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    Best wishes to the Mikafans of the world. May many of us meet around him during this year.
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    📻 REPLAY ( 29 days left to listen :1 hour, 57 minutes ) www.bbc.co.uk 🔊 Audiomack ( without news ) audiomack.com/2019-01-01new-year-s-day ⬇️ m4a file ( 153.1 MB ) 2019.01.01_The_Art_Of_Song_New_Year's_Day.m4a Song List T. Rex / 20th Century Boy Natalie Cole / This Will Be George Michael & Mary J. Blige / As Paul Simon / You Can Call Me Al Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers / Learning To Fly Ed Sheeran / Thinking Out Loud Joni Mitchell / A Case Of You ( chosen by Amy Wadge ) Prefab Sprout / When Love Breaks Down INXS / Need You Tonight Dusty Springfield / Son Of A Preacher Man Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell / Ain't No Mountain High Enough Yes / Owner Of A Lonely Heart Talking Heads / Road To Nowhere Blondie / Call Me Goo Goo Dolls / Iris The Cardigans / Lovefool Labrinth / Jealous The Police / Every Breath You Take The Supremes / Where Did Our Love Go Willie Nelson / Stardust ( chosen by Louis Walsh ) Billy Joel / Piano Man
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    just 4 days to Sound of an orchestra!!!
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    Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope that 2019 will be amazing and FULL of Mika!
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    Empty for now but ready to fulfill it with crazy and wonderful Mika stuff
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    HAPPY 2019!! another year with you my friends of this site!!!
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    Ahhh new year, new thread, great idea I think you have already posted everything
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    TV Sorrisi e Canzoni - 31 dicembre 2018 cropped ✂️ page 77 LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO RAIUNO ore 21.25 La formula che ha fatto la fortuna di telefilm come «Saranno famosi» trova applicazione nella nuova serie in sette puntate scritta da Ivan Cotroneo e Monica Rametta («Un’altra vita», «Sorelle»). Racconta le vicende di sette allievi del conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano. La seconda puntata è in onda domani. THE COMPANY OF THE SWAN RAIUNO at 21.25 The formula that made the fortune of telefilms as "They will be famous" finds application in the new series in seven episodes written by Ivan Cotroneo and Monica Rametta ("Another life", "Sisters"). It tells the story of seven students of the Giuseppe Verdi conservatory in Milan. The second episode is broadcast tomorrow. Page 78 LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO «L’arrivo di Matteo» Al conservatorio Giusep- pe Verdi di Milano arriva Matteo (Leonardo Mazzarotto, 20), proveniente da Amatrice, distrutta dal terremoto. Suona il violino e il suo talento viene notato dal direttore d’orchestra Luca Marioni (Alessio Boni, 52) detto “il bastardo”. Segue «Nascita della Compagnia». THE COMPANY OF THE SWAN «Matteo's arrival» Matteo (Leonardo Mazzarotto, 20) arrives at the Giuseppe Verdi Verdi Conservatory in Milan, coming from Amatrice, destroyed by the earthquake. He plays the violin and his talent is noted by the conductor Luca Marioni (Alessio Boni, 52) called "the bastard". It follows «Birth of the Company». 21.25 LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO Fiction 1ª Tv «L’arrivo di Matteo» - «Nascita della compagnia» Marioni chiede ai suoi studenti di aiutare Matteo con le prove: se il ragazzo non migliorerà, sarano tutti fuori dall’orchestra. Intanto, quest’ultimo è sempre più attratto da Barbara, una del gruppo. La moglie di Marioni, invece, non intende tornare a vivere con il marito... 21.25 THE COMPANY OF THE SWAN Fiction 1st Tv «Matteo's arrival» - «Birth of the company» Marioni asks his students to help Matteo with the tests: if the boy does not improve, they will all be out of the orchestra. In the meantime, the latter is increasingly attracted to Barbara, one of the group. Marioni's wife, on the other hand, does not intend to return to live with her husband ... Page 88 LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO «Il primo concerto» È in arrivo un noto ma- estro d’orchestra, Ruggero Fiore (Marco Bocci, 40), e Marioni impone ai suoi studen- ti la massima concentrazione affinché facciano bella figura. Barbara, in difficoltà, fa errori durante le prove e Marioni la caccia dal gruppo. Segue «La scelta di Barbara». THE COMPANY OF THE SWAN "The first concert" A well-known orchestra conductor is coming, Ruggero Fiore (Marco Bocci, 40), and Marioni requires his students to concentrate on making the most of them. Barbara, in difficulty, makes mistakes during the rehearsals and Marioni hunts her from the group. It follows «Barbara's choice». 21.25 LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO Fiction 1ª Tv «Il primo concerto» - «La scelta di Barbara» Mentre proseguono le prove in attesa dell’arrivo del maestro Fiore, Barbara non ha il coraggio di confessare alla madre di essere stata estromessa. Matteo diserta le sedute dalla psicologa; i genitori di Robbo continuano a litigare; la madre di Rosario contatta i genitori affidatari perché vuole vedere il figlio senza attendere il permesso del giudice. 21:25 THE COMPANY OF THE SWAN Fiction 1ª Tv «The first concert» - «The choice of Barbara» While the trials continue pending the arrival of the master Fiore, Barbara does not have the courage to confess to her mother that she has been ousted. Matteo deserted the sessions of the psychologist; Robbo's parents continue to fight; Rosario's mother contacts the foster parents because she wants to see her son without waiting for the judge's permission. Original pages
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    Super cute performance! The Voice Kids Poland started today and this is Oliwier singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen
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    I love this song. I know it from the TV-Series "Smallville" (about the Teenage Years of Superman), which I used to watch regularly, and rediscovered it online years later, because sometimes it still kept playing in my head, so I googled it to find out the title & band. I couldn't listen today, so thanks everyone for the song list, will listen to the replay. I don't like the list as much as the last one, with a few exceptions... and I think it's several songs he has played before in this show... well, I'll listen to his comments first before giving my thoughts about that.
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    Can I count this as stripes?
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    This is all I've got Start adding your stipe treasures My eyesight is getting blurred because of all this stripes
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    Buon pomeriggio e ancora buon anno! Vi siete persi l'appuntamento con "The Art of Song"? Ecco il link per poterlo ascoltare: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0001ttc
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    I think this one counts too
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    So no covers Mika what are you doing?? We wanna hear you sing!!!
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    Hello in 2019 Mikafriends! VID_37260328_121022_791.mp4
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