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    Only when I see a new post here, hoping it might be actual news... (Hello to everyone who clicked on here for the same reason! )
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    This is a bit of ICE CREAM !!!!
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    First of all, I'm 99 percent sure there is no truth to this, but to be sure I've sent it on to Mika's team to see if we can get any sort of confirmation or denial. But my advice is... don't hold your breath or start booking flights to Philadelphia. Second, Mika has said in the past that he would never charge for meet & greets -- unless something drastically changes, I can't see him ever starting to do that. He's always so generous with his time and so kind to his fans. I don't think a paid meet & greet would ever be necessary. Anyhow, I'll keep you posted, if I hear anything more about this so-called "anniversary concert."
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    We can talk about this single in here! We haven't listened yet this song but everybody loves it¿? (Actually we love Mika :3) Can we lick the song? It seem tasty.
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    OK, I heard from the venue, Voltage Lounge -- they said, and I quote, " This is false. We have a different show booked for that date. "
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    Mika presents '100 giorni in Europa' for Corriere della Sera from Bruxelles: https://video.corriere.it/mika-bruxelles-ecco-perche-mi-sento-europeo/e918aef8-2fcd-11e9-9db5-c6e1c6b28b3d?refresh_ce-cp
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    Nuovo Anno, Nuovo Thread! 🎉 Un caldo benvenuto a tutti, Italiani e non! Avremo di che riempire queste pagine con in vista tante novità: musica, album, tour e collaborazioni! Buon divertimento! ------------------------------------------- Italian Press 2019 Italian Thread 2018
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    Yes. I think it's a little spontaneous gift for MFC. Everyone of the old MFCers knows what it means. They tried to catch it on camera in 2007, but all he said when the camera was on was "no chicken tonight!". And now, 12 years later, we got it on video from him.
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    So, Deb has contacted Team Mika about it and got the reply that it's NOT true.
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    Forum Guides are people who are regularly on the MFC and who are able to help new members find their way around the site. Typically we would expect them to: Greet new members Encourage them to post an introduction Give them the link to their country/language thread, if there is one Direct new member to basic threads, like the Forum Guidelines, Tech Support or other helpful threads Help them with queries about profiles, signatures, posting photos etc Forum Guides will replace the World Representatives, who were set up at a time when there were many more active members, and we needed a lot of help in running the forum. However, now that Mika's international activities have reduced, and a lot of countries have few active members, we feel that a different structure is needed. We would like to thank all people who have acted as World Representatives, both currently and in the past - your contribution to the running of this site has been greatly appreciated. Unfortunately we can't take you all on as Forum Guides, but we hope everyone will continue to help each other and maintain the friendly atmosphere which we all enjoy. Forum Guides do not have any authority to act on behalf of MFC when off the forum - but all members should remember that we all represent MFC to non-members, and should uphold our reputation for helpfulness and good manners.
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    I also go to the gym 3 times a week to be fit for Mika´s next world tour and only for this reason .......
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    He didn't really give a lot of informations He said that he decided to stop writing for 1 year, then he wrote this album in 2 years and a half and it's an important album for him. For 2019 and 2020 he has a busy schedule and there is a lot to come The tour starts in Asia, then europe and the US
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    Mika talks about "ICE CREAM".
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    "Exciting next few weeks" I have never been more ready!
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    This is Mika the cat
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    I think we're going to laugh when we really know the true lyrics
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    It's a very long story. MFC is for all ages so since its beginning some fans started using the word as a coded word meaning something only adults do and at that time Mika used to read MFC so he knows what chicken means for MFCers. And he started playing a game with a fan (You saw her video) She was trying to film him saying "No chicken tonight' and he always said it when the camera was not on but finally she managed to record him saying it. So making Mika laugh with chicken is a big tradition for us and when I found a singing dancing chicken I brought it to his concerts until I could show it to him and he laughed a lot but he refused to take it. He even got a huge plastic chicken from Asian fans once. And now it's his turn to make us laugh with his video as " I feel like chicken tonight" coming from him is both hilarious and sweet because it's part of our MFC tradition to feel naughty and laugh whenever we cook chicken and it's the same for him
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    I don't know if it's true or not, but a gig at Bercy surely isn't private or secret, so if it's true, we'll probably get an official announcement from Team Mika about it soon. Apparently that website's business model is creating clicks and likes by exclusively announcing tourdates before they are officially published. It seems to be run by a private person. How reliable their info is in general or whether the date & venue are true at all, or they just based it on the info we all have, that Mika will be on tour later this year, I don't know. In any case, I wouldn't book anything unless there is an official announcement.
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    Montage from the private concert in Moscow
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