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    Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm still very busy but the good news is that I manage to made some christmas cards and I sent them today, so you can look for them Have a nice week!
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    Con gli anni ho imparato che no ansia no Mika e quando passano parecchi mesi senza poterlo rivedere, mi manca pure quella! Comunque, scherzi a parte, anche io non sono tranquilla fino ad evento o a concerto iniziato, perché ho il terrore che qualcosa non vada come debba andare e tutto il tempo passato in coda, sia stato vano, ma ripeto, fa parte del "gioco" e nel caso dell'organizzazione del Vanity Fair Stories, non ci ha certo agevolato ad essere tranquilli, fino a quando non siamo riusciti ad entrare e a sederci, non avevamo la certezza di poterlo fare! 🙄
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    It's Christmas in 4 weeks 😁 🎅 🎄 Who is impatient?
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    Nuovo contest del MFC per il cofanetto speciale delle Pilot firmate da Mika! Avete tempo fino a mercoledì alle ore 23:59 per poter partecipare, inviando una semplice email, con il vostro username, nome e cognome. In bocca al lupo e crepi il lupo a tutti! 🤞
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    This is my video of the second part of the talk I really enjoyed mika’s event per se, it’s always a pleasure hearing him telling stories and talking about his life (even if I would prefer 10000 times going to a gig of course😂) It was the kind of event which I wouldn't ever travel to go if It would have happened in a tour period, but since we can't look forward to tour dates at the moment, I decided to go anyway But the whole event was really stressful, we had to queue to be sure to find a seat in the movie theatre, I arrived there at 9 AM and I was about the 80th in the queue 🙈 and it was lightly raining 🙄 Rain stopped after a couple of hours luckily, but it wasn’t really fun waiting until 4 PM outside, it was quite cold, and at a certain moment I was also quite concerned we wouldn’t even get in the movie theatre, since the staff didn’t seem so sure about how many people letting in (there were other talks before Mika and they had to empty the theatre). The theatre had a 340 people capacity and the first 2 rows were reserved, so it was clear that we had to go there quite early 🙄 Luckily I managed to get in, but I’m sure that many other fans who have anyway queued outside few hours, even if less than me, didn’t manage 🙈 After the event it was such a mess, many people were waiting in a regular street and of course Mika couldn’t stop, he just waved goodbye :) I hope he notices the positive side of the mess, that he still has such a good fanbase in Italy which we hope that will be there when the album will be out 🤞🏻 Now I'm really looking forward to hear new music of course, we heared the little snippet at the provate event, so let's hope we won't have to wait too long 😍
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    da te ci mancherebbe 😂 ma la capacità della sala era limitata e il sistema del "first in first served" senza nessuna conferma genera un'ansia che non dovrebbe esserci per un evento del genere, razionalmente è assurdo stare in fila dall'alba per 30 minuti di talk (non si parla di ottenere dal prima fila di un concerto) e per essere sicuri di entrare al 100% , anche perchè fino all'ultimo lo staff sembrava non avere del tutto presente se la sala sarebbe stata svuotata, o se solo all'ora di pranzo o se anche prima di mika, quindi le persone per essere sicure di entrare anche ne caso la sala non fosse stata svuotata del tutto, sono arrivate prestissimo (e tu lo saprai meglio di me) A me oltre alle ore di coda pesa il dover fare sempre le cose con una certa ansiella che possa andare tutto male 🙄
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    Thank you @maggie112 for the video and your short report. Your reward for the long hours in the rain was this great Mika's reading! Oh, he knows how to tell stories. We know it already from Stasera Casa Mika and it is a pleasure for me to listen to him 💓
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    I took part in two recordings of The Voice: the 19th and 20th of November and I had fun as always! 😁 I loved the new jury and especially Soprano. 😊 Mika was amazing and he stopped with us after the recordings. The first evening in the studio and the second outside... Always available and kind! 😍 My pics:
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    I had the opportunity to paticipate at the Vanity Fair Stories and to be present at the Mika's talk. 😊 I loved the two texts he read and how he read them. ❤ It's always a pleasure hear what he has to tell and I'm very happy to be there. 😍 My pics:
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    He thanks from his heart for everything then he sais: "Now I have to do my job and give you an album".
