writing a song/ poem about it back then... I wish I had been able to attend at least one Casa Mika recording as it's still one of my dreams to be with an audience of fans only and see him on stage but I know there will be other opportunities in the future for more Mika events and as Mika says: do not have regrets, instead have projects Also anything creative that is Mika related ( drawing, singing, writing, either on my own or with MFCers like our yearbooks and all our projects together also keep me busy and happy) It was frustrating not to go the MFC anniversary party, but I was very happy that I could organize it online with Nicou's precious help and that the meeting went well and everyone had a good time and was able to see Mika at The Voice final And I'm now looking forward to his next tour and his next album and songs, hoping to be able to see him in 2018. Of course meeeting him and making him laugh in 2013 is something that will always make me happy and watching the video never fails to take me high I swear I stayed on cloud nine during a full week after that dream of mine came true
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    Welcome to MFC Nathalie. You can write to this adress but I don´t know if they will send out autographs MIKA c/o Machine Managment Studio 16 London Fields Studios 11 - 17 Exmouth Place London E8 3RW UK
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    I don´t think you are frustrated because it´s not his Show. To say the truth Mika is an addiction and if you have seen him once you want more and more and more. I´m happy I don´t feel PMD that much but it also helps me to know I will see him again somewhere in the future. The best is to know a fix date but right now everything is open which makes it harder. And you are really not alone with your Feelings.
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    Belgium Flash Magazine https://www.flashmagazine.be/coverstory/wereldster-mika-ontwerpt-pilot-pennen/ Wereldster Mika ontwerpt Pilot-pennen 29/11/2017 Niemand minder dan de ‘Grace Kelly’-zanger Mika ontwierp de verjaardagscollectie van Pilot. De gekende pennenfabrikant blaast in 2018 namelijk maar liefst 100 kaarsjes uit. En dat wordt gevierd met onder andere de ‘Pilot by Mika’-collectie. “Ik vind het fantastisch om de 100ste verjaardag van Pilot met de wereld te vieren en heb dan ook mijn uiterste best gedaan voor dit speciaal project”, aldus Mika. Het popidool liet zich voor deze reeks van zijn meest creatieve kant zien. Resultaat? Een kleurrijke, leuke en speciale Pilot-pennen collectie. Wij zijn alvast fan! Pilot by Mika Al 100 jaar staat Pilot voor kwaliteitspennen en schrijfplezier. Omdat je niet iedere dag 100 jaar wordt, besloot de alom bekende pennenfabrikant uit te pakken met de ‘Pilot by Mika’-collectie. Een reeks klassiekers in een nieuw jasje. En dat door popidool Mika. Hij is al van kinds af aan een heuse Pilot-fan en is dan ook erg trots om aan dit project mee te werken. En dat onder het motto: voor de 100ste verjaardag mag het al wat specialer zijn. “Ik heb enorm veel liefde gestoken in deze speciale samenwerking. Voor mij voelt het dan ook alsof de cirkel rond is. Ik beleef mijn kindertijd opnieuw met Pilot. En deze keer heb ik de pennen zelf ontworpen. Dat vind ik heel spannend” (Mika). De ‘Pilot by Mika’ collectie wordt in januari gelanceerd. Vanaf dan kan je de pennen kopen in een brede waaier aan winkels. Zo kan jij aan de start van het nieuwe jaar je favoriete designs in huis halen. Klassiekers in een nieuw jasje Pilot staat voor ‘happy writing’. Dat is plezier beleven aan schrijven, tekenen en kribbelen. En daarvoor ontwikkelde de fabrikant een pen voor ieders hand. Van klassieke balpennen tot vulpennen. Er is voor ieder wat wils. En het zijn de toppers uit deze verschillende categorieën die in de verjaardagscollectie onder handen werden genomen. Zo werd ten eerste de V5-collectie heruitgevonden. Deze vloeibare inkt roller maakt al sinds de jaren 80 deel uit van het Pilot-assortiment, en is nog steeds een bestseller. Daarnaast werden ook de G2-gelrollers voorzien van een leuk design. Deze exemplaren waren al ’s werelds best verkochte balpen. Ten slotte ontwierp Mika ook een feestelijke versie van de FriXion-pennen. Dit is Pilots best verkopende gamma. Dankzij de revolutionaire warmtegevoelige inkt kan je met deze pennen zo vaak als je wil van gedachten veranderen. Want de inkt is uitwisbaar en je kan er meteen weer over schrijven. Google translator
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    He really loves those dogs and they love him maybe more than Mika because he spends more time with them. Lovely pic
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    Hey, hey! What is happening with you? You've been a bit quiet lately? How do your exams go?
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    Instagram at Studios du Lendit matthieugrelier#TheVoice #Coaching #Now @mikainstagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc2s5K9FDhz27DjuA1sGzggX-nOBjHZdGK0c8Y0/?taken-at=2903119
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    Yes me too I miss him in real... 2018 will be a Mikayear and I will go to his events as far as possible, in France first. Have you got a link for this 2013 video?
