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    So no animals were harmed during the making of this instastory?
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    Streams spotify Day 1 : 142 217 Day 2 : 61 004 Day 3: 41 052 Day 4: 51 099 Day 5: 51 696 Day 6: 52 038 If it continues that way, the song can reach 1 000 000 in less than 2 weeks
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    He's unlikely to announce a tour until the new album is released.
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    That eyebrow raise and shrug is my mood for 2019 💯
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    you really found that Tweet , thank you
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    You lower your hand, clarinet will playRaise it back up and it flies away. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    I am sorry as well. Didn't mean offence.
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    From Mika IG story: 1953983595028069824_179779999.mp4
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    @pamelacarrillo Welcome to the MFC Here you are ! - Casa Mika 1° (15 Nov 2016) - Casa Mika 2° (22 Nov 2016) - Casa Mika 3° (29 Nov 2016) - Casa Mika 4° (6 Dec 2016) - Casa Mika 2 - 1° (31 Oct 2017) - Casa Mika 2 - 2° (7 Nov 2017) - Casa Mika 2 - 3° (14 Nov 2017) - Cas Mika 2 - 4° (22 Nove 2017 ) Could you post something if you like ? Introductions Be sure to say your hello and howdy in here first! We love to hear how new Mika fans discovered Mika!
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    love this song . thanks Mika!!! for this masterpiece
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    I've read the whole conversation and I can share my experience I'm a psychologist, I have a Master degree course in Specific Learning Disabilities. I work with kids from 8 to 18, to help them improve their abilities (reading, calculating, writing...) and help families with compensatory tools and dispensatory measures at school. SLD are not a consequence of trauma or PTSD. They are neurobiological disorders, from birth. That's different from mutism, which it could be a consequence of a traumatic event. In my opinion, from what he has said, Mika is dyslexic and maybe he's also disortographic. Now he probably has found right strategies to avoid his difficulties in his job and in his everyday life as an adult brain matures, even if SLD are "for life".
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    I'm stressed now Sorry for everything
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    Naughty girls stay naughty 😋😋😋😋😋
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    Exactly, Eriko, I don't like it but it is something very appreciated, delicious and expensive and as you say it eats like oysters and clams. Oysters are very typical in Galicia (Spain). I have seen people open them and when they are alive they are sprinkled with lemon and eat them. I couldn't.
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    He shook his glorious hair after the first glass of beer and I swear my heart stopped. Major swooon
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     It's a Sea urchin, have you eaten it ? It's very creamy delicious !
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    Hello, I have never started a thread before and I am a bit nervous about doing it but i wanted to make this thread. mika is very vocal about his dyslexia but I think it is a very misunderstood condition and I would like this thread to help people understand it. If you are dyslexic or have dyscalcula, irlens syndrome or Dyspraxia, please comment with your experiences.
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    Please don’t hold your breath for a UK tour - it won’t happen. But we are living in hope that he gives us at least one gig - almost certainly London. But for your sake I certainly hope that your dream comes true and that you get to see him live.
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    IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mickaeldorian/
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    I have received an email from Cassandra agency. They still have a few places for the second session of The Voice tomorrow. It will start at 18:45 instead of 18:15.
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    Mika - Le son d'un orchestre 70.65% (195 votes) ROZES - À mi-chemin là-bas 13.04% (36 votes) Backstreet Boys - No Place 7.25% (20 votes) Post Malone - Wow. 2,17% (6 votes) Mike Posner - Move On 1.45% (4 votes) Apportez-moi l'horizon - Médecine 1.45% (4 votes) Olly Murs, Kia Love - Les excuses (Remix) 1.45% (4 votes) Robbie Williams - Je veux juste que les gens m'aiment 0.72% (2 votes) Fleur East - Thème préféré 0.72% (2 votes) 3LAU feat. Carly Paige - Comprendriez-vous 0,72% (2 votes) Blake Kelly - Patience 0.36% (1 votes) Total des votes: 276
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    This never burns like they have done in Mika's story. So it's a different delicacy.
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    It's a sea animal. In many countries where it is eaten, it is opened in half like a boiled egg and eaten with a teaspoon. It is an expensive and refined dish. It's a bit like eating caviar in the mouth, it's slightly salty and delicate. To hold it, we take a towel or be careful.
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    I thought I was the only one. It doesn't look like food though.
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    Ancora games! Indossate gli auricolari e buon ascolto! Avete tempo fino alle 20 dell'11 gennaio.
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    better not trying to touch his hair, he will bite you as he hates to be touched there
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    vote for mika on instagram story https://www.instagram.com/virginradiojakarta/
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    Hey, my tumblr is blameitonmika I would love it if people followed me!
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    This is what Irlens is. I have glasses with green lenses to help with this. It mostly happens to people with autism (over half) but 15% of neurotypical people have it too. Reading Problems: Poor comprehension Misreads words Problems tracking from line to line Reads in dim light Skips words or lines Reads slowly or hesitantly Takes breaks Loses place Avoids reading Discomfort: Strain and fatigue Tired or sleepy Headaches or nausea Fidgety or restless Eyes that hurt or become watery Attention and Concentration Problems: Problems with concentration when reading and doing academic tasks Often people can appear to have other conditions, such as attention deficit disorder, and are given medication unnecessarily. Writing Problems: Trouble copying Unequal spacing Unequal letter size Writing up or downhill Inconsistent spelling Other Characteristics: Strain or fatigue from computer use Difficulty reading music Sloppy, careless math errors Misaligned numbers in columns Ineffective use of study time Lack of motivation Grades do not reflect the amount of effort Depth Perception: Clumsiness Difficulty catching balls Difficulty judging distances Additional caution necessary while driving Distortions: Words on the page lack clarity or stability; i.e., may appear to be blurry, moving, or disappear
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    Some symptoms of dyslexia in adults Poorly organised written work that lacks expression (for example, even though they may be very knowledgeable about a certain subject, they may have problems expressing that knowledge in writing) difficulty planning and writing essays, letters or reports difficulties revising for examinations trying to avoid reading and writing whenever possible difficulty taking notes or copying poor spelling struggling to remember things such as a PIN or telephone number struggling to meet deadlines Discalcula is similar to dyslexia but has more to do with the organisation of numbers. People with dyscalcula often don’t get diagnosed because they assume their symptoms are dyslexia. These things can include difficulty telling the time and counting on their fingers.
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    Maybe I'll post mine in the near future
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    Now, I feel happy because I just listen a Mika's song "It's My House"
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    My Heart is Torn   It’s just ashes to ashes dust to dust What has become of the two of us?   We used to love each other like a house on fire A love that was filled with want and desire   Like a small boat in a storm we got lost at sea It’s still hard to imagine that you don’t want me   Together we carved our names in the old oak tree A showing of our love we placed for everyone to see   A golden ring I placed lovingly upon your finger Tell me how long will these feelings linger   It seems one day our love simply died No one can say that I didn’t try   We climbed a mountain just to get to the other side The mighty waves of passion we did surely ride   Together we came to know the glory of love A choir of heavenly angels sang from above   My mind can never forget the sad day The day you said that you were going away   Our love has became like a dying rose All the petals fell and it began to decompose   The ending to our love was so bittersweet On some common ground I hope we meet   My poor heart is now torn in two Knowing I can never replace you   My sad and broken heart is now in pain Now that it is only ashes that remain       By Gary Edward Allen 2017  
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    I created my first and only account to vote for him. Don't know how Insta works yet so got my brother to do it for me. But you say he didn't win..