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    Hi girls, how are you? 😘 Unfortunately I have to say I don't feel so well this month. There's actually no reason but since January I started to feel a little bit depressed, lonely and hopeless... It's sad but I don't want to speak about it with my family because they would worry too much. That's why I want to share it with you and ask you, if you ever feel the same and what do you do against it? I'd like to find some new friends or hobbies because my best friend is so busy with her job, school, hobbies, boyfriend etc. However, it's quite difficult, I don't know where to start. I'm trying to focus on studying now but it's also hard to do so. Sorry if my post doesn't make sense, I just had to share my thoughts with someone. Thank you for reading it.
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    I love this one too
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    When they stop bothering me with these questions about releasing new album or worse... my book!
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    This is all I've got. I hope you enjoy it
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    Mika with blond hair Original and black don't change so much.
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    From The Voice IG stories. Julien Clerc comes to Florent Pagny to learn how to use the red button. Julien: Is anybody here? Florent? Florent: Julien, I am happy to know that it's you to take my chair. As they say: "Let's leave the place for younger". To be a good coach you have to know how to press the button. Come here. Julien: (pressing the red button): Like this? Florent: Harder. Stay focused. Florent: Respect the red button and the red button will respect you. Florent: Yes, this one was good. Julien: Really? Florent: No. (from despair Julien presses the button with his forehead). Florent: Last two things to remember. First: the most important are talents. And another one: the chair's name is "Come back". 2019 01 25 a.mp4 2019 01 25 b.mp4 2019 01 25 c.mp4 2019 01 25 d.mp4
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    Gave It All Away is a song that was written by Mika and appears on the album Boyzone band entitled "Brother" released in 2010, after the death of one of the members - Stephen Gately. After the funeral of Stephen Gately in 2009, the other members of the band went to Los Angeles to finish work on the album "Brother". Two years earlier, Boyzone was allowed to record the song Gave It All Away, but at the last moment Mika withdrew it. The song really enjoyed the band and wondered if it would be possible to regain it. There was an unprecedented thing during Boyzone's stay in LA. The band met Mike at the hotel, who said when he saw them: I know what you are going to say - the song is yours. In addition to this song, two more songs from this album, contain the voice of the deceased friend. The song appears as the first single promoting the album "Brother". Mika's version Mika singing with the band
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    Live Your Life - the song was released in May 2013 through Universal Music Spain. Mika wrote this song for the need to advertise the Spanish San Miguel beer. The song is a converted version of the hit song from 2011 "Ciudadanos de un lugar llamado mundo" performed by the Spanish alternative pop group Delafé y las Flores Azules.
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    Boum Boum Boum - a French song that appears on the album "No Place In Heaven", and more precisely on the French deluxe versions. A piece written by Mike and Doriand. The single was released together with a clip directed by Jonathan Lia in June 2014. The song appears as the second on the soundtrack to the film "Spy" from 2015. Mika told about this song and the video, in an interview for French radio RFM in June 2014: Sophie Coste: So your new single is now available and is called "Boum Boum Boum". It is well-written that boum boum boum means to make love. Mika: Making boum boum refers to the heart, it happens when your heart beats. Sophie Coste: No, it really means to make love! Mika: I did not know, it's more like my way of speaking French. Yes, the song is about love and love, and explains that being too nice can be dangerous. Of course, you have to respect others, but you should not be nice to be nice. Together with Doriand we ate dinner at Le Stella in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Sophie Coste: Yes, I know that place. It probably was a good advertisement for them. Mika: It's fine, it's part of the story. It is a very formal and elegant restaurant, and I ate a green bean salad and drank wine. The restaurant was all these people (I looked at my right side, as we sat by the window) and suddenly I saw this man in his apartment in the window, who went into his bedroom and began to undress. I said to Doriand, look, what do you think will happen? The guy was almost naked and looked at himself in the mirror, and began to take off his boxers. Sophie Coste: I think I will go to Stella more often. (laughs) It looks very interesting. Mika: Yes, it