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    Eriko, look, I found a lot of beautiful birds for your collection of birds pictures . But be careful, it's a rare species, and protected by many fans. 😍
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    @Anna Ko Kolkowska I don't know why did you post the link to this 2018 thread ? We have a thread Mika-at-Peugeot-Private-concert-in-Paris-3-December-2012 a lot of detailes at there.
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    His face on the last one hahaha Really, do I have to hold this baby?
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    Questa è l'intervista di Live Actu che chiude la settimana dedicata a Mika! Mika dice che all'inizio il successo e la carriera sono come un'onda che ti travolge, ma che poi bisogna avere la voglia e il coraggio di trasformarsi e cambiare e che prima di arrivare ad organizzare e a fare concerti o comunque realizzare i suoi progetti, ha bisogno di collaboratori che lo possono aiutare in questa impresa. Buona visione!
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    And he said that generally for this sort of advertisment they take sportsmen of actors, never singers. So Mika is proud that he was chosen this time. They do a lot of crative things together, not only a photo and one advertisement .
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    the interview was about his collaboration with peugeot, as it took place in their stand the main idea is that this collaboration allows him to keep working and being creative and it's a privilege because a collaboration with an important brand gives him what his label can't give to him nowadays (a little sad eyes while saying that) what's important to him are live shows, concerts to keep on telling his story and to bring people to his universe
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    Hello Mika Fans! I'm a MIKA fan since I Remember, I'm not active in this forum but i'm following it to news about our beloved MIKA. I'm waiting for the fifth album, I Have hopes it will be soon... I Want new music! I'm a student (learning graphic design). I'm learning to work with Adobe software, "After Effects", to make Animation clips, videos, and so on. I Made this clip as a homage to MIKA, songs, lyrics, art. I First wanted to make it a homage to the last album, NPIH, which is one of my favorite of MIKA - but it turned out to be a clip for "Talk about you" 😂 took inspiration from the booklet and cover art. Hope you would like it! would love to hear what you think about it
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    Because in the interview Mika mentioned his cooperation with Peugeot in projects other than only advertisement - for example as he sais : they organized together some concerts. So if any fans did not see it before, I added the link. Well, maybe it would be better to add the link you put, Eriko, but I simply did not think about it . Hopefully you did it Thank you!!!!
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    Just for a pleasure to listen the concert in cooperation with Peugeot
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    Direct link for the interview prepared during the Salon Auto in Paris http://www.live-actu.com/2018/10/21/mika-interview/
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    @Happymika_by_celine J'imagine , en tout cas heureusement que vous êtes là pour enregistrer et partager avec nous ces beaux moments . J'espère vraiment que mon tour viendra vite alors .
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    @dailydandy: @mikasounds Concert de Mika a la salle #pleyel authentique et simple. Merci http://tinyurl.com/dyx38co #MIKA
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    Magali BAR ‏@mentholine2004 pic.twitter.com/UUcTRBdn
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    Peugeot ‏@Peugeot Ce soir premier concert exclusif du piano #peugeot #pleyel à la salle Pleyel avec @Mika et Family One pic.twitter.com/WHiGDNxq @marionblanc: Mika à 4 mains à la salle Pleyel avec Family One pic.twitter.com/PpcZSkDo "@MaxTaieb: "Elle me dit" mets le feu à la salle #pleyel by Mika @mikasounds @pianospleyel !! pic.twitter.com/nGSILIC3" "@SarahNinon: "Oh! I'm going to miss you, piano... You fancy bitch!" @mika talking to beautiful #peugeot #pleyel piano OMG!"