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    Ho visto anche io la prima puntata di The Voice e devo dire che mi è piaciuta molto, Mika mi è sembrato in gran forma, molto più brioso rispetto alla scorsa edizione e anche il nuovo coach Pascal mi ha fatto una buona impressione, ha movimentato parecchio l’atmosfera😂! Peccato che la concorrente che mi ha veramente incantato (Ecco) non abbia scelto Mika...ma siamo solo all’inizio e gli auguro di attirare ottimi talenti con cui lavorare. Mi manca tanto la sua musica...speriamo che a Miami trovi le ispirazioni giuste e l’energia adatta per comporre e terminare l’album. 😊🎤🎼🎶🎵
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    That is true, although in some cases we do say no. A few restrictions are necessary, to protect our members as well as MFC's reputation. For example, no one except the Mods/Admins is allowed to collect money from members on MFC. We can't control what the organizers do with it, so if we want to make sure members can trust a project that is organized on MFC, the most reliable way is simply to keep this within the team. Of course, if someone has a fantastic idea that happens to involve money, we can discuss this and help. Also, we try to watch that the projects don't get too much (for example, Mika doesn't need 20 birthday gifts from MFC...) and that at least the big ones (official MFC birthday gift, yearbook, or gifts for special events) are well organized, so we can be sure it works out. It'll help no one if someone who offers to organize a gift for Mika realizes after a few weeks how much work that really is and gives up. Indeed it has happened before that we were stuck with a half-done gift and had to do all the organization ourselves, so the member's contributions wouldn't get lost. We try to do the birthday project every year (just last year we forgot to start in time), and for this, anyone is welcome to help with their ideas and organization skills, so we can create something as a team. I've just started the brainstorming thread for this year's gift yesterday, you can find it in the members only section. Of course ideas are welcome at any time. And if you look in the MFC projects board, you'll find a lot of successful projects started by members. If we say no, it's for one of the above reasons, or simply because it's too short notice. Even if some might think this forum is dead - if there's a cool gift idea for Mika, you might be surprised by the amount of people wanting to participate.
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    Whoop! Here I am again! This time I made some edits, I don't really know if they actually belong in here or not but whatever! And the next ones were for his birthday but I forgot to post them in here! Oops!
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    Anche io lo spero in autunno! Forse ci avrà una sorpresa (quest'estate!)...
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    Hai ragione, essere in studio è molto meglio, io mi sono sempre divertita tantissimo, sia alle audizioni che ai live!
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    In Europa tornerà ad aprile/maggio per i live di The Voice oppure prima, in base ai suoi impegni lavorativi. Il nuovo album? Credo e spero in autunno. Anche a noi aveva detto, a Parigi, che ci doveva lavorare ancora parecchio, quindi...
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    Trovo anche io, che la nuova giuria, sia molto più affiatata rispetto a quella della passata edizione. Mi piace Pascal, lo trovo simpatico e molto preparato musicalmente. Sarà una bella gara! E nell'attesa di poter ascoltare il nuovo album e di ripartire in tour, supporteremo come sempre Mika, in questa sua nuova avventura.
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    Deve stare cosi' tanto tempo che vuole! Ma penso che l'album non sarà finito quando ritornerà in Europa. Ci diceva in Pariggi che aveva scritto solo quattro canzoni...
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    No, he was a gay actor here!
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    there is a porn actress called Mika so don´t panic
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    It does to an extent, but also I haven’t been around that much for the past few years. So I can’t really say how much it’s helped. I don’t know if I’ve ever been very active on the forum when Mika was very active in his career. I don’t think the calendar ever did much for me in that regard when it I was here when Mika was touring or whatever. I learned C++ and I taught myself html for tumblr purposes years ago. I probably need to brush up on some things though. I think I’m going to look into the software to give better suggestions, so I can take on consideration what it can do. Edit: Here's what I found when I looked at the website for the forum software First, Siri mentioned that since the website is mostly in english, people who don't speak english back off from using it. There is a localization element in on the forum software that I'm wondering is in use or not. I know that would help people who speak different languages navigate the website better, if they are on their phones of if they don't use google chrome that would already automatically translate the website for them. I know this won't change things that are posted in certain languages, but still, it'll help if its not already in use. Second, theres a feature that can promote content from the forum on external website run with a CMS (content management system, most websites these says are run with one of these because its easier for people to manage and they don't really need to have any programming knowledge). So, maybe you want to explore the possibility of promoting forum content on Mika's website instead of just having a link to it at the bottom of the page. It might attract more interest to us as a website and a fan club than just a link.
