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    @endless_eight and @Boucarilla Thank you very much for your incredible works !! the 1st post.
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    And here is The Vimeo file with the same password: The Voice Enjoy!
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    Here are the subtitles for episode 11 that @Boucarilla and I did together 11 - The Voice 7 - Prime 11 - 07.04.2018 - MP4 - www.mikawebsite.com.srt
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    That means that this is well functioning family
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    watching again the voice france last season, MIKA we need you here
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    Yes, that's also my impression of the Holbrook Penniman family - over the past 10 years we've " known" them... Love, love me
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    What's for sure is that if i where in the dog's shoes,he wouldn't have to hold me like that because i wouldn't risk saving myself
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    I love looking at him when he is focusing on work
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    Yep. His mother is the most important person for him. Once he said she's everything to him.
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    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany.
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    Herzlich willkommen