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    That's complicate. I'm trying to tell what I felt/understood in the past 3 years, as an external person before, and then as a member. I don't know how or if this could help, as is not only about the site itself, but about the FC in general. I hope not to be misunderstood, but I'm going to be frank. I honestly didn't want to sign up at first. I read on the net about bad behaviours from people from MFC, and that on the site everybody act like friends, and then in person they treat you very badly. As I continued using MFC as a visitor, I considered joining anyway, because that would have offered me those advantages you said, from M&Gs to tickets; but if it hadn't been free, I would never had signed up. There are many positive aspects of being a member, but there are also many things that don't work as they have to in my opinion. I find that sometimes there's a big lack of organisation, and it even seems that Mika's staff don't communicate with MFC INTENTIONALLY. Maybe they do so to avoid the unpleasant situations that happen often, but in this way people act on their own, without the FC mediation, and that create chaos and those situations the staff probably don't want. So people thinks MFC is useless and leave it, or at least, they aren't active normally, but when some opportunity show off, they suddenly come back and then disappear again, with a very strange timing (and/or luck). They do so even with other people. If you give them more possibilities to see Mika, both in a correct or incorrect way, you become a big friend of them; but if you are useless they abandone you. Thanks God I found very nice people too, that always helped me and were here for any questions or problems. But the bad feelings I had before joining sadly didn't went away; instead I now was SURE about what happened in some events, while with other media only I thought there were just impressions. This athmosphere, where fans are in competition with each other, so if I know Mika would be guess at xxx I won't tell you so I'll have him only for me, or fans that overtake the official fan club, doesn't make you want to join, does it? There are also some things I don't understand. Why do some country have more rep than others? Are they elected in some way? Is there a reason in this difference? Why (apart from the yearbook and Mika's birthday) the FC doesn't organise presents (I mean, in big occasions, not always), even if fans suggest it and offers to organise? In refusing, again, people will act on their own, in small or big groups not well organised, and everybody will be pissed off, those who were not aware of the thing and would have loved to participate, the FC, that have to explain it was not an official gift and Mika not expected to thank the fanclub... Why we don't take action against people who have bad behaviours? Not only online but, I don't know, for example preventing them from entering next event, as they do for football: after being warned you can't play next match. I do know MFC is not the police, but sites normally have rules (I know MFC have them too) and normally if you do not follow them we take action against you. Please note I'm talking about GENERAL FEELINGS after SURFING THE NET 3 years, as I went IN PERSON at only 2 events being a member. Then we can talk about the site's graphic and logic. It's difficult to find what you're looking for and not obvious where to go - excluding the research option, that doesnt work all the time (sometimes it tells "no result" when the word I type exist in titles and in threads too). I have difficulties in writing with my phone, some words magically disappear after typing them and I can't underline/change colour/size etc (but maybe is my phone's fault). Plus I noticed many people have troubles in understanding/writing english, but here we can do nothing (it's only a fact. Many people tell they don't use the site because "it's in english!!!") Finally, maybe someone find twitter, facebook or instagram more simple and faster than MFC. Sorry for writing this at night, that doesn't help my english, nor in writing clearly.
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    I think Siri explained a lot of things that I have seen too. But, and I’m going to put my marketer hat for a few minutes, there is not much that needs to be done within MFC as a site. Maybe better explain some sections, and there might be a few threads that are totally useless (such as the clubs for instance). what I think MFC needs is a complete awareness campaign: what it is, why it’s there, how it is run (and ultimately, who is behind it). It would even be better (and more effective/legitimate) if Team Mika (or even Mika himself) would participate in a way. Obviously, we can never control all the bad (and false) stuff you can sometimes see. We are humans, we are greedy and jealous by nature. But MFC had a very fond place in my heart, I might (in real and online) fabulous people through it, and it makes me sad to see it bashed. Let me know if you need help with anything
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    Buongiorno a tutti! Sabato sera alle ore 21:00, inizierà la nuova stagione di The Voice su TF1. Rivedremo Mika, Florent e Zazie nelle vesti di giudici/allenatori e la new entry Pascal Obispo. Ecco alcuni link per poterlo seguire in streaming: http://www.streaming-hub.com/tf1-live/ https://www.firstonetv.net/Live/France/TF1-28 https://www.tf1.fr/ Buona visione ed in bocca al lupo e crepi il lupo al nostro BOSS, per la sua nuova avventura!
