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    Pic of the day. I love Mika in braces.
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    Hmmm. I don't think you quite get the idea of the Naughty Corner. You're sent here as a punishment for being naughty; it's not a place to be even naughtier. I think we will have to calm things down a bit
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    Pictures of wet Mika belong in the Mikagasmics (but be careful what you say)
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    I think it´s really cruel to break or burn an animal alive as we can´t know if it feels pain or not........
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    mikainstagram story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/ tagged L'Abysse Pavillon Ledoyen labyssepavillonledoyen Yannick Alléno yannickalleno
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    Don't be stressed ...go to Wonkaland thread instead
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    you really found that Tweet , thank you
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    'This song... ' This song is MAYONNAISE for me... I explain why.. I've just started to like MIKA and his art last summer when I was working in a bakery in Hungary. I was working hard, and a lot, and my break (like at midday) was about 10 minutes. I started to love this song, I was also planning to learn in French! And in that 10 minute: it was so Hot outside, while I was chilling a bit, eating my sandwich with MAYONNAISE (I never eat BTW) I was planning to go to Milan to the Tempo delle donne(2017), planning to go to BALATON, just registrated to MFC, and I was ALWAYS listening THIS SONG(if I am obsessed of sth....:P ) . . so good memories, feelings, atmospheres.... if you have time, and you want... choose one of MIKA'S SONGS ( don't have to be your favourite!) and associate with just 1 word, and explain for us the reason if you want! bye @girls
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    I am sorry as well. Didn't mean offence.
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    It was just an expression. I would never cross that line. Mika is beautiful but most importantly he is an inspiring artist and an amazing person and I respect him for that. He really makes a difference in my world and is much more than someone for me to drool at. Even if he does elicit such reactions so everything is under control here
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    (You don't have to read ) Since when I was a child, I was wanting just one serious thing, except dreams. I wanna be the best in my job. I started to work on it last year. I go to vocational high school, IT department. IT is my life. I wanna be a good computer engineer. I hope I will win engineering university in İstanbul. Anyway, I talked too much. Let's talk about my goal. I've already can make a good website. I want to make phone application about Mika. I don't know what's inside but I want. I have not learned how to make an application for a phone but I will learn. MFC's phone application would be phenomenal! I talked a lot today, sorry! I'm just a little bit a sad and I want to do something different to forget.
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    I'm stressed now Sorry for everything
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    Naughty girls stay naughty 😋😋😋😋😋
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    Exactly, Eriko, I don't like it but it is something very appreciated, delicious and expensive and as you say it eats like oysters and clams. Oysters are very typical in Galicia (Spain). I have seen people open them and when they are alive they are sprinkled with lemon and eat them. I couldn't.
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    Wet. And Mika. Hmm. Lovely words Staring at the sun really heats you up. Does it not?
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    I want to say a lot of thing about him and this thing but it would be soo dirty and naughty Wet Mika so awesome cause of that I love Staring At The Sun video clip
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    He shook his glorious hair after the first glass of beer and I swear my heart stopped. Major swooon
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    That seems horrible! I believe in science, but personally I would never like to see an animal burning in front of my eyes. It appears to be really morbid. I don't know. I just don't like the idea. Pain or not.
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     It's a Sea urchin, have you eaten it ? It's very creamy delicious !
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    I have 4 Instagram accounts so I voted on it multiple times 🙈🙈🙈
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