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    Hmmm. I don't think you quite get the idea of the Naughty Corner. You're sent here as a punishment for being naughty; it's not a place to be even naughtier. I think we will have to calm things down a bit
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    They're giant chestnuts! I've never seen one this size before!
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    So no animals were harmed during the making of this instastory?
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    Pictures of wet Mika belong in the Mikagasmics (but be careful what you say)
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    I think it´s really cruel to break or burn an animal alive as we can´t know if it feels pain or not........
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    mikainstagram story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/ tagged L'Abysse Pavillon Ledoyen labyssepavillonledoyen Yannick Alléno yannickalleno
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    Streams spotify Day 1 : 142 217 Day 2 : 61 004 Day 3: 41 052 Day 4: 51 099 Day 5: 51 696 Day 6: 52 038 If it continues that way, the song can reach 1 000 000 in less than 2 weeks
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    He's unlikely to announce a tour until the new album is released.
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    That eyebrow raise and shrug is my mood for 2019 💯
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    What a relief! The idea of burning urchins was so uncomfortable! But this is an epic twist xD the urchin that I mourned for isn't really an urchin. Now I can say: it looks good with the cream and all
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    Actually that was a dessert based on chestnut, not sea urchin It's a famous dessert course at Ledoyen restaurant ,they are chestnut seed pods opened up and filled with flambeed chestnut and whisky cream, served after lit on fire and smoked: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ4KYrqjCpc/ https://tatistidbits.com/2018/01/09/parisian-beauty-at-alleno-paris-au-pavillon-ledoyen-trying-out-the-worlds-50-best/ https://georgie.cc/the-day-alleno-paris-pavillon-ledoyen-wilts-review/ Thank god no alive animal have been involved in that video
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    Don't be stressed ...go to Wonkaland thread instead
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    you really found that Tweet , thank you
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    Indeed, they are huge and so spiky, probably some special edible variety
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    You lower your hand, clarinet will playRaise it back up and it flies away. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    I am sorry as well. Didn't mean offence.
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    It was just an expression. I would never cross that line. Mika is beautiful but most importantly he is an inspiring artist and an amazing person and I respect him for that. He really makes a difference in my world and is much more than someone for me to drool at. Even if he does elicit such reactions so everything is under control here
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    Télé Loisirs IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/teleloisirs/ Télé Loisirs (1).mp4 Télé Loisirs (2).mp4 Télé Loisirs (3).mp4 Télé Loisirs (4).mp4 Télé Loisirs (5).mp4
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/matthieugrelier/ matthieugrelier.mp4
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    From Nikos IG story, the "blindly" press conference :
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    From Mika IG story: 1953983595028069824_179779999.mp4
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    love this song . thanks Mika!!! for this masterpiece
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    I've read the whole conversation and I can share my experience I'm a psychologist, I have a Master degree course in Specific Learning Disabilities. I work with kids from 8 to 18, to help them improve their abilities (reading, calculating, writing...) and help families with compensatory tools and dispensatory measures at school. SLD are not a consequence of trauma or PTSD. They are neurobiological disorders, from birth. That's different from mutism, which it could be a consequence of a traumatic event. In my opinion, from what he has said, Mika is dyslexic and maybe he's also disortographic. Now he probably has found right strategies to avoid his difficulties in his job and in his everyday life as an adult brain matures, even if SLD are "for life".
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    This is all of us in our rooms! Not everyone can pull the perfect crazy bedroom dance off like Mika!
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    Neither can I, but that doesn't stop me
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    When I listen Mika while cleaning the room 😂 I love dance (but i cant)
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    I'm stressed now Sorry for everything
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    No, you're not telling. As Silver said, we can have a little fun, but we can't go beyond certain limits of what's appropriate.
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    Naughty girls stay naughty 😋😋😋😋😋
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    Exactly, Eriko, I don't like it but it is something very appreciated, delicious and expensive and as you say it eats like oysters and clams. Oysters are very typical in Galicia (Spain). I have seen people open them and when they are alive they are sprinkled with lemon and eat them. I couldn't.
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    Wet. And Mika. Hmm. Lovely words Staring at the sun really heats you up. Does it not?
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    I want to say a lot of thing about him and this thing but it would be soo dirty and naughty Wet Mika so awesome cause of that I love Staring At The Sun video clip
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    He shook his glorious hair after the first glass of beer and I swear my heart stopped. Major swooon
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    That seems horrible! I believe in science, but personally I would never like to see an animal burning in front of my eyes. It appears to be really morbid. I don't know. I just don't like the idea. Pain or not.
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     It's a Sea urchin, have you eaten it ? It's very creamy delicious !
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    I have 4 Instagram accounts so I voted on it multiple times 🙈🙈🙈
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