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    Best wishes to the Mikafans of the world. May many of us meet around him during this year.
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    Empty for now but ready to fulfill it with crazy and wonderful Mika stuff
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    Can I count this as stripes?
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    This is all I've got Start adding your stipe treasures My eyesight is getting blurred because of all this stripes
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    I think this one counts too
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    So no covers Mika what are you doing?? We wanna hear you sing!!!
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    Accroding to what Mika said during the Xmas party in Paris he will appear in the first episode. A short extract from Grazia's video: Mika 1.mp4
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    Hello in 2019 Mikafriends! VID_37260328_121022_791.mp4
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    *o* FOR SURE *o*
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    oh, my Italian is so poor! I thought he was talking about the "first" not in "one" episode....
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    He only said that he will appear in one of the episodes. We don't know if it Will be the first or another one.
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    I was thinking about this pic too but it's alright. There are very visible black stripes and doesn't matter if they are going in both ways hahahah And apparently there is still something to add
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    I did not count how many pictures I got of Mika in stripes but it's a bit of it.
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    BUON 2019 A TUTTI DI CUORE....
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    Billy Joel - Piano Man. Sounds familiar? Listen to this
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    Synchronicity - the first Police album I had - on a tape cassette Each and every song was a hit!!!
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    Feliz año!! Que la pasen lindo!!! ✨🍾🥂😘
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    Happy New Year everybody!!!!!! It is starting in a very sweet way. Mika has prepared something for us!!!! Help yourself!!!
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    Auguronissimi a tutto il MFC.... Che possa essere pieno di pace... Amore... Salute e serenità e di tantissima musica del nostro amato BOSS 😍😍🎉🎉🍾🍾
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    Hello Andrea; welcome here! You have a nice name. You think you're old in your head, your body or your identity papers. Because the worst part is in your head and if you signed up here it's because you don't, so don't worry at all and have fun!
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    Mika's speech at the press conference. https://www.instagram.com/stories/lucafinotti/ Translations by @virgi English "I’m happy that I can talk with you about this new project in which I have just a small role. It is an important project for me because it is made by my friend, author and director Ivan Cotroneo, and it talks about something that’s really near to my heart. La Compagnia del cigno talks about 7 guys and girls who made big sacrifices following their passion for music, in order to be in the conservatory of Milan. Moreover it talks about discipline, something that isn’t this much talked about: learning something new in a reality where there are so many musicians who want to do the same job; the level is very high to reach their dream to become a professional musician in the real world, when they will grow up."  French "Je suis heureux de pouvoir parler avec vous de ce nouveau projet, dont je fait seulement une petite partie. C’est un projet assez important pour moi, avant tout parce que c’est un projet conçu par mon ami, auteur et metteur en scène Ivan Cotroneo et en plus il parle d’un thème que je tiens au coeur. La compagnia del cigno est l'histoire de 7 jeunes qui ont fait beaucoup de sacrifices en suivant leur passion pour la musique, pour jouer enfin au conservatoire de Milan. On parle aussi de discipline, dont on entend pas parler souvent: apprendre quelque chose de nouveau dans une réalité où il y a beaucoup de musiciens qui veulent faire le même travail; le niveau est très haut pour exaucer leur rêve de devenir des musiciens professionnels dans le monde réel dans le futur." 1 48623734_515500922271742_8245898857357231717_n.mp4 2 48613531_1963557527067365_8040882902620985413_n.mp4 3 48887938_329944214264623_4774318469220696420_n.mp4 4 48669430_278786869490355_2937239684608455293_n.mp4
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    Guess isn't it NEW song "Sound Of An Orchestra" ? https://www.instagram.com/stories/lucafinotti/ 48859580_2341115762824568_8321035944932690595_n.mp4