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    I've been busy to post the pic of the day, so I post the pic of the night
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    tonight second part of La compagnia del cigno on Rai 1
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    Me when I discover my computer science exam today...
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    Oh what a fun day with you girls! I haven't been laughing that hard for a long time
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    Girls please stop looking at my hole!
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    Mika's IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/
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    Perfect time and weather for going school, like night Pic from 7.40
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    I leave for a few hours, come back and see this thread is getting naughtier by the minute
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    Green beans?????? Boom boom?
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    AH, no!!!!! Again a hole in pants????? Mika, how old are you????? I have to fix it before The Voice on Friday.
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    i think you'd all better get back to cleaning
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    I expected this thought from many of the naughty girls, but now.... Eriko.... I thought you were so wise and serious! I know someone who'd rather we talk about his hair again!
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    Thank you I was about to post the link! For the ones who may not know, he's the press office manager of Maggio Musicale in Florence
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    nick1210s IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/nick1210s/ He lives in Tuscany, Italy. Nicco Mika and Cami Moreni ( from left )
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    Mika IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/
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    mikainstagram IG story : YouTube links 1 2 3 4