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    Oh well, online dramas never ends! And yes, there is also a sort of competiton between nations...that's no sense to me I agree with this That's true. And I met fantastic people thanks to Mika and MFC too. It's sad.
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    From yesterday I caught the phase for this song Have a good day lovely Girls!
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    VIDEO TF1 pascal-obispo-coach-dont-faudra-se-mefier Discription
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    I must admit I have thought it would be good to have a sort of instructional thread - "How do I" multiquote/add a pic/embed a video/change my signature etc. - with step by step instructions, just to have all that info in one place. I know there are instructions on how to do things throughout the forum, but maybe having them in one place would help Re the front page, this doesn't seem to lend itself to frequent updates (unlike FB) but I think this may be due to the forum software provider rather than anything that the MFC does.
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    So, I have been hearing and reading some things around the 'net -- on Twitter and Facebook and here and there -- and it seems that some people feel that the MIKA Fan Club has become obsolete, or that it's nothing special and that there's no point to it any more. What do you think? In my opinion, it doesn't cost anything to be a member, so why not join? And there are certainly advantages to belonging -- occasional meet & greets with Mika, tickets and other giveaways... And as with anything in life, you get out of it what you put in. Those of us who have been around a while and contribute -- not monetarily, but contribute our time, our trip and gig reports, our photos, our videos, our translations and subtitles, our breaking news that we stumble upon -- I think we get more out of it than others might. Plus that has helped us develop a camaraderie and friendships that are hard to find elsewhere, especially if you're not able to travel around the globe seeing Mika at all of his appearances. But... I'm willing to concede that there is always room for improvement. The times and technology are always changing. So what more could we do to make MFC more "fan-friendly?" What would you like to see added? What would you like to see taken away? I can't guarantee we'll make all the changes you suggest, but I promise we'll listen, and do our best, as we always try to do. Thanks -- we'll look forward to hearing your thoughts! dcdeb and the rest of The Mod Team PS: Please don't tell me we need an app. I know we do, but getting a good one designed is expensive and unless I can convince Mika to cough up the cash I don't see how we can afford to pay to have one developed!
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    Grazie Gabriella! Non vedo l'ora di vedere come hanno montato le puntate! Buona visione a tutte! Mariagrazia
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    Some instructions might be good. But at the same time, who wants to read a bunch of instructions to use a website? People are impatient, and websites are usually intuitive. Thats what people these days are used to and seem to like; some sort of newsfeed. There's the activity stream, but that's not quite as eye catching. It's a start to what I'm implying. An older version of MFC, you mods could put posts on the front page. Something like that again I think would be good, so people can see what kind of things they would be getting into without getting into the forum. It doesn't need frequent updates like facebook. Whaaaaat??? Really? That's awful! I know that back in the day, there was some online drama. But that's because some people on here who were young just told some blatant lies on the internet. Maybe making more of an effort to be internationally friendly should be a priority, then. It used to be that most Mika fans spoke english, but I think most of them nowadays speak Italian. If we haven't done a good enough job catering to them, then that is a problem.
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    He is so full of contradictions, like he also said about himself in one of the interviews
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    I think we'd all prefer for him to focus on his music! As for what he may have said before about acting -- well, he also once said that sequins made him sick and that he'd never wear them, and that he'd never do X Factor, so...
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    VIDEO TF1 : alerte-scoops-coachs-ont-annonces-a-faire Discription YouTube
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    Not that there are any yet, but it's good to be prepared
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    I agree with everything you @Siri… I’m quite new, I mean, I’ve been on MFC for more or less a year, even if I’ve been following Mika for several years. I won’t go into technical problems because I’m not very good at writing in English and in fact I always write in the Italian thread. MFC gave me occasion to meet wonderful people and to take part to several initiatives and I will always be grateful, however, I’ve noticed that some people show up only to have passes for gigs and/or events and than they disappear, or they even criticise if they don’t win: this is unfair and rude. From my point of view, the FC would be better organised and managed if one had to pay in order to enter, so that there would be founds for many initiatives and there could be conditions for events for Mika and fans: by this way only those who really follow him would partecipate… as it often happens for many artists. I hope that this discussion could be productive from many points of view, and I thank a friend of mine for the translation
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    C'est marrant, J'ai hâte de suivre cette saison, apparemment MIKA et Pascal vont pousser le jeu plus loin https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/the-voice/videos/pascal-obispo-coach-dont-faudra-se-mefier.html
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    I think most of the fans only come to the forums during Mika's concerts. And the rest of the time they can make do with other social networks. Those who prefer to have contacts between members stay on forums just for the Mika attitude, without necessarily depending on the current events of the central character. There is no harm in either choice. In any case, to surf on several forums, it is the most active one. What I like about it is the freedom to think that we find there as well as the exchange and variety of personalities!