was dinner and a show (laughs). It was crazy considering the context of this meal. The place was full of very serious people talking about very serious things, I ate my green beans and suddenly this guy ... Sophie Coste: This guy took out his green bean! Mika: (laughs) and his girlfriend came into the room and it was obvious that they were going to do it. Sophie Coste: Boum boum. Mika: They had to do boum boum (laughs). But his girlfriend was more clever or more shy. Sophie Coste: Bashful? Mika: So embarrassing, a bit more like me, for example, and she slid shutters at once. Sophie Coste: Too bad, it would be a good dessert! It would be perfect! Mika: And I was thinking about boum boum on the bridge in the 16th arrondissement of Paris! Doriand and I started to look for rhymes because it was fun. "Regardless of the place, regardless of the context," and Doriand came up with "to remove our fruit of the loom" that rhymes with boum boum boum. Sophie Coste: The song was not just over? Mika: That was the beginning of this song! Even then it did not exist! Sophie Coste: That was her genesis! Mika: So we ordered another bottle of wine and at that moment we wrote the text on the tablecloth. On the theme of the music video: Mika: I will tell you a story: I am a soldier of Napoleon's army and I am very much in love with my wife, whom I love, a pernicious woman. And I'm dying a little bit of it (it's not very obvious), but I'm resurrected as a prince of Arabia, and for dessert I fall in love with a belly dancer and she's obviously killing me too! In addition to Napoleon's soldier and the prince of Arabia, Mika also played the cowboy and James Bond. The video director described Mika's acting as follows: "It worked very well with Mika. He is a great actor who could truly empathize with every role, adding to it his talent to capture details and subtle expression. "The video was recorded in Spain.
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    Last Party - the song was made as a tribute to Freddie Mercury, it is part of the album "No Place In Heaven". Mika explained the meaning of the song in Billboard magazine: "He refers to Freddie Mercury when he found out that he was HIV positive. Then he suffered a strong shock, which manifested itself in the fact that he locked himself in a nightclub for a few days and arranged a crazy party for himself. It's probably a myth, I do not know how it really was, but it's certainly a well-known story. It made me think about how to deal with when you find out about various terrible things. I wanted to put it in the song as best as I could and tried to make it as intimate as possible. What I created and how I did it was meant to be a way out of the context of modern pop. It is strange that thanks to pop music you have a special opportunity to describe things that are really difficult to describe with normal everyday life or normal words. "Mika personally knows fellow Freddie Mercury of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor. He was afraid that they might feel that the song was breaking into the sacred territory and that he would endanger his relationship with them. Mika sent them a song in advance, the song appealed to them and the gentlemen expressed their approval. The music video was released in April 2015. This is a simple assembly created by Mika's friend, Peter Lindbergh. It was the first time that a famous fashion photographer ever collaborated with a music artist. "This cooperation was born naturally and from friendship," said Mika. "Peter wanted to capture me in a completely honest and as natural a way as possible, and simplicity and emotions are one of the most difficult things to achieve. Only with a man like Peter I could afford total honesty." First, Peter Lindbergh made a photo session for Mika, only later came the idea to revive them. So the same studio was rented and the Last Party video was shot with the same crew.
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    Popular Song - the song comes from the album "The Origin Of Love", the original was written and sung by Mika and Priscilla Rene. The song contains elements of the song "Popular" from the musical Wicked, whose author - Stepehn Schwartz - allowed Mika to use it. The music label offered Mika cooperation with Ariana Grande. At that time Mika associated her only as a television character, but he did not realize that she could sing. Mika and Ariana have made a music video for this song, which was released in April 2013. The film includes product placement from Sony (phone), Swatch (watch) and MINI (car). Scenes from behind the scenes of recording a music video can be viewed on YouTube. The version of the song with Ariana Grande has been heavily modified to be released as a single. Instruments and tempo were completely changed and curses removed from it. Popular Song was released as the second single of "The Origin Of Love" in December 2012. The song also appears on Ariana's first studio album "Yours Truly" released in 2013. The Mika and Ariana Grande duo have over 100 million views on YouTube and Vevo. It also has a gold certificate for its sale in the number of over 500,000 copies.
