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    Please wish me luck with my new creative project, I've never done this before. Today I've finally received my hot fix applicator which I've ordered weeks ago and bought a new grey jersey and some hot fix stones and crystals. I want to do some Mika-related design, probably some quote, I hope it will work... It's the perfect project for my exam time.
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    Pic of the day. Kiss me
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    I've been busy to post the pic of the day, so I post the pic of the night
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    Please vote for Mika's Sound of an Orchestra here ❤ Thank you in advance https://creativedisc.com/2019/01/creative-disc-exclusive-single-07-jan-2019/
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    how you can vote on a story
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    well vote for mika on instagram @virginradiojakarta
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    He tried to show his shoes, I love shoes. They are amazing.
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    Mika's IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/
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    Woah woah! I do think this many innuendos is a bit extreme but I love how the song is so layered with so many interpretations. It can be sexual and it can be simply about love.
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    And if I see right - a wedding ring on a finger ?
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    nick1210s IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/nick1210s/ He lives in Tuscany, Italy. Nicco Mika and Cami Moreni ( from left )
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    Hey everyone! Erika is selling some stuff on Shpock, including the jumpsuit she wore for the GG&BB video! ---> https://en.shpock.com/u/WPaLD1GFmGELSPTj/ Also: her new EP is here: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/bugeisha Grab your copy!
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    Y tener un hit internacional hoy en dia es complicado en general y para Mika supongo que también. Igual yo no creo que Mika quiera tener hits internacionales sino se esforzaría un poco más en su promoción x fuera de Italia o Francia.
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    mikainstagram IG story : YouTube links 1 2 3 4
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    I know u want me you know I want you. 🎶 #Maiaaameeeeeeeee
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    What a great show! I was so happy to hear Daft Punk. I had a 4 hour drive home today so this was a blessing. And I didn't realize his family origins were in Savannah, Georgia! I lived there for a while as a child! My name is Savannah too - nice to hear Mika say my name These shows are just about my favorite thing Mika does. He's so insightful and knowledgeable, picks such great songs and has such a nice radio voice.