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    Grace Kelly Love Today My Interpretation
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    yes, it's clear that we all said things and then changed our minds.
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    The platform is definitely obsolete, a lot of young people don't even know what a forum is nowadays. But, I don't think you will find the sense of community anywhere else and that could be something, I don't know.. advertised? I know it's a forum and all, but if the whole platform was more user-friendly it would probably be better. There is a learning curve to it. Like, I still haven't figured out how to embed a video on this new MFC interface. Yikes. I also think posts just about everyday on the front page would be interesting and draw people in, kind of like a blog or something. (Plus, I don't think we need an app. It would be very buggy and disappointing unless you have a really high budget)
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    La Réclame YouTube dévoile les 10 pubs les plus populaires en France en 2017 https://lareclame.fr/top-10-youtube-2017-192200 Par Alexandre D. le 23/01/2018 10 vidéos, 156 millions de vues. Comme chaque année, YouTube dévoile son classement des publicités les plus vues en France. Si l’année dernière, les vidéos mettant en scène des sportifs avaient suscité un réel intérêt auprès des internautes – certainement grâce à l’Euro 2016 – avec Griezmann Hotline de Puma et le Switch de Nike, en 2017, c’est l’humour qui hisse les Super Fromages Babybel en tête du classement. Suivis de Miss Dior – The new Eau de Parfum et Peugeot 108 x Mika – Colorful Technology. Les internautes sont toujours aussi réceptifs aux publicités réalisées en partenariat avec des célébrités puisque trois d’entre elles sont représentées dans ce Top 10 : Miss Dior avec Natalie Portman, Peugeot avec Mika et Apple avec Dwayne Johnson. À noter également que les publicités liées aux jeux vidéo ont su éveiller l’intérêt du public avec le court-métrage Heartstone et le film Clash of Clan. Un succès qui s’explique par le fait que les joueurs sont directement invités, via l’application à aller découvrir les films sur YouTube. Sous forme de court-métrage, ces films donnent du relief aux jeux et permettent aux joueurs d’en découvrir les personnages sous un autre angle, hors application. Les deux grands absents du classement sont le film « Timeless » de Lacoste par BETC, affichant plus de 9 millions de vues et « J’ai tant rêvé » de Intermarché par Romance, 3 millions de vues. Pour rappel, le classement est déterminé par un algorithme qui détecte les publicités que les internautes français ont choisi de regarder. Cet intérêt des utilisateurs est mesuré par la prise en compte du nombre de vues payées, les vues organiques et la rétention de l’audience (temps de visionnage). Google translator N°1: SUPER FROMAGES E01 - "Noé le Mini Roulé" - BABYBEL N°2: MISS DIOR – The new Eau de Parfum N°3: Peugeot 108 x Mika | Colorful Technology N°4: Court-métrage animé Hearthstone : Jouons à Hearthstone N°5: iPhone 7 – The Rock + Siri – Journée sous contrôle – Apple N°6: Mini Roulés de Babybel® - Le nouveau fromage enroulé N°7: StarWarsxLeclerc - Pilotage accompagné Version Longue N°8: Clash of Clans: How Do We Get Over There? (Update Teaser) N°9: Quand des garçons découvrent une boite de tampons... N°10: AXE YOU – Seb la Frite se met à nu
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    That's a good idea! Ask him to do something, maybe get coffee or some other activity. That's the way to go! Seems like we've attracted the crazy boys in the past. I doubt something like that will happen now. But, you won't know until you try. Unfortunately, love is about getting hurt as well as being unbelievably happy. Can't have the good without the bad.
