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    mika choose already the pic for this album ... i waiting for album... so Mika please the album!!!
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    Because serious things are happening on Youtube; I have put this link, which can free up speech, in the same way as we do with school bullying.
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    I hope Mika can perform again in "rock in rio", the list of artists isn't finished yet
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    Youtube links problem on Mikapopolsku.com Hello everybody. If you go to my website and you see some link problems (to youtube videos), please let me know (here on MFC or directly via comments from the page). I've learned that a few links to my "private" files on youtube are blocked. This f**king Article 13 is a big s**t! There is no official music there! I am not able to see the problem when I enter the website as the system let me watch my own videos. I case of blocked videos I will replace them with local files. Thank you very much! And don't forget to check the tab "THE VOICE FRANCE 8" with weekly updates when the show starts!!!!!
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    hi guys... Mika watch Sanremo?
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    the 3 coaches are doing interviews, covers of magazines, twitting about the voice but MIKA