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    Looking at Mika's IG story ....it seems that Zazie and Pascal were sitting together at the restaurant ......
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    http://www.leparisien.fr/culture-loisirs/musique/mika-va-faire-son-premier-stade-de-france-pour-la-finale-du-top-14-11-05-2018-7709973.php#xtor=AD-1481423553 A presentation of the event, and an interview with an organizer, they explain why they've chosen MIKA, it's about Universal Pourquoi avoir choisi Mika ? « Avec la maison de disques Universal, qui est notre partenaire pour l’animation dans les stades sur le Top 14, nous cherchions un artiste qui corresponde bien à l’esprit familial, grand public, festif, convivial, joyeux et inventif du rugby, répond Thomas Otton. Mika est tout cela à la fois. Il va à la fois combler notre public - qui est au passage constitué à 30 % de femmes, plus que le football - et va permettre à une partie de ses fans de découvrir notre sport. Tout le monde va s’y retrouver. » « Mika devrait chanter entre 20 et 30 minutes, détaille Thomas Otton, directeur de la communication de la Ligue nationale de rugby. La scène sera installée sur la pelouse et le show sur mesure a été imaginé par Mika pour être dans la continuité du match. On a mis plus de moyens que sur la production de The Avener, l’an dernier. Ce sera un vrai concert avec des musiciens et des danseuses. Un show dans le show. »
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    For Mika fans who are not French Voici is a gossip mag and they make up stories to sell more...they also use paparazi pics...
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    Weekend is coming!!! Have a wonderful time girls!
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    raniabedia IG stories https://www.instagram.com/raniabedia/
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    hmmm so he takes someone who got rejected and then works his music magic on them & fixes them up, then they can make it to the end? This just proves he's the best at coaching!
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    when i google Mika the side bar has photos of him (got me distracted for like 5 minutes ), but the information below them says WTF? @krysady What was the bad pic you deleted?
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    he went in final 3 times with talents saved from other team: 2 times from Zazie and 1 from florent and 2 times with talents he managed to get from the blind auditions
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    Seems that even rugby is on a crisis ...... That's why they've hired Mika !!
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    He did say it . I was there and laughing so hard also because just before he had said the f word (as it was hard for him to have to chose) then he had said very seriously I musn't swear and then he said "couilles" which in French is rude (but he was translating litterally just as you supposed above) but the meaning was "be courageous" obviously. But the way he said it was totally hilarious, unexpected and totally unappropriate but he absolutely didn't mean to be rude.
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    Do you like my last acquisition?
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    Well, we know of one performance for this year, but Mika has told fans to stay at home and watch it on TV
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    And now you'll see the new photo for 2012 .... and yes, now I have an account on wikipedia
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    That explains why once Google considered Mika a female singer when I was searching for something, I've been always wondering about it (I didn't know about the other MIka...). But what does any of these Mikas have in common with the band The Boss from Soul, South Korea?! EDIT: One of the members is called Mika...
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    Oh, today I was listening to Stromae's albums!!!! I am a big fan. Mika "est sans pitié" (no mercy) for Casanova! To make him sing this megahit! I hope he will be right like he was till now. Because I cannot even imagine how Casanova will interpret this song. Watching the video looks like Mika is satisfied. But what about the audience? Oh, I'm becoming nervous about it
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    Sorry if it's off topic, but speaking about Wikipedia, is anybody able to change the pic in the 2012 section of "career" (italian wiki)? Sorry, I really can't stand bad photo editing
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    You are not "a bother and off topic" at all. Welcome @ MFC ! There's a reply to your question & it's very easy. Do you have Youtube channel ? - If not, create one, it's quite simple. Upload "The Voice La Suite" on your Youtube channel. In a few hours Youtube will create by itself FRENCH SUBTITLES.
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    Oh yes Pascal, tell Mika he's handsome with beard
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    The Danish entry look like they've just wandered off the set of Game of Thrones
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    Wohooooo!!🤪🤪 I already had a trip to Paris for the We Love Green Festival on the following day. 😬 so Mika here we go!!! First concert in over 3 years! For a stadium that huge, there are not many tickets left
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    Rehearsal for the finale. https://www.instagram.com/matthieugrelier/ https://www.instagram.com/itvstudiosfr/
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    Yep, it's gone ! Thank you soooo much I found it very annoying and "out of context" (?) I don't know how to explain what I mean better, sorry
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    It was this one: I wanted to replace it, but you need an account on wikipedia for that. I tried to upload this one:
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    Yes, I agree... too much money for such a short gig.
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    I know people have made t-shirts for him in the past -- don't know of anyone recently, though. But I agree that a men's size Medium should be OK.
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    Eriko, you are right - maybe it will be blocked in some contries or even worldwide. But.. you can always mark your video as "Private" and.. it will be available only for you !
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    We didn't get in! Even with our snake moves giphydd.mp4
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    Ciao, se affrontate il viaggio per trascorrere comunque un paio di giorni a Parigi, partite se avete preso il volo non rimborsabile, diversamente è un rischio. I posti per la finale sono SOLD OUT. Eventualmente potrete chiedere sul posto se ci fossero persone che non si sono presentate, una volta che hanno fatto entrare il pubblico.
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    È cmq un rischio perché a the Voice nn entri facilmente come a Casa Mika tipo last minute....se nn hai il pass stai fuori cmq buona fortuna....🙈
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    Me tooooooooooooo! But I have been crazy since Mika made me be in 2007 I loooooove that his curls are back
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    Episode - 15 May 05, 2018 SEMI finale TF1 5-mai-2018-live-15 VK episode-15 Semi-finale La Suite TF1 5-mai-2018-suite-15 VK episode-15 La Suite Team MIKA TF1 VK YouTube
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    Hi @Thiz W, you're welcome! Me too...and ..I did the same for a long time! Enjoy!
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    Hello @Thiz W! I'm Sara, nice to meet you I'm glad you joined us, too. This is a perfect place to make many friends to share your passion with and also discover new things about Mika and his art! Welcome and enjoy
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    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
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    Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
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    Hello @Thiz W and welcome to the MFC. Hope you enjoy your stay here and make good friends.
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    Hi @Thiz W Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place. I'm sure you'll find here some good friends, it happened to many of us
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    Hi @Thiz W Welcome to the MFC I'm Eriko from Japan, glad you could join us. Wish you get best MIKA-friends at here !!!