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    This new fiction will be about seven guys (in the pic above) attending the music conservatory in Milan, so it all revolves around classical music. There's no info yet about Mika's role, but since they started filming in February, Anne's guess could be right, I think a cameo is the most likely option!
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    So for the benefit of the non-Italian speakers, what is this collaboration about?
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    I think we should change the title of this thread from The Boy Who Loves His Piano Too Much for The Boy Who Tortured His Piano Too Much since Mika is jumping on it and doing other things
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    My pleasure. I love reading reports written by other fans, so I am happy I could give back my contribution
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    Slow or fast, happy or sad I accept everything new
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    Mika lit les premières pages de ce qui sera son livre en avant-première. Mika reads the first pages of what will be her book in preview.
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    Ah, it would be great if we meet again in Poland! I've just sent Mika a tweet with photos of our Tauron Arena.I hope he reads it and likes the venue!!!!!!!!
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    And the other four personal questions!
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    Here is my review. It won’t be very long because I don’t speak French so I don’t know what they were talking about but I can say what in general was going on. We sat in The Voice audience at around 7 pm and we were taught when we suppose to applause the contestants and other organizational things. Then Kendji Girac and Claudio Capeo were singing their song Que Dieu Me Padronne. Coaches appeared around 8 pm and they sang together Fench song, sorry I don't know the title. Then the whole show has began. First performing contestant chose Mika for his coach and Mika was so surprised and happy that he hit himself in the eye area. After the performing 3 girls came to him with tissues and poultice. It was really funny to watch like people are running around him many times. The girls with the tissues, makeup ladies, someone with a fan, new water, someone to fix his hair. Seriously, no other coach had such care around himself like Mika. Don’t know whether it’s the ‘star’ thing that everyone were jumping around him like puppies? One time someone from the staff brought Mika a pill, don’t know what for, was he ill or something? About the music. Some talents were better some have been worse. It was hard to concentrate while I’ve been watching at Mika all the time. By the way, me and my friend had really good seats because whether Mika was turned or not we could see him. I remember that there was a boy who came to The Voice 4 years ago but none of the chairs turned around and now every coach pushed the button for him. There was also a blonde girl called Coco who was talking with Mika a lot, there was a lot of laugh and she also chose Mika eventually (still don’t know what they were talking about. I will probably find out when the show appears on tv and our team translate it). The new button thing. As you probably already heard there are 3 buttons on each chair assigned to each coach. Every coach can use the buttons only once on the rest coaches for the whole blind auditions or for the whole season (don’t remember exactly). Pushing the button block the coach and the contestant cannot choose him. Mika already used his button on Jennifer but he still can use two other buttons on Soprano and Julien. During one of the breaks Mika started to talk to fans on the audience a little bit and this was our chance to be noticed by him. When he was asking where other fans are coming from I shouted Poland. He was really surprised where we are coming from because most of fans were from France or Italy. He looked like... After the recording we quickly got out from the studio to wait for our Mika outside. Fortunately, there weren’t that many people yet and we stood in the first row by the railings. While we were waiting other coaches were leaving the studio. Jennifer on motorbike just waved to us. We didn’t see Julien tho. Soprano stopped for a moment and took some pics but let’s be honest everyone were waiting for Mika. Finally he came and what happened next was pure magic. I was surprised that I didn’t forget how to speak standing in front of him. From this place I would like to thank to the other fans that they let us peacefully talk with Mika. There was no shouting, screaming, everyone was waiting calmly for their turn. So THANK YOU for that, it really meant a lot to us. The rest are just beautiful memories. That’s all I can say. I hope you like it.
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    It sounds more like "d'heures" but in that case ......🙄..... but in that case don't understand the meaning I'd rather say it's "dire" with a stange accent