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    Origin Of Love - the single that opens the third album of Mika and at the same time constituting its title "The Origin Of Love" released in 2012. The music video, in which Mika does not appear, was directed by the Chilean director Cristian Jimenez. He was recorded on the streets of Santiago in Chile and with stars such as Jorge Arecheta and Daniel Ramirez. The film with the original version of the song had its premiere online in September 2012. It included scenes of a man and women having sex. The film was shown in British music channels, but the scenes were changed, replacing the original version of the song with a radio version. The film received very positive reviews from Sam Lansky from Idolator and Perez Hilton. The story of writing this song Mika explained in the following interview.
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    Rain - the song premiered in November 2009, while the music video appeared online a month earlier. The song comes from Mika's second album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much. The text of the song is a letter that Mika wrote to his former partner. He talked about it in The Sun: "It's the ripping letter I wrote. So I thought it would be fun to add the bright melody to it and get everyone to dance." Mika talked about this song in The London Times: "How did I feel on the day I wrote it? I was furious at the person I was meeting with. "The interviewer asked what the person was doing? Mika replied: "Nothing, it was a problem." Then Mika was asked, what was the person with whom he broke up to do? "Embarrass me. Making me happy by risking making me completely unhappy. So I wrote this nasty child rhyme, and then I thought it would not be fun to put it in dance music, which would make it sound too much." The video was directed by Nez Khammal and filmed at Epping Forest in Essex. The video was recorded in a dark enchanted forest with Mika waking up in a colorful tent. Soon he will be joined by various oddly dressed imps and creatures who dance around him first, but then drive him out of the forest among exploding fireworks.
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    Blame It On The Girls - single released in February 2010. The song uses a musical technique called 'musique concrète', in which music is created using everyday objects to create sound. In Blame It On The Girls, the rhythm is created by Mika hitting the desk, clapping her hands and stamping her feet. The song came about as a result of this situation: when Mika walked with his younger sister down the street of London, he saw a young, wealthy, handsome man who was shouting at someone on the phone. Passing by him, the man nudged Zuleika without apologizing. Mika was furious with him and wanted to hit him. In turn, his sister looked at the departing man and said: What a poor beautiful boy. And then Mika suffered a revolt and came up with the idea of writing this song. Mika in this song says that when you're a teenager, you're going through a phase of blaming everyone around you for what's happening in your life. But really the only person you should blame is yourself.
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    We Are Golden - the first single from Mika's second album "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" released in September 2009. In June 2009, Mika pre-premiere talked about the song in Q magazine: "It's a very loud and aggressive sound, but in the good sense of the word. There is a gospel choir and a children's choir, but unlike the first album, children do not sing sweetly, but they shout with all their strength. "In The Observer Music Monthly, Mika confessed that the gospel choir Andrae Crouch (who also sang for Madonna" Like a Pryer " ) refused to sing the verse of the song 'do not give it up when you're young and you want some'. One of the choristers asked Mika what it is something he wants, is it a cheesburger? Of course, it was not on Mika's mind so he explained to him that the theme of the song was inspired by the novel by Angela Carter from 1967 The Magic Toyshop. The novel is about the growing sexuality of the heroine, who lives with a tyranny uncle, the creator of toys. Mika confessed that he was fascinated by the period of puberty in one's life. The album was originally intended to be the title of the song, but Mika confessed in the BBC Radio 1 program that he is considering changing it because he wanted something more absurd. In August 2009, it was confirmed that the title of the album will change to "The Boy Who Knew Too Much". The music video for the song premiered in August 2009. It is a kitschy celebration of youth, during which Mika dances in her teenage bedroom in his underwear. At BBC News, Mika confessed: "The movie is joyful, but there is also desperation. It's like a ceremony where there's a boy in his bedroom who begs the world to love him. " Two versions of the music video were created, which you can compare here: https://plus.google.com/photos/110420308764104744183/albums/5894573698242611457/5894573702859924658?cfem=1&pid=5894573702859924658&oid=110420308764104744183
