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    What a cutie! My future kids will be singing Mika's songs like that. Poor kids haahaha
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    Today I met first time with @henhad. The coldest day for İstanbul. 0 C, we froze. We met because of Mika, she is fan of him ❤️. Anyway here is sooo cold! Sea colour changed!
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    Vanity Fair I grandi protagonisti di Vanity Fair Stories e il nostro super festival a Milano https://www.vanityfair.it/people/italia/2018/11/29/grandi-protagonisti-di-vanity-fair-stories-e-il-nostro-super-festival-milano ( 1500 x 2250 : 1.75 MB )
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    Bonjour once more, MFC! Mika and his team have been able to obtain for us MORE spaces for the upcoming recordings of The Voice! This time we have two dates for you to choose from! SATURDAY, 22 DECEMBER, 2018 or FRIDAY, 11 JANUARY, 2019! We will choose 5 winners for each date, who can each bring one guest. To submit your entry please follow these simple rules: -- You MUST be a registered member of MikaFanClub.com with an activated account. (That means you must have replied to the validation email you received when you registered so that your account is ACTIVE!) -- You and your guest must be at least 18 years old. -- Send the following details to mfc.competition@gmail.com NO LATER THAN NOON France time on 6 December! THAT'S ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Please note the email address! -- Your MFC user name -- Your real name -- please list FIRST NAME, then SURNAME -- Your date of birth -- Your guest's name and date of birth -- Your contact telephone number -- Your guest's telephone number and email address Entries received after this time or sent to other email addresses will be disqualified. Please be sure to write the date you wish to attend in the email subject line: "22 December" or "11 January". You may enter for both dates, but please send in a separate entry for each date. This competition does not include transportation, just entrance to the show. Please only enter if you are SURE you can attend, and that you can stay for the entire recording! Absolutely NO last-minute changes may be made. Email confirmation with details will be sent later. Now get your entry in !!! Good luck! Stay tuned for more competitions and upcoming MIKA news here on MFC and on Mika's Facebook page!
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    mikainstagram IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/ 47140529_2259763214302532_7291524718531612335_n.mp4
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    Vanity Fair Italia N.48 - 5 Dicembre 2018 PDF file ( page 16 ) Vanity Fair Italia N.48 - 5 Dicembre 2018-page-16.pdf I GRANDI PROTAGONISTI DI IL NOSTRO SUPER FESTIVAL A MILANO Un portfolio fotografico di FABRICE DALL’ANESE MIKA «LA CASA PER ME È DOVE C’È QUESTO GRUPPO CHE È LA MIA FAMIGLIA, E DI CUI FANNO PARTE ANCHE GLI ANIMALI, I CUGINI E LE ZIE, SIA QUELLE BUONE CHE UNA CATTIVISSIMA. MA ANCHE IN QUESTA TENSIONE C’È CASA, PERCHÉ LÌ RIMANE SOSPESA LA NOSTRA IDENTITÀ. CASA È DOVE SI PUÒ ESSERE, TRANQUILLAMENTE» È stata una «prima» di straordinario successo. Il 24 e il 25 novembre l’Anteo Palazzo del Cinema di Milano ha ospitato la prima edizione del festival Vanity Fair Stories. Grandi registi, attori, attrici, cantanti, scrittori, top model, campioni dello sport si sono raccontati davanti a un pubblico entusiasta. La sera di sabato Alessandro Cattelan ha consegnato i 14 Awards che Vanity Fair ha voluto dare ai personaggi che si sono distinti di più in questo anno (qui a destra, partiamo con Mika). In questo portfolio vogliamo ricordarli (e ringraziarli) insieme a tutti gli altri protagonisti della due giorni. Ma Vanity Fair Stories ha ospitato anche concerti, workshop, proiezioni, piccoli e grandi eventi che hanno segnato una «due giorni» che già vi dà appuntamento al prossimo anno. Google translator
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    Waiting for mika news... and for Christmas, and wait the new year and my bithday is coming... 4 weeks the 26-12 oh my God
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    Great news!!!! As I am not sure if I could come, I will not participate in this competition. But I have one question: for January it will be only one evening session? As I recall last year there were two: at 1pm and at 6pm. Good luck to all participants!!!!!
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    That is great news - she deserves it
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    Oh how I wish I lived in France Good luck to all who enter
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    At the moment, I have rather busy dys, so I connect late to the site. I miss you guys ! Kisses to everyone.
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    Does it count as a white or is disgraced by these black things?