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    Best wishes to the Mikafans of the world. May many of us meet around him during this year.
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    just 4 days to Sound of an orchestra!!!
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    Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope that 2019 will be amazing and FULL of Mika!
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    HAPPY 2019!! another year with you my friends of this site!!!
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    Super cute performance! The Voice Kids Poland started today and this is Oliwier singing Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen
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    Hello in 2019 Mikafriends! VID_37260328_121022_791.mp4
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    like the style..
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    Happy New Year everybody!!!!!! It is starting in a very sweet way. Mika has prepared something for us!!!! Help yourself!!!
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    And health, love, peace and lots of MIKA!!!