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    Hi girls, how are you? 😘 Unfortunately I have to say I don't feel so well this month. There's actually no reason but since January I started to feel a little bit depressed, lonely and hopeless... It's sad but I don't want to speak about it with my family because they would worry too much. That's why I want to share it with you and ask you, if you ever feel the same and what do you do against it? I'd like to find some new friends or hobbies because my best friend is so busy with her job, school, hobbies, boyfriend etc. However, it's quite difficult, I don't know where to start. I'm trying to focus on studying now but it's also hard to do so. Sorry if my post doesn't make sense, I just had to share my thoughts with someone. Thank you for reading it.
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    Mika with blond hair Original and black don't change so much.
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    Here is an aticle about the story of "Elle Me Dit" https://www.cheriefm.fr/artistes/mika/actualites/mika-l-histoire-du-celebre-clip-d-elle-me-dit-71408589 Traduction with Google: Not content to be one of the most successful in the bins of the singer, the title has also left behind one of his most famous clips. "Elle Me Dit", a very personal title Composed by Mika, "Elle Me Dit" is a kind of remote dialogue between a son and his mother who wants to put it out. First single and emblematic title of "The Origin of Love", the third album of the singer, this piece remained as famous for his catchy chorus as for his fanciful and colorful clip. A shoe size behind the camera To achieve it, Mika uses a size in the person of the clipper Kinga Burza. The Australian-Polish director has worked for some of pop's biggest names such as Lana del Rey, Calvin Harris, and Ellie Goulding, and has made a name for herself by signing Katy Perry's cult hit "I Kissed a Girl". Here, she dresses the song of a clip inspired by family sitcoms, which turns to the settlement of good-natured account. Known faces Mika never appears in the clip of his song, which does not prevent the viewer from falling on some recognizable faces. The star of the video is obviously Fanny Ardant, who plays the role of the singer's mother and double mother. But it is not the only one because the observers will recognize in the role of the son of the family the young Axel Huet, one of the heroes of the series of M6 "En famille". The youngest daughter is played by Daisy Broom, an actress seen at the cinema in "Bang Gang" and "Band of Girls". The matriarch of the family takes on the features of ex-model Tanya Drouginska, Dior's former muse and former Secret Story candidate in 2017. As for the incendiary redhead of the clip, it is Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibanez that can be found in the daily soap opera of France 2 "Un si grand soleil".
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    Looking at a video, I come across that
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    When the new Mika album go out? i'm wait
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    Weekend with "Sound of an Orchestra". Let's play the song as much as possible. It would be great to have 1 milion entries for the first month on Spotify!!!!! So let's go, Mika fans! We can do it!!!! Go to Spotify and listen, listen listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And another song: Les Enfoires 2019. "On Trace". You will hear it at The Voice one day - sung by the coaches
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    Hello on Monday everyone! How are you doing? I'm enjoying holidays and doing sweet nothing... well maybe not complately nothing I read a book "Three wishes" of Polish author in one day! Gosh it was such breathtaking story, I didn't have enough of this book! And today, if the weather won't break down, I'll go skating with my friend. But I wanted to say complately something else. I was doing some research for my Mika fanpage and I went to mikasounds.com and I'm concerned how behind is this page with informations! That's a shame that representative page don't follow some current events and stuff And because of the lack of information I have a question whether singles from No Place In Heaven album were released in physical form or just digital? I saw that there is a possibility to buy Talk About You but didn't find others. Also I'm curious whether someone here has got Dodgy Holidays EP. Never seen it before, it's totally unseen edition now! Have a nice day!
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