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    It's better yes, thank you for your understanding I think Dominika was so happy to see you on MFC she didn't realise she was not answering to you in English .
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    You can chat to each other in Polish in the Polish thread, of curse
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    It was exactly like you said! I just saw Poland and it went automatically. Now I'll be a good girl and stick to the rules hahaha
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    Oh sorry 😐 I joined today and I still don't know how this site works.. But thank you for your help! I wrote the original post in English but the girls above replied in our language and so I thought I can reply in our language too. But I'll stick to English now!
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    I am French and I speak fluent English, ok Spanish and learning Italian (slowly) but I don't understand your language We try to stick to English here so everyone can understand (except in the threads dedicated to other languages) This is why I answered to you that way. Two full seasons of The Voice have been entirely subbed in English by some fans actually.
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    Now I am the one who needs a translation in English to MFC springpastell
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    I didn't do any of the work with Vimeo, so I can't help, sorry! At least the .srt files are still available though
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    Have you been there silver? There is nothing going on! Apparently Polish ppl are not that chatty
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    I know that girl, it's from Spain. Mika and Neims.
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    A few days ago I made a piano cover of Grace Kelly on Instagram. Check it out! https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17845520263325647/
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    Hola, sé que ando medio colgado; pero es que no tengo mucho la costumbre de revisar foros. ¡Espero que hayan pasado una buena Navidad y que pasen un excelente año nuevo! Sé que no estoy mucho por acá, pero sepan que voy a volver cuando me acuerde.
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    In Mikaland, age doesn't matter because we are all young at heart I am 51 but I feel 14 when I fangurl Welcome to MFC Andrea and have lots of fun sharing Mika love with us
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    Dziękuję za miłe powitanie Niestety żeby wejść w niektóre odcinki tutaj musiałabym podać numer telefonu i trochę się boję 😐 Ale szukam dalej!
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    I'm not sure if this counts, because they didn't actually play any of his music, but today on Eastenders they mentioned Mika... in fact, it appears that one of the characters has named their baby after him! Kim was discussing baby names, and because her other kid is named Pearl, she wanted a rock name. She said she considered Mica, but that it sounded like Mika, so she said she played Big Girl and it made the baby smile for the first time. So the baby is named Mika. Here's a youtube upload of the episode, the conversation is from 20:35 to 21:42
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    Bonjour once more, MFC! Mika and his team have been able to obtain for us MORE spaces for the upcoming recordings of The Voice! This time we have two dates for you to choose from! SATURDAY, 22 DECEMBER, 2018 or FRIDAY, 11 JANUARY, 2019! We will choose 5 winners for each date, who can each bring one guest. To submit your entry please follow these simple rules: -- You MUST be a registered member of MikaFanClub.com with an activated account. (That means you must have replied to the validation email you received when you registered so that your account is ACTIVE!) -- You and your guest must be at least 18 years old. -- Send the following details to mfc.competition@gmail.com NO LATER THAN NOON France time on 6 December! THAT'S ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Please note the email address! -- Your MFC user name -- Your real name -- please list FIRST NAME, then SURNAME -- Your date of birth -- Your guest's name and date of birth -- Your contact telephone number -- Your guest's telephone number and email address Entries received after this time or sent to other email addresses will be disqualified. Please be sure to write the date you wish to attend in the email subject line: "22 December" or "11 January". You may enter for both dates, but please send in a separate entry for each date. This competition does not include transportation, just entrance to the show. Please only enter if you are SURE you can attend, and that you can stay for the entire recording! Absolutely NO last-minute changes may be made. Email confirmation with details will be sent later. Now get your entry in !!! Good luck! Stay tuned for more competitions and upcoming MIKA news here on MFC and on Mika's Facebook page!
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    @carafon copy periscope-URL ( https://www.pscp.tv/w/1mrGmYzqjbVGy?t=3 ) and paste into the blank space of this site https://downloadperiscopevideos.com/index.php and then click to the right-side DL button ⬇️ to save the file. Grazia's PERISCOPE is 75.3 MB st.file http://s1.downloadperiscopevideos.com/download/periscope
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    https://www.pscp.tv/w/1mrGmYzqjbVGy?fbclid=IwAR1Yf1bmQ-FNvlq-Yniev_MjpLJDLF4uibNDd4Zj7tSfqKRZUIWRbIMNic8 I Don't know how to save it ,maybe someone would be able to do it ?
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    Mika tweets "I am so incredibly touched by the surprise Christmas party thrown by my fans outside the tv studio tonight in Paris. Fans from France, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Japan, China and more! So many of them brought with them things to set up the party and gifts... Even transporting a Christmas tree and lights through the airport from Sardinia. And a cake baked this morning in Brussels. What an incredibly heart warming thing to have done. I feel so lucky and spoilt. Thank you to all of you for making the world feel like a smaller place XX "
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    Mika and Kermit The Frog
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    I will put it once again but I think it's a perfect place for this
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