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    My brother and her girlfriend have a gap of 8 years. They are together since 2010 I think (?) Don't remember well. My best friend have a boyfriend 8 years elder than her. They are together since we were at high school (we're finishing university now). I once had a relation with a guy elder than me. The gap was of 7 years. Our relation lasted 4 years. It was my first relation so did not know what I was doing neither when he asked me what I thought about him, I told it was a really good friend of mine; he asked if he could be more, my answer was "I don't know". But I loved talking with him and so he became more than a friend. What I want to say is don't mind the age gap. If you like spending time with him, do it! And if he likes hanging out with you too that's good. So, even if he rejects you, you can continue being friends, and maybe it can become more with time...or not, but you still have a good friend with no misunderstandings! (I had that problem too, I thought I had a good friend once, then I discovered he wanted sth else ) Edit: I took it for granted he's a good boy. I don't know him nor you or how much do you trust him. However please be careful, you never know and we hear such things nowadays...
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    "C'est qui el maestro del corazon? c'est moi!"--> franco-italiano-espagnol!
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    So I've seen them sold individually, or by 2,or by 3, by 4, by 6, and now I've just found this one. Every time I enter a shop there's a new packaging
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    Portrait https://www.tf1.fr/dossier/mika
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    Thanks @Melyssa and thanks for being once again so endlessly patient with me It was an entertaining day indeed, actually I didn't feel really tired even in the end and it tells something, it was a long day. The songs were really well chosen. Well, maybe not for that one guy who totally ignored the lyrics/story in his singing or for the last battle which was a true nightmare but otherwise, yes and they showed many contestant in a different light than the audition songs which was interesting. The only reason I hoped everything to be soon over was seeing how awful Mika felt... He is good at hiding his uncomfortable feelings but this time he couldn't hide his headache so it had to be exceptionally bad and I felt so sorry for him. For that reason I felt sorry also to see he had forgot something and had to return to the studio area where a lot of people were still saying good byes to each other. He came to say good night inside the studio because he really didn' want to stop outside (he specifically said that) and it was amazingly kind from him that he came. Well now he can have a little break and then work for the album, finally. Such a lovely thought
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    Bonne année Virgi et bienvenue dans le thread francophone
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    Sauf si le montage est pourri, l'émission devrait être mieux que l'an dernier, où on avait l'impression que les coachs venaient pour faire acte de présence en attendant leur chèque de fin de mois! Il y aura de très bon moments! (tu auras le droit de couper le son et l'image quand le nouveau coach sera à l'écran.)
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    In addition, a lot of artists take between 5 and 10 years between albums. And given the physical and moral investment he puts into his tours, I'm pretty happy for him that he's taking his time.
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    Yes, Eriko. It's is sad at least for fans outside italy and France.
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    That's a positive reaction!
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    He already said that the releasing of the new album won't happen in the first part of the year, so I suppose we can expect the gigs in the autumn, indeed, if not even later. At least now he has plenty of time to work in the studio until April
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    Oh! Not good news - unless it is because he is still working on the album, and any gigs will be in the autumn But it means more time to save up money
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    Due parole sull'evento di oggi, di cui credo avrete visto, comunque, già video e fotografie. Mika era visibilmente felice e grato, in un rigoroso completo blu, con cravatta bordeaux. La cerimonia di consegna si è svolta in una sala molto suggestiva, dedicata a Leone X, alla presenza di pochi invitati e addetti stampa. Il Sindaco di Firenze ha dichiarato di avere fortemente voluto la consegna, a sugello della stima e del legame esistente fra Firenze e Mika, entrambi espressione di arte, cultura e attenzione alla bellezza. Dopo la consegna e le interviste (in cui ha ribadito di essere focalizzato sull'album da terminare e, dunque sulla musica, pur riconoscendo il suo amare la televisione e la possibilità di considerare anche nuovi futuri progetti), Mika ha visitato gli Uffizi e, prima di ripartire, ha salutato i fan che lo aspettavano, ricevendo le molte congratulazioni e i regali con il suo consueto sorriso.
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    OMG !!! I can't remember how much times I played this video, I'm in love, he's so cute I'm right now completely addicted Thank you so much Eriko for sharing
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