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    Si tu as d'autres questions Rose, je te propose de les poser dans le French speaking thread qui est destiné aux francophones du MFC. Le lien est dans ma signature. Merci beaucoup. On a aussi un thread pour les questions concernant Mika (mais en anglais) qui s'appelle "looking for something thread.
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    Thank you Sabine, in fact I didn't know these feelings before, I don't need to worry anymore, I'm not alone in this case!
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    As promised, I make you a report of the last two recording sessions, even if I forgot a lot! First, I have to say the weather was pretty bad on Thursday, all the most in the end of the afternoon, rain and wind. Yesterday, Saturday, was very coldy, a polar wind! Before entering the studio, in the cloakrooms, I felt a little bit bad, too many people, but it was not as usual, too much febrility maybe I don't know... Fortunately, we managed to have a seat in the same place, so on the right side of the stage. The coachs rebegan to register the Johnny Hallyday's song, and then changed their clothes. On Thursday, we saw Melachi and Amira while waiting. Yesterday, only Melachi, for as you know Amira is with Andy in Miami. Mika brought Mel in the studio during a break and some people on the other side had the chance to caress her and to discuss with Mika. I found the level of the candidate was sometimes low, wrong notes for The Voice, are you kidding me?! Maybe I'm hard in my opinions but some of them had the level just for karaoke! I found the analysis more and more longer with the time, even if I totally opened my ears when Mika spoke... I saw yesterday in the end Fortuné with Melachi on the corridor, arriving in the opposite. First I believed it was Mika, but I realized too late it was his brother, with the tiredness, and surprise! What a silly girl I am! I hope I'm not become blasée of The Voice recordings! As a good award, Mika came on foot on Thursday, I had my first autograph. I felt such a joy, my excitment was 1000 percent, that it took at least one hour to come down... A big negative point is the air conditioning which made a polar wind directly on my face... We are going to suffer next Tuesday and on January for the outside waiting! Anyway, I have never regrets to go there, it's such a pleasure to spend an entire night with your idole... without innuendo of course!
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    PILOT ANTEPRIMA NOVITA 2018 Read and DL ( 20 pages ) https://www.bocchiosrl.it/ftp/cataloghi/PILOT ANTEPRIMA NOVITA/ Read and DL / Issuu.com ( 20 Mika pages ) https://issuu.com/0ckj/docs/pilot_anteprima_novita-mika
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    I will put it once again but I think it's a perfect place for this
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    Netherlands https://www.kroonleveranciers.nl/products.php
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    There is just this thing about him that makes him soooo attractive and I can't ever put my finger on it and end up looking utterly crazy when I try to explain it
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    All pictures of mika are the best pictures of mika!!
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    Hi everybody! In case you haven't seen my video yet, taken by my boyfriend... I'll make a report later, I'm still tired. My first autograph!!!!!!!! Thank you @crazyaboutmika for the link! All I remember is when Mika said: His hair are strange, and a french mistake: On voudrait qu'il va plus loin. See you very soon!
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    En réponse à ton message pour ses jolis yeux 😉, Et merci pour toutes ces informations, je ne savais pas !
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    si, vero! Perché (non so se si dice cosi) ma é molto ricca la sua "mimica"..(in ungherese: mimika...allora magari..)
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    Yes, please everyone ask all the questions you want! it's good motivation. hmmm i don't think I do! Thank you for bringing this to my attention BTW, i've been working on the mikapedia again for the past several weeks. there's soooo much to enter tho w/ Casa Mika and It's My House and Pilot and The Voice and all, but I'm aiming to post all the updates around christmas
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    Hi Dee, may I ask a question ? Is "Napster Live Session EP" in the Mikapedia ? I couldn't find it. Napster Live Session EP ( December 18, 2006 ) MusicBrains https://musicbrainz.org/release/784ca59d-e981-4d11-974a-b6ccb705c6cb Napster http://ie.napster.com/artist/mika/album/napster-live-session-ep AMAZON.fr https://www.amazon.fr/Napster-Live-Session-EP-Mika/dp/B0040CJ7SA SoundCloud ( Not available in Japan ) https://soundcloud.com/mikasounds/sets/napster-live-session-ep YouTube ( Not available ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFlbBSvspGHHJSapxeMwzwic4LMPZZylP Spotify Interview
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    Ah bon tu trouves ? En tous cas, il reste toujours aussi beau je trouve haha
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    I don't know if you already know these pics...
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    Another German pdf http://shop.pbsdeutschland.de/pdf/pbsaktuell.pdf They say " available in March"
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    I live in about an hour from this shop! Thanks!
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    Ooooh, I LOVE Pilot pens! I would love to buy one of every type he does. I really hope this is going to happen.