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    Relax (Take It Easy) - a song released in 2006 as a limited single in the UK, and re-released in December 2007 as a song promoting the album "Life In Cartoon Motion". Two music videos have been created for this song - one largely animated and the other one consisting of video and photo materials made by fans during various concerts of Mika. The story of this song was told by Mika during a concert at the London Palladium in June 2016: "I wrote this song when I came back from the metro station. It was a very bad day for many people. I was at the subway station on my way to the studio to write something. However, I did not write anything at the time. It was the same day the attacks in London took place. When I left the subway I thought: What should I do now? What is the meaning of a situation like this? It makes no sense, because it is terrible for everyone, and even worse for many other people. So I sat down and thought that I could only do one thing - write a song, and so I did. I never really say why I actually wrote this song because people usually identify it with fun, getting drunk during holidays and having sex with people they do not know. But I know what I wrote about this song and when I sing it, I know what I'm singing about. "
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    Love Today - the single was released in 2007 and comes from Mika's debut album "Life In Cartoon Motion". The story of this song Mika told in the Stasera Casa Mika (so1eo2). The main character of this story is Carolina. Carolina was the woman Mika met on the outskirts of Miami when he worked there, trying to become a musician. Carolina worked as a prostitute. Every night, after the rehearsals in the studio, around 2 or 3 in the morning, Mika used to wait for a taxi at the gas station. She was there waiting for her clients. As time passed, Mika began to get to know her. Sometimes Carolina was happy because the world gave her a few sweeter hours more than usual. However, one day Carolina did not show up at the gas station. Mika has not seen her ever since. Mika does not know what happened to her, but they never finished their relationship. Part of Carolina's story, her struggles with life's challenges, part of her soul has been deep inside him. Mika does not know how her story ended, probably not the best, but he wrote the song for her. In addition to Carolina's story to write Love Today, Mike inspired that he fell in love. In one of the interviews, he mentioned that this feeling drives him to create.
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    Happy Ending - the single was released in October 2007 and comes from the first album of Mika. During the symphonic concert at the Teatro Sociale in Como in October 2015, Mika said that the song was written by him and his friend Ida in a garage in which there used to be a volkswagen golf car. Mika described the story of this song also in an interview with The Sun in February 2007: "This song is about a few things, in a sense it's a kind of sad break song like My Interpretation, but at the same time it's about many other things. I will never forget when I recorded this song in Los Angeles, I always took a ride from the place where I lived to a studio that was not in the city and the number of homeless people on the way was absolutely shocking.The horrible images of homelessness that I saw every morning, they really connected with this song, it just shows that a simple song in a certain way of thinking has a meaning that evolves and changes over time, I think it's very important that listeners find their own meaning for songs."
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    Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - the single was released in July 2007 and comes from the album "Life In Cartoon Motion". The story of this song is as follows: "I was flying to Los Angeles the next day and I could not sleep because I do not like flying so much. So I watched the junk television, it was two in the morning and flew the documentary program of Victoria Wood on the fourth channel. The program was about fat people from the United States and Victoria was visiting a club called The Butterfly Lounge, which was the first club where fluffy women could meet. Skinny women were not allowed in there. These women were great and I felt that I must write about them. I silenced the TV and wrote it right away. I never expected that this song will appear on the album, but a few weeks later we recorded it and here it is. It's one of my favorite songs and it's great to play live." Mika recorded a special version of this song for one of the episodes of Ugly Betty, changing the chorus to "Hey Betty, you are beautiful." Mika explained in the Sun newspaper: Betty is a real fashion icon and we should celebrate everyone like her - real people who remain true to their identity. That's what the Big Girl song is all about, so it was a perfect match to change the song for her. It was a great honor to be asked to do it. I love this program!
