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    Hi everybody. My name is Anna and I am from Poland. I discovered this site a week ago while looking information about Mika's italian show Stasera CasaMika :-) I've seen two episodes already and now I can understand why the program won Rose d'Or!!!! Mika is one of the kind. And I am still knocked down by his italian! I love him speaking french. I speak english and french too. But his italian..... OMG! I bought already a set to learn this language too, because I want to understand all he says in CasaMika!!!!! Thank you Mika for forcing me to do so :-) :-) :-) Hugs to everybody!
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    Episode - 10 March 31, 2018 l'Audtion finale - 3 TF1 replay-31-mars-2018-l-audtion-finale-10 VK 2018.03.31 V7_ep-10 [ L'Audtion finale-3 ] Le choix du coach : Jody Jody, Kriill et Sherley (Equipe Mika) TF1 choix-coach-jody-jody-kriill-sherley-equipe-mikal VK 2018.03.31 Le choix du coach Jody Jody, Kriill et Sherley Alerte buzz : Le groupe Kriill n’a pas fini de nous surprendre TF1 alerte-buzz-groupe-kriill-n-a-fini-de-surprendre VK 2018.03.31 Alerte buzz Le groupe Kriill n’a pa fini Pas vu à la TV : Les coachs montent le niveau encore d’un cran TF1 a-tv-coachs-montent-niveau-d-un-cran VK 2018.03.31 Pas vu à la TV Les Duels : Vous allez tout comprendre TF1 duels-allez-comprendre VK 2018.03.31 Les Duels Vous allez tout comprendre Les Auditions finales des coachs : Zazie et Mika s’attaquent aux Beatles TF1 coachs-zazie-mika-s-attaquent-aux-beatles VK Mika covers "Blackbird" La Suite TF1 replay-31-mars-2018-suite-10 VK 2018.03.31 V7_ep-10 La Suite
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    Joyeuse Pâques! Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua! Have a nice Sunday...
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    Mika's hairs over time ... (but not in order) I have discovered this last haircut today. How do you prefer ? Good night !
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    Almost crying this energy and this voice
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    Blackbird X-Factor 2015 The Voice 2018 TF1 zazie-mika-s-attaquent-aux-beatles VK 2018.03.31 Mika covers "Black Bird"
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    I feel like some part of my brain started screaming when I heard about this 2 days ago and it still hasn't stopped I'm having a hard enough time keeping it together while I wait, I don't know what I'm going to do once I've actually heard it!
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    Witajcie kochani! Muszę powiedzieć, że dziwnie się czuję pisząc na tym forum po polsku Ale widzę Dominika czuwa nad wszystkim aby słuch o nas nie zaginął no i zaopatruje nas w gify Również już nie mogę patrzeć na jedzenie ( a nie spróbowałam jeszcze serniczka ), wypoczywam i staram się nie myśleć ile roboty mnie czeka po świętach.
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    Zapomniałam dodać,że się rozpływam przeglądając forum.Ale taki Jego urok.
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    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Hello @Anna Ko Kolkowska and welcome to the MFC. Have a lot of fun here. You"ll find kind Mika fans from Poland in this forum.
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    Welcome to the MFC @Anna Ko Kolkowska I'm Eriko from Japan, fortunately we have a GREAT @Subtitling Team They work at The MFC Subtitling Team's Subtitled Videos You may find a lot of videos ( including Casa Mika with English / French subs ) with subtitles at the thread. Have fun !!
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    Hello, Beatrice! Thank you very much!
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    Bellissimo....l'ho votato pure io....bravissima la mia cara amica Patty 💖💖😍😍
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    Sempre sul pezzo....anzi sul pc per il nostro amato Mika 💖💖
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    You are the sun and the light, you are the freedom I fight God will do nothing to stop it The origin is you.
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    They don't have a more recent picture for Mika?
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    For me, I only know MIKA from the list of artists participating
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    looking forward to listen to it first for Mikas cover but there re also some other artists I like
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    Mika who still has fun with electronic keyboards!
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    Hi! Here is my Vimeo link for the first episode with subtitles we made with @endless_eight. The password is: The Voice Enjoy!
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    do you mean this one? when he published it, it wasn't a new picture don't know about the one from today