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    ❤️ I love GW too, it's just really hard for me to choose only one favourite song, I mostly have 2-3 favourite songs from each album and 4 from NPIH which is my favourite one, it also depends on the current mood... I think it's great that every song has some fans, there's no unloved song.
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    I guess it doesn't really surprise me that some of my favorites are towards the bottom. Oh Girl You're the Devil, and Dr. John, are two of my favorites, but I didn't expect them to do well. But, Good Wife, and Lollipop, I'm genuinely surprised aren't higher. I suppose Lollipop suffers from people being sick of it at every concert? I'm surprised too at how high up Staring at the Sun is, partly because I thought I remembered it being not as well liked when the album came out. And I'm surprised the video for Popular Song isn't higher, because it just amuses me so much.
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    Well, we're all different - it would be boring if we all liked the same. Make You Happy is one of my personal favourites, though I hated it when I first heard it. But as I realised what he was trying to do with the song, I really began to appreciate it. I was surprised Promiseland and Porcelain didn't score higher.
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    From dermanisandreas IG story :
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    Nuovo anno e nuovo Thread! Dopo l'ultima registrazione di The Voice, ci aveva detto che ci aspettano tante novità per il 2018 e che non poteva dirci nulla sul nuovo album, ma che le nuove canzoni sono super! Quindi non vedo l'ora di ascoltarle e di rivederlo sul palco! Nel frattempo buon anno a tutti!
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    Siamo pronti a questo nuovo anno insieme? Sìììììì? Come ogni intro che si rispetti, ricordiamo a tutti, anche a chi lo sa già, che questo thread è dedicato a tutti i membri italiani di MFC e comunque a tutti coloro i quali parlano la nostra lingua, per scambiare informazioni o semplicemente dirci quanto ci manca. Sì, perché a qualcuno mancherà un po' di più ora che è passato in terra dei cugini. Ma sarà l'occasione per far sentire ancora più forte il nostro ammmmòòòòòre qui in terra tricolore. L'anno scorso aveva festeggiato il nuovo anno con noi, quest'anno abbiamo potuto vederlo solo su YT, e ci è mancato, così come siamo certi siamo mancati noi a lui. Quest'anno lo seguiremo e lo vedremo buzzare per i nuovi talenti di The Voice, e faremo il tifo con lui per la sua squadra. Poi il progetto delle Pilot, che, chissà che non ci scappi qualche visita di nuovo qui da noi, ma come sempre lo scopriremo solo seguendo i canali ufficiali. Buon Anno a tutti!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------- Link utili: Italian Press 2017 Stasera Casa Mika Progetto Pilot --------------------------------------------------------- Italian Thread 2017 QUI
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    It's time for a brand new thread, ready to gather all Italian news to come! Italian Press 2017 Italian Press 2016 Italian Press 2010-2015
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    Am I thát predictable? Oh my goodness, no I haven't seen those yet! Thank you!
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    VH1 broadcast "Mika Live at Olympia" on tonight ( 6th January, 2018 )21: 20. LIVE streaming : http://www.vh1.it/tv/
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    Thanks for making this survey, @giraffeandy ,it was interesting And really difficult to rate each song, because most of them become so different when you hear them live comparing to the recorded version, and it's hard to be objective. Anyway, it was easy for me to choose the least favorite one in any possible version However, I am surprised to see SATS above Last Party .... and above many other great songs .... and at the same level as NPIH Really
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    I wouldn't expect it otherwise, I don't like remixes in general and never listen to them (with the exception of Hurts, that remix is good even though I still like the original version better) and I love all the orchestra versions, some of them even more than the the studio version (this applies especially to some songs from TOOL, I prefer the orchestra arrangement).
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    Honestly I'm not surprised that much with the results, however I didn't expect that Make You Happy will be somewhere at the end of the list. I quite like that song. I noticed the funny thing, the orchestra versions have higher ratings than remixes, with which I totally agree Thank you so much for the survey @giraffeandy, that was really interesting to take part in it
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    BB is also my least favourite from the album (musically). I don't mind MYH in the orchestra version but I don't like the studio version because of the repetitive robotic voice (yeah I know it's on purpose).
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    If you asked long-term fans which songs they would like dropped from Mika's gigs, Big Girl and Billy Brown would probably top the list - we just got fed up with hearing them
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    Buon undicesimo compleanno a tutti noi!