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    Ok so here I put some stories/informations about some Mika's songs which I publicated on my fb fanpage. Sorry for any mistakes I just put the text into translator, don't want to do the whole translation again this time from polish to english Grace Kelly - the single was released in 2007 and comes from Mika's debut album "Life In Cartoon Motion". This is the second single in general that reached the top of the UK charts without selling it in physical copy. Grace Kelly ranked first in the UK, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Norway and Turkey. The melody of the song is based on the aria "Largo al Factotum" in the opera "The Barber of Seville" by Gioachino Rossini. The clip was directed by Sophie Muller, who also collaborated with such celebrities as Gwen Stefani and Beyonce. The video shows Mika singing to the little girl played by the daughter of the director - Holly Muller. The clip was shot at Mika's house along with his band, family and friends. Mika wrote the song after he felt frustrated by record label directors who wanted him to change his appearance and music to resemble Craig David, the then popular performer in the UK. Mika rejected the idea and wrote Grace Kelly as a way to express his individuality. The monthly "Observer Music Monthly" in December 2007 asked Mike how he felt that his song was ranked first in the UK. Mika said: "It's very unreal, it still seems unreal." It's just a song I wrote in my room. Before I wrote Grace Kelly, everything in my life was questioned. I tried to find out what I would do in my life, I tried to be musician, be independent, give yourself a chance for any relationship, I just tried to put it all in my head. This song sums it all up." In an interview with BBC 1 Radio 1 with Reggie Yates in May 2012, Mika explained why he ended the song with the word "kerching!": "I was so desperate to sign a contract, but not because I wanted to have a great record, but because I wanted to be able to make it for a living, so I took my music and went to one record company, and I heard from a man. "Listen, you will never sell, you're not strange enough, you're not indie enough, you're not pop enough, What are you? You are like a strange thing. "I came back home and I was very angry, I thought I would get this contract. It was absurd, so I wrote a song saying:" I can be whatever color you want, what the hell do you want me to be , I have to look older, I have to lean down to get on the shelf What do you want? You do not know what you want so I can be everybody With the rainbow color, everything you think is money, so kerching! Take it! "And that's how the song came out.
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    Rai1 Vieni da me Puntata del 25/01/2019 RaiPlay www.raiplay.it/video/2019/01/Vieni-da-Me CLIP of Amatrice : ( Mika is not in this program. )
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    You guys!! You can also use the browser version of Spotify without even installing the app, it's super easy actually 😊 (I think the link is something like browse.spotify.com or something, if it doesnt work you can also google maybe). Another streaming party sounds great!
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    I hope it reaches 1 million for the first month that's gonna be encouraging if we manage to do it.
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    @Dominika Thank you
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    www.tf1.fr/tf1/the-voice/videos/florent-pagny-coache-julien-clerc.html Quand Florent Pagny coache Julien Clerc ! Pour être un bon coach, il faut savoir buzzer. Notre nouveau coach Julien Clerc va prendre conseil auprès du coach historique Florent Pagny, avant de se lancer dans l’aventure The Voice. Rendez-vous samedi 9 février à 21h pour découvrir les talents de cette nouvelle édition avec le nouveau quatuor : JULIEN CLERC, SOPRANO, JENIFER et MIKA. When Florent Pagny coaches Julien Clerc! To be a good coach, you have to know buzzer. Our new coach Julien Clerc will take advice from the historic coach Florent Pagny, before embarking on the adventure The Voice. See you Saturday, February 9 at 21h to discover the talents of this new edition with the new quartet: JULIEN CLERC, SOPRANO, JENIFER and MIKA.
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    This is the thread for "Elle Me Dit" Maybe you can post the article you found in this thread.
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    @Mikasister Ok thanks I thought to do some kind of synthesis
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    Yes, there're threads "Lyrics & Discussion " of almost all his songs.
