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    Another shock while watching The Voice of Poland you hear Grace Kelly in the background This kind of surprise is very welcome and hopefully may appear more often
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    Here are the subtitles that @Boucarilla and I finished for episode 15 and Mika's team results in La suite: 15 - The Voice 7 - La Suite 15 - 05.05.2018 - MP4 - www.mikawebsite.com.srt 15 - The Voice 7 - Prime 15 - 05.05.2018 - MP4 - www.mikawebsite.com.srt
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    W Mika e Andyyy happy anniversary 12 yeas together
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    Did you have see the mika insta storie? i like mika's insta so much thank you so much Mika
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    Facebook PILOT France Les inspirations de MIKA lors du processus de création des ses stylos ? Il vous dit tout ici ! #Pilot100years #PilotbyMika http://bit.ly/2me5IjR
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    ciaaooo Gabry buon weekend tutto bene? io si secondo te Mika continuerà a fare musica ancora per molto tempo? io spero di siii magari fa anche altro (oggetti, orologi chissà)
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    In love of those performances. Good times *sigh*
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    Those links don't work... YouTube Blame It On The Girls Dailymotion Blame It On The Girls Blame It On The Girls VK links Blame It On The Girls [HD] Pick Up Off The Floor RAIN [HD]
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    What simple pompoms in Mika's hands can do to people hahaha
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    FACEBOOK MIKA Congratulations to Eliana Stocco and Marco Barucci, who each won a pair of tickets to see Mika talk at Wired Italia this weekend! If you didn’t get seats or you’re not in Florence, don’t worry- the whole thing will be live streamed on Wired Italia Facebook so just tune in there on Sunday evening to see Mika