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    Update about Mika's articles for XL Repubblica Hello Everybody, I found some more English versions of Mika's articles for XL Repubblica. Well 3 of them I translated from Italian using google translator with some manual corrections. Anyway I think they are very interesting and worth to read. @Ellys could you add it to you PDF file? it is easier to print it if people cannot use Microsoft Word. Enjoy!!! Mika artykul XL eng.docx
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    ma avete visto com'è bello Mika con il suo fratellino Fortunè e amira nella insta story... è super
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    Relax in Polish radio station RFM MF I'm coming back from work. I decide to enter a shop with clothes. I'm entering the shop. I hear "Relax, take it easy....." I am so used to hear Mika's songs at home that I don't pay attention. I start to sing (not out loud of course). After a few steps I stop suddenly. I realize I am not at home!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song comes from the radio!!!!!!! I am shocked. I don't know - maybe it's just a CD??? No, it's a radio!!!!! I'm taking my Mikaphone and recording 30 seconds of the song. To have proof. To be sure I am not dreaming Yes, Mika fans. In Poland you don't hear Mika in the medias Except "Relax" every 2 years... I have a right to be in a state of shock!!!!!!! Now I am OK. The shock is over And I am happy!!!!!! Is it normal? Should I go to see a doctor?
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    Today is my forum anniversary!