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    Hi giraffeandy! I agree with mamiam, good luck in your exams! Bonne chance! xx
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    Perez Hilton: The MFC Interview by dcdeb I'm sure that by now many of you know who Perez Hilton is -- the celebrity gossip blogger who writes, sometimes ruthlessly, about the famous, near-famous and wannabe famous... television, movie, music, sports, and political figures are all fair game on his website, http://www.perezhilton.com. I would venture to say that a good number of the members here on MikaFanClub.com found out about Mika through Perez's site. Perez was a very early proponent of our favorite curly haired British singer, featuring short items and music clips on his site as far back as 2006. And probably quite a few of you found out about Perez through the MFC -- because not only was Perez a supporter of Mika from quite early on, he has since become friends with Mika and has been seen with Mika at several events. In addition to that, Perez is a member of MikaFanClub.com himself, so he has been seen around these parts occasionally. A few months ago, when the MFC was in the midst of celebrating its first anniversary, our admin deano suggested that since Perez was a member here perhaps he would agree to do an interview for us. While everyone was enthusiastic about the idea, and a number of members posted their ideas for questions they'd like to see Perez answer, nothing seemed to come of it. I periodically have written to Perez over the past year, to comment on something on his site, or when he's been on TV, and he's almost always written back to me very promptly -- even if it was only two words. So a month or so ago, on a whim, I sent Perez an email asking if he'd be interested in doing a short interview with me. (I'm a writer in my non-MFC life, so I figured, "Why not?") To my amazement, Perez wrote back immediately in the affirmative. *thunk* (That was the sound I made when I fell out of my chair.) Perez suggested that we do the interview over AIM, possibly the next day. That night was the night of the Brit Awards, so obviously we couldn't talk then, and the next day Perez was flying home. After that were a number of other awards shows, and other projects, he was involved in -- you cannot deny that Perez Hilton is one busy man! And I too had some travel and other things to keep me from connecting with the "Queen of all Media," as Perez sometimes calls himself. But this past Monday night, I found myself online, and saw that Perez was as well, so I just poked my nose in to his cyberspace and asked him if he was still interested in doing an interview with me. "Ya, def!" came his immediate reply. But "not right now." Before I could ask, "When?" he came back with, "or now! LOL! I just may take some time in between questions, I'm working on the site." OK, then... so this is how my little chat with MikaFanClub.com member Perez Hilton went: dcdeb: How do you find out about all the new music you write about? MySpace? Elsewhere on the internet? Or is it at the point where record companies send stuff to you now? For example, how did you first hear about Mika? PH: I usually find out about music through my readers. They will send in things they think I should listen to. I easily get about 100 submissions a day, and I listen to everything. I discovered Mika through his MySpace. And I instantly fell in love with his music. Instantly. And, at this point, his album hadn't even come out in the U.K. No single. I didn't even know if he had a record deal. I just instantly connected with his music. dcdeb: Since we're talking about Mika, what is your very fave Mika lyric/song? If you have one... PH: I don't have a favorite song. That's what is so great about the album, Life in Cartoon Motion. EVERY song is good. I honestly can't think of a single song I don't like. That is very rare. dcdeb: You definitely belong on the Mika Fan Club! PH: And the new music is not gonna disappoint! dcdeb: Have you heard a bit? PH: He hasn't begun recording yet, but he's sung me some stuff, and it's amazing. And that's all I'm saying about that dcdeb: I understand -- wouldn't ask you to say more. So what about other up-and-comers? Do you have a fave? Eric Hutchinson? Katy Perry? PH: Everyone who performed at my concert in Austin (Texas, as the South by Southwest festival, March 13-15). Everyone -- Robyn, Katy (Perry), Eric (Hutchinson), Meiko, Ultraviolet, Dragonette... dcdeb: They are the ones to watch? PH: Definitely. dcdeb: So how does an event like your Austin show come about? Is that all you? PH: I got a production company to help me put it all together. I asked the artists, and all of the ones that were gonna be there on that date said yes. I was amazed... and honored. dcdeb: I wondered how much say you had in it. PH: Oh, I picked every single person. It was all me. dcdeb: You are really carving a niche for yourself in that area, aren't you? In music, I mean. PH: Music is my passion. I think that's why Mika and I are friends. We share that bond. And he can see through the Hollywood bullsh*t. dcdeb: Did you ever think your blog would lead you here? PH: No! I never thought anyone other than my friends would read my site. dcdeb: And yet... how many do now? PH: About 9 to 10 million a day... depending on the day. dcdeb: So now besides the blog you have the TV gig, and the book, and the movie, right? You are really conquering all media! PH: I work hard. Extremely hard. It's a 24/7 job. dcdeb: OK, here are a few questions directly from the fan club members. Can you say which celebs you think are the most decent people, and which are the least? PH: I think that's pretty obvious on my site. The ones I like I think are decent people. The ones I don't, could improve on a few things! dcdeb: Sometimes the sarcasm is so thick, though. Lately, I'm not sure how you feel about Madonna. PH: I love Madonna. She is my ultimate icon. That doesn't mean I can't make fun of her, or criticize her. If Mika does something i think is silly or bad, I will call him out on it. No one is safe! dcdeb: *gulps* OK! What do you think is the nastiest thing you've ever said about someone? Have you ever regretted anything you've said about someone? PH: The nastiest thing I ever said about someone was that Britney's babies are slow and special. Humor is based on truth. Let's face it, it would not be surprising to find out that Britney was doing drugs and/or drinking and/or smoking while pregnant. And, no, I have no regrets. dcdeb: Two last questions, one silly, one serious. First, given all the bad examples you see, would you ever have plastic surgery? PH: Never. I'm a chicken. I hate pain... and the possibility of dying! dcdeb: Finally, do you think Mika will ever break really big in the US? Or don't you think it matters, given how successful he is overseas? PH: Mika has broken in America! Not everyone can sell out the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. That venue holds 3,000 people. His tour all over the U.S. was sold out. He may not get the same radio play he does overseas, but he doesn't need it. And then, I realized that an hour had passed. Perez had been very generous with his time and I knew he had work to finish on his website -- I really had expected only a few quick minutes, so this lengthy chat had been a real treat. I thanked him and made sure to tell him that we here at MikaFanClub.com love him and enjoy his work (especially when he's writing about Mika!). He very kindly said that the interview had been his pleasure, and then, after telling him to give his adorable pup Teddy a scritch behind the ears, I signed off... ... then quickly pointed my browser to perezhilton.com to see what dirt the Queen of All Media had dug up for me this time...
