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    *mods, feel free to lock this thread if there's already one for it* Hello! I'd like to know, what's your favorite song from each album that Mika's produced? I'll start: LICM: Any Other World TBWKTM: Lover Boy SFS EP: Lady Jane TOoL: Lola NPIH: Oh Girl, You're The Devil Honorable mentions: Stuck in the Middle, I See You, Blue Eyes, Elle Me Dit, Last Party And, I must say, Sound of an Orchestra is very nice as well.
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    The exams are officially finished
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    It's hard to choose favorite song. I have favorite songs on every album.
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    Tbh for me it's impossible to choose, it depends on the mood... Also it's hard for me to choose just one because I often have one favourite upbeat song and one ballade on each album. And it changes everytime.
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    yesterday: 18 632 stream on spotify the song is struggling to reach 1 Million streams
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    Wow this costume ... How long did it take to do it?
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    Like you say, Eliza, there are similar threads to this. Here are a couple: https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/31064-your-favorite-song-by-mika/ https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/33282-fan-survey/
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    Nuovo Anno, Nuovo Thread! 🎉 Un caldo benvenuto a tutti, Italiani e non! Avremo di che riempire queste pagine con in vista tante novità: musica, album, tour e collaborazioni! Buon divertimento! ------------------------------------------- Italian Press 2019 Italian Thread 2018
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    Hello!! He is! Sadly in the states we Mikafans are few and far between. If it weren't for MFC i wouldn't have met any others.
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    Io ho iniziato a seguire "La Compagnia Del Cigno" perché mi piacciono le fiction di Cotroneo e per la collaborazione di Mika. Successivamente, mi sono talmente appassionata alla storia di questi sette ragazzi talentuosi e alle loro problematiche, che il suo cameo che vedremo lunedì prossimo, è un valore aggiunto ad una serie perfettamente confezionata, che trasmette sani valori positivi e molto importanti. Comunque dai Paoletta, manca pochissimo ormai!
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    mannaggia a voi... ho aspettato tanto ieri sera... ma poco male settimana prossima lo vedremo sicuramente ieri sera avevo la sua espressione identica mentre aspettavo di vederlo
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    Buon pomeriggio! A partire dal 9 febbraio alle ore 21:00 su TF1, andranno in onda le audizioni di The Voice! Ecco i link per lo streaming: https://www.stream4free.live/tf1-live-streaming https://www.firstonetv.live/Live/France/TF1-28 https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/direct
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    When Mika thinks for the first time of "Sound of an Orchestra"
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    New family members
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    well, we can show each other their own collections of Mika .. show us everything that is related to Mika.. ok I can start.. this is my room my clock flower vase
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    After days of listening to the SOAO xD Roger made such a pretty girl!
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    Frederic Longbois sera présent dans la prochaine émission de The Voice en 2019. Une surprise pour les coachs Frederic Longbois will be present in the next The Voice France in 2019. A surprise for the coaches
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    please make them be released worldwide please make them be released worldwide please make them be released worldwide please make them be released worldwide please make them be released worldwide
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    You know, I think Emily is very similar to this one song...what's it called...Elle me dit? Gosh Mika is sooooo unoriginal, stealing other people's ideas.
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    :shocked:OMG!!! Ur collection is so awesome! I wish I had a room like urs. Here's my collection: It's pretty small