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    Here is an aticle about the story of "Elle Me Dit" https://www.cheriefm.fr/artistes/mika/actualites/mika-l-histoire-du-celebre-clip-d-elle-me-dit-71408589 Traduction with Google: Not content to be one of the most successful in the bins of the singer, the title has also left behind one of his most famous clips. "Elle Me Dit", a very personal title Composed by Mika, "Elle Me Dit" is a kind of remote dialogue between a son and his mother who wants to put it out. First single and emblematic title of "The Origin of Love", the third album of the singer, this piece remained as famous for his catchy chorus as for his fanciful and colorful clip. A shoe size behind the camera To achieve it, Mika uses a size in the person of the clipper Kinga Burza. The Australian-Polish director has worked for some of pop's biggest names such as Lana del Rey, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding, and has made a name for herself by signing Katy Perry's cult hit "I Kissed a Girl". Here, she dresses the song of a clip inspired by family sitcoms, which turns to the settlement of good-natured account. Known faces Mika never appears in the clip of his song, which does not prevent the viewer from falling on some recognizable faces. The star of the video is obviously Fanny Ardant, who plays the role of the singer's mother and double mother. But it is not the only one because the observers will recognize in the role of the son of the family the young Axel Huet, one of the heroes of the series of M6 "En famille". The youngest daughter is played by Daisy Broom, an actress seen at the cinema in "Bang Gang" and "Band of Girls". The matriarch of the family takes on the features of ex-model Tanya Drouginska, Dior's former muse and former Secret Story candidate in 2017. As for the incendiary redhead of the clip, it is Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez that can be found in the daily soap opera of France 2 "Un si grand soleil".
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    Looking at a video, I come across that
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    When the new Mika album go out? i'm wait
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    Amy, are you able to see the score starting from the 4th of January? And is it for one country or a global score? I wonder how many entries we need to have 1 million. Thank you for you updates 💓
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    GENTE 26 Gennaio 2019 Page 48 - 50 PDF file : GENTE_26_Gennaio_2019-p.48-50.pdf IL SUCCESSO DI “LA COMPAGNIA DEL CIGNO” SPIEGATO DALL’AUTORE La fiction va SE C’È MUSICA E SPONTANEITÀ MA COME FA IVAN COTRONEO A CENTRARE IL BERSAGLIO? «LA FORMULA STAVOLTA È SEMPLICE: MI SONO ISPIRATO ALLA SERIE “SARANNO FAMOSI”, CI HO MESSO ESORDIENTI E SEMPLICITÀ E POI STORIE DI FAMIGLIE» È GENIALE, UNA GARANZIA Ivan Cotroneo, 50 anni, sceneggiatore, regista e romanziere. Sono firmate da lui molte serie Tv di successo. «Ma ogni volta sono sulle spine» dice. «Anche dopo anni di conferme non so mai se il pubblico mi capirà». RECLUTATI IN CONSERVATORIO Milano. Sei dei sette ragazzi protagonisti della fiction La compagnia del cigno: sono tutti musicisti veri reclutati nei conservatori di tutta Italia. Da sinistra, gli attori Leonardo Mazzarotto, 20 anni, Ario Sgroi, 16, Francesco Tozzi, 16, Hildegard De Stefano, 21, Chiara Pia Aurora, 18, ed Emanuele Misuraca, 22. MA DRAMMA E AMORE SONO I PILASTRI DELLA STORIA Due scene di La compagnia del cigno, in onda su Raiuno in sei puntate. Oltre a parlare di musica, la fiction narra drammi, amori e legami familiari. Sopra, Giorgio Pasotti, 45 anni (con la piccola Gaia Iaforte, 10): l’attore è il padre divorziato di uno dei ragazzi. Sotto, Alessio Boni, 52, il terribile maestro Marioni, e Anna Valle, 43, l’ex moglie: nel loro passato c’è un terribile lutto. Di sicuro il signore che vedete nella foto qui sopra non è uno qualunque. Si chiama Ivan Cotroneo ed è il re Mida delle serie televisive italiane. È grazie alla sua geniale inventiva e alla sua versalità che, da anni, milioni di persone rimangono incollate davanti al piccolo schermo a ridere, commuoversi e riflettere aspettando con ansia la puntata o la stagione successive. Sono firmate da lui serie storiche come Tutti pazzi per amore (2008-2010), dove Emilio Solfrizzi e Antonia Liskova