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    Keep this as a Forum, just re-invent the form. It could be really something, there are enough people to work on it, but I am not the one to figure out how. I agree the forum should be super colorful. I am always surprised it is so plain. I would find illustrations, books that Mika loves, and plays and poetry and use hem all over the place (excerptsof course." I would use fan illustrations of songs and use them too. If you put a frame around anything, it looks better, so I would frame every one of these. You could use them on the front page, on FB etc. Images are much more important to most people when online thanalot of writing or even unframed photos with no titles. Think memes. Mika memes. And Mika fan memes. If I ever have time I will do a Mika meme. Also, I am not really a fan of the gifs. But I don't like them generally, not just here . Also, what about Mika stickers? That might be fun. I joined to hear about concerts but found the forum full of interesting things and people. I do think Mika's own web page is uninspired and it's clear that merch is not high on anyone's list. In fact, I think Mika's web presence is not very exciting. "Remember this" posts are somewhat sad to me. As if Mika was not here and now doing anything worth mentioning. I might think that his team and himself have really linited your ability to float rumors or little bits of info to keep it new, but I thought he was done with hiding his life. I now do my search on a browser, not in the forum. I can never find anything here. I think there is just too much material. If Mika owns this and doesn't ever give it his attention, that explains alot. Working in a void is a miserable thing. Honoring someone who never shows up to say hello, good job, is kind of a thankless thing. It's easy for me to talk, I don't put the energy into this forum that alot of you do. And maybe I have said some unhappy things. Some of what I have suggested though, might brighten things up. I do enjoy the forum, but I am older, and have mostly been on here to put together an idea of Mika's art and how who he is might make sense of some of it. Not that the sense I make is right, or useful. It's just who I am. Thank you for all your good work. It matters.
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    Re old gigs/performances gig reports, we produce a list of events for each calendar year when we do the Yearbook, so maybe that could be the basis of an index thread giving the name/date/venue and a link to the relevant report thread. The Mika Gigs Archive calendar shows the dates, but doesn't always have links to further information. Mika News and Press would be harder to sort, but I think having annual threads has helped a bit.
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    Doesn't the calendar help with seeing what Mika is and has been doing? I don't know if you've used this function here before, guess it's also something we should communicate better... but the calendar gives a pretty good overview over all the public appointments of Mika. As for sorting old topics by years, I guess we could do that with sub-forums, then we don't have to use the archive function. We'd just have to find a solution for the problem that there'll be a list of (so far) 10 years before the other posts then... But maybe we could just add an extra section, called "Archives", to make the current boards more organized. It's probably all in the software. But it is HUGE, you can take days going through all functions, and that doesn't even include additional modules we haven't installed yet. That's why this thread is so important, to help us find out what the forum should look like, which functions we need and which we don't. Usability, based on the way people use the internet nowadays. I'm not sure if anyone has given this much thought since the forum was started in 2007. It just grew over the years, at some point the board structure and the design got changed, as the members and topics got more and to give it a fresh look. And at some point we moved to a different server, and a different forum software. Not too long ago, there was a huge update of this software, that led to more changes, in the design as well as in the function (front-end and back-end). Basically I think we just tried to adapt the forum in a way members could continue to use it in the familiar way without too many changes. But I guess it's time for some changes now, to turn this dinosaur into a weasel, so to speak. May I ask which programming language(s) you've learned at college?