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    I remember we did a poll of the songs on TOOL and Stardust was far and away the favourite track - no-one could understand why it wasn't released as a single. But it hasn't scored very well here.
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    At the beginning I saw that Promiseland was in the first place, then it was for a long time second after No Place In Heaven... It also surprised me that it changed so much by the end since the rest remained more or less the same. However, the ratings were so similar that even one or two low ratings could cause the drop.
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    Not really listening to 1 song in particular, but I'm currently listening to the Dr. Who soundtrack
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    Their anniversary website is localized to Spanish too, so I guess it should be available, maybe it just takes a while until it's in the shops.
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    Honestly SATS is maybe my least favourite from NPIH... I like it but I like the rest of the songs better. And Last Party is one of my favourites from the album (together with Good Guys, Hurts and Good Wife). So I understand your surprise. However, songs from NPIH have the best average rating so it's really close.
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    Maybe you can send them a message and ask for more info here? http://pilot-es.es/index.php?route=information/contact
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    Thanks for the survey @giraffeandy
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    I love MYH and Billy Brown, this one especially live. I have never iiked "By The Time" always skip it and lately I find boring "Last Party" I adore "No Plce In Heaven" the song, it's like a jewel to me. Anyway, each song brings me memories and feelings at different moments of my personal life and as a Mika fan. I'm very grateful to have his music in my life.
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    I aways love Make you happy, even more because the video/movie was filmed in Montreal. I love the message behing that song
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    Thank you very much for this survey ! 😉
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    I have never really liked Billy Brown. And Make you happy is uninteresting for me compared with the other songs. ..
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    I’ve never liked it, except for the live jazzy version he did in his last tour
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    Ahh - much better - thanks
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    To be honest I was surprised that Big Girl is the least favourite song from LICM... It isn't my favourite from that album but I still thought it's quite popular, I would expect it somewhere in the middle maybe.
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    Thank you, you're all so kind here!
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    Great - I think your blue gel pen, with MIKA spirit, will bring you luck for your exams next week!! Good luck! Love, love me
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    Thanks for sharing! Oh gosh - when seing this presentation of the pens, I want them all very much!! Love, love me
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    awww thank you for the compliment and you're welcome i'm happy to do it
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    A while ago I was at the shopping center near my house and I went to the bookstore (it's also a stationery) and saw for the first time the stand with the Mika pens at the cash desk. I'm waiting for the set or at least a multi-pack so I just bought one blue gel pen for my exams next week, hopefully it brings me luck... However, they are really sweet in real and it was hard to buy just one (fortunately I hadn't even much money with me to buy all of them...). But I guess I'll buy some more soon. It's really hard to resist.
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    Watching Bercy today made me realise how much I miss Mika's shows. Hopefully we will all get a chance to see him this year...
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    Buon anno a tutti !!!! E buona attesa per tutti i progetti... album ...tour .... E speriamo che il tempo non scorra troppo alla mika
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    E soprattutto............... Happy Birthday MFC, abbiamo undici anni, siamo diventando signorine e ometti!! Al percorso MFC Exclusives > Members only Exclusives > MFC's Anniversary Celebration trovate i due topic relativi all'anniversario, per giocare insieme, chi vorrà. Non vi metto il percorso diretto per farvi familiarizzare con la logica dei sottoforum, visto che qualcuno dei nuovi voleva imparare a navigare all'interno del forum . Have fun!!!!
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    Il tempo è relativo per lui, dita incrociate e speriamo in bene!
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    VIDEO TF1 making-of-de-bande-annonce.html VK le making-of YT https://youtu.be/ENbylnwUC8w The Voice saison 7, découvrez le making-of de la bande-annonce Ça y est, vous le savez : The Voice est de retour très bientôt pour sa saison 7 ! Et pour annoncer cette arrivée, nos coachs et Nikos ont défié les lois de la gravité ! Alors, comment passe-t-on de coach à coach-monaute ? La réponse dans le making of du tournage ! The Voice saison 7, c'est très bientôt sur TF1. Google translator
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    That man is a bundle of tenderness!
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    He really loves those dogs and they love him maybe more than Mika because he spends more time with them. Lovely pic
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    Please stop, no more! and http://www.cubemagazine.it/tale-e-quale-show-leonardo-fiaschi-diventa-mika-ma-arriva-quello-vero-video/ http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-239069bf-fa19-455a-9074-61d420fb7dd3.html