vivevano una rocambolesca relazione circondati da amici e parenti con variegati problemi e caratteri; o Una grande famiglia (2012-2014), saga dei ricchi Rengoni della provincia lombarda densa di triangoli amorosi e con un pizzico di thriller. Era dovuto a un’idea di Cotroneo anche SE C’È MUSICA E SPONTANEITÀ La fiction va lo strabiliante successo di Un’altra vita (2014) con Vanessa Incontrada e Daniele Liotti e il più recente Sirene (2017), con Ornella Muti e Luca Argentero, dove per la prima volta in una serie Tv il genere fantasy si sposava con la commedia. Eppure, a ogni debutto televisivo, Cotroneo è sulle spine. Lo è stato anche prima della messa in onda di La compagnia del cigno, nuova serie in sei puntate partita su Raiuno il 7 gennaio e che ha fatto il boom di ascolti con 6 milioni di telespettatori. «Ero spaventato», dice Ivan Cotroneo a Gente. «Tengo moltissimo a questo progetto e anche ai ragazzi che ci recitano». La fiction, la cui storia si svolge intorno al Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, narra le vicende di sette giovani musicisti dai 15 ai 18 anni diversi per carattere, estrazione sociale e vicende familiari. I ragazzi si misurano con i sogni e le problematiche della loro età sotto la supervisione del duro maestro Luca Marioni, detto “il bastardo” (interpretato da Alessio Boni), che puntata dopo puntata si trasforma da nemico a guida salvifica perché li costringe a esercitarsi insieme, a trovare la forza nella coesione del gruppo, nell’unità della squadra. La morale di questa storia è che “da soli non si è nessuno”. «Ci tenevo a inserire il tema dell’inclusione, così attuale di questi tempi», dice Cotroneo. «Ma il progetto non era semplice da sottoporre a una platea popolare. Oltretutto, qui la musica non è affrontata come nei talent. L’obiettivo di questi ragazzi non è cantare per diventare famosi o scalare le classifiche. Volevo portare all’attenzione del grande pubblico un genere di nicchia, la musica classica, e poi esaltare l’impegno, il duro lavoro, la disciplina. C’è anche la figura fondamentale di un maestro che non è sempre colui che ti elogia ma anche quello che ti mostra i tuoi limiti e ti costringe a superarli a volte con eccessiva severità. Io, nella vita, ho sempre ringraziato chi è stato in grado di dirmi: “Così non va, rifallo”. Come quando studiavo sceneggiatura con i grandi Suso D’Amico o Giorgio Arlorio». Ma sarà proprio perché di certe tematiche se ne sente la mancanza che il grande pubblico ha apprezzato. Certo, Cotroneo ha anche servito un piatto ricco di ingredienti di forte appeal. «Mi sono ispirato alle serie Tv che ho più amato, come Saranno Famosi e Glee», dice Cotroneo, classe 1968. «Quindi c’è la musica di alto livello ma anche momenti da musical. Ci sono le dinamiche con il maestro ma anche le storie familiari. Il cast è molto ricco: Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Anna Valle, Giorgio Pasotti. E poi c’è sempre un po’ di dramma perché il maestro Marioni condivide con la moglie un oscuro passato». Si aggiunga anche il fatto che i sette ragazzi protagonisti sono davvero musicisti e non fingono di suonare, lo fanno sul serio. «Ho girato i conservatori di tutta Italia e ne ho selezionati più di 1.800», racconta Cotroneo. «Cinque di loro non avevano mai recitato prima. L’elemento spontaneità è uno dei motivi del successo di questa serie». Lo sceneggiatore si è trovato così a contatto con i teenager. «Non è la prima volta», spiega lui. «Già per Un bacio, il film tratto dal mio romanzo omonimo, ebbi a che fare con gli adolescenti. Scoprendo che sono migliori di quelli della mia generazione. Sono più liberi da certi schemi mentali e non sono in attesa di un eroe che li salva». Anche la famiglia è un tema centrale nei racconti di Cotroneo. «Ho sempre rappresentato nuclei numerosi e variegati», spiega. «Perché io stesso vengo da una famiglia così. Sono originario di Napoli e anche se ho un fratello solo sono sempre stato circondato da molti zii e cugini con cui si condivideva tutto, non solo le feste comandate. Un modo per non sentirsi mai soli». Oltre a essere sceneggiatore, Cotroneo è anche regista e romanziere. Ha collaborato con grandi nomi del cinema come Ferzan Ozpetek e Lina Wertmüller Si è misurato anche con la scrittura di show Tv come Stasera casa Mika e il cantautore inglese ha scritto anche la sigla di La compagnia del cigno. Ogni volta, un successo. «Mi sono guadagnato la fiducia di produttori e pubblico. Ma ogni volta è come se fosse la prima. Raccontare storie è la mia passione sin da bambino e non mi importa del successo. Ogni volta attendo di vedere se l’universo che ho mostrato è stato capito». Viene capito, eccome. Eppure, a sentire lui, non c’è un segreto, una formula. «Forse ciò che accomuna tutta la mia produzione è il fatto di fare le cose con sincerità e crederci fino in fondo». Sarà così anche per la prossima sfida. «Magari penso a un talent sulla musica classica, potrebbe funzionare». «I GIOVANI DI OGGI SONO PIÙ LIBERI DI QUANTO LO FOSSIMO NOI», DICE Google translator