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    Let me know if I can help. I have a bit of programming under my belt as I was in college for it for awhile. I can probably get a website like this the way you want it pretty easily. Good luck with the refurbishment!
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    It doesn't seem that they put too much thought or effort into merchandising in the first place, there aren't that many items in the store. And the items are pretty standard, I don't know if it attracts much business for this kind of thing to be worth it. Edit: I swear I posted this in that official fanclub card thread but I guess it works here just fine
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    That's complicate. I'm trying to tell what I felt/understood in the past 3 years, as an external person before, and then as a member. I don't know how or if this could help, as is not only about the site itself, but about the FC in general. I hope not to be misunderstood, but I'm going to be frank. I honestly didn't want to sign up at first. I read on the net about bad behaviours from people from MFC, and that on the site everybody act like friends, and then in person they treat you very badly. As I continued using MFC as a visitor, I considered joining anyway, because that would have offered me those advantages you said, from M&Gs to tickets; but if it hadn't been free, I would never had signed up. There are many positive aspects of being a member, but there are also many things that don't work as they have to in my opinion. I find that sometimes there's a big lack of organisation, and it even seems that Mika's staff don't communicate with MFC INTENTIONALLY. Maybe they do so to avoid the unpleasant situations that happen often, but in this way people act on their own, without the FC mediation, and that create chaos and those situations the staff probably don't want. So people thinks MFC is useless and leave it, or at least, they aren't active normally, but when some opportunity show off, they suddenly come back and then disappear again, with a very strange timing (and/or luck). They do so even with other people. If you give them more possibilities to see Mika, both in a correct or incorrect way, you become a big friend of them; but if you are useless they abandone you. Thanks God I found very nice people too, that always helped me and were here for any questions or problems. But the bad feelings I had before joining sadly didn't went away; instead I now was SURE about what happened in some events, while with other media only I thought there were just impressions. This athmosphere, where fans are in competition with each other, so if I know Mika would be guess at xxx I won't tell you so I'll have him only for me, or fans that overtake the official fan club, doesn't make you want to join, does it? There are also some things I don't understand. Why do some country have more rep than others? Are they elected in some way? Is there a reason in this difference? Why (apart from the yearbook and Mika's birthday) the FC doesn't organise presents (I mean, in big occasions, not always), even if fans suggest it and offers to organise? In refusing, again, people will act on their own, in small or big groups not well organised, and everybody will be pissed off, those who were not aware of the thing and would have loved to participate, the FC, that have to explain it was not an official gift and Mika not expected to thank the fanclub... Why we don't take action against people who have bad behaviours? Not only online but, I don't know, for example preventing them from entering next event, as they do for football: after being warned you can't play next match. I do know MFC is not the police, but sites normally have rules (I know MFC have them too) and normally if you do not follow them we take action against you. Please note I'm talking about GENERAL FEELINGS after SURFING THE NET 3 years, as I went IN PERSON at only 2 events being a member. Then we can talk about the site's graphic and logic. It's difficult to find what you're looking for and not obvious where to go - excluding the research option, that doesnt work all the time (sometimes it tells "no result" when the word I type exist in titles and in threads too). I have difficulties in writing with my phone, some words magically disappear after typing them and I can't underline/change colour/size etc (but maybe is my phone's fault). Plus I noticed many people have troubles in understanding/writing english, but here we can do nothing (it's only a fact. Many people tell they don't use the site because "it's in english!!!") Finally, maybe someone find twitter, facebook or instagram more simple and faster than MFC. Sorry for writing this at night, that doesn't help my english, nor in writing clearly.
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    Who also thinks it's an inspiration for future album covers?
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    This is just a little something I did while watching Casa Mika
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    I totally forgot I was posting these here
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    Not sure if this qualifies as fanart, but I was listening to "Underwater" on loop while drawing it. (Narwhal mermaid mom and her baby playing in the moonlit sea.) ~SD
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    I think it looks fine as it is