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    Weekend with "Sound of an Orchestra". Let's play the song as much as possible. It would be great to have 1 milion entries for the first month on Spotify!!!!! So let's go, Mika fans! We can do it!!!! Go to Spotify and listen, listen listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And another song: Les Enfoires 2019. "On Trace". You will hear it at The Voice one day - sung by the coaches
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    Yes, it would be great. But we need to work together and play the song ove and over again. The whole weekend? For me no problem!
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    New Frédéric Longbois shows in Paris next month https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs52p16hp6-/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1sl2usi86g2rp
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    My french is bad and it'll be past midnight here but I am still going to do this.
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    Le Parisien Mercredi 23 Janvier 2019 PDF file ( page 34 / 289 kb) leparis230119-34.pdf L'ACTU TÉLÉ LA SAISON 8 DE « THE VOICE » ARRIVE LE 9 FÉVRIER Les fans du télécrochet de TF 1 s’en frottent déjà les mains : la saison 8 de « The Voice : la Plus Belle Voix » débutera le 9 février à 21 heures. Et Nikos Aliagas (photo) sera entouré d’une nouvelle équipe de coachs. Julien Clerc et Soprano s’installeront désormais dans les fauteuils rouges auprès de Jenifer et Mika. Autre nouveauté, chacun bénéficiera d’un bouton « block » qui permettra de bloquer un autre coach pour l’empêcher de recruter un talent. Après les auditions à l’aveugle, l’épreuve des KO fait également son apparition. TV ACTU SEASON 8 OF THE VOICE COMES ON FEBRUARY 9 Fans of the TF 1 telecollet are already rubbing their hands: Season 8 of "The Voice: The Most Beautiful Voice" will start on February 9 at 9 pm. And Nikos Aliagas (photo) will be surrounded by a new team of coaches. Julien Clerc and Soprano will now sit in the red chairs with Jenifer and Mika. Another novelty, each will benefit from a "block" button that will block another coach to prevent him from recruiting a talent. After the blind auditions, the knockout event also appears.
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    Hello Paoletta . How are you ?
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    It would be really nice, if the day we launch them on stage, we were all together !!!
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    Hello on Monday everyone! How are you doing? I'm enjoying holidays and doing sweet nothing... well maybe not complately nothing I read a book "Three wishes" of Polish author in one day! Gosh it was such breathtaking story, I didn't have enough of this book! And today, if the weather won't break down, I'll go skating with my friend. But I wanted to say complately something else. I was doing some research for my Mika fanpage and I went to mikasounds.com and I'm concerned how behind is this page with informations! That's a shame that representative page don't follow some current events and stuff And because of the lack of information I have a question whether singles from No Place In Heaven album were released in physical form or just digital? I saw that there is a possibility to buy Talk About You but didn't find others. Also I'm curious whether someone here has got Dodgy Holidays EP. Never seen it before, it's totally unseen edition now! Have a nice day!
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    Hello from the other side!
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    yup, it's on the "to add" list under Austin Healey Sprite