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    Thank you @Kumazzz and @Mikasister. It looked for me like Paris and we can see the rainbow sign. But it was 6 years ago !!!! Looks like philipmauris wanted to remind us about something
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    Mika will be guest at Plateau TV Saturday the 9th of February at 15h00 on France Bleu.
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    This is called "Oh my God" effect 2019 01 11 b.mp4
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    Someone asked what her reaction was when she knew that she would have acted with Mika. She replied that those were their faces after an hour of work on the set. Hers was the one in the picture for a month. Mika probably couldn't take it anymore: at some point he started talking half italian half spanish.
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    I guess the pic was taken from Sanremo 2019. Sanremo 2019 - Lo show di Pio e Amedeo Screenshot on 15:44
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    Esos rulos con nutrición de keratina. Amo.
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    This talent is 100% adapted to work with Mika I hope he didn't make the wrong choice
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    But I see only two ppl working and one is just sitting next to them hahaha
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    From Mika IG stories: 1974129090224375608_179779999.mp4
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    The Voice TF1 IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/thevoice_tf1/ MP4 ( 1.2 MB / 1.2 MB )
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    I hope we can listen to it outside France on this site. https://www.francebleu.fr/107-1
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    Jim Woodring a genius, as Mika says in his instagram. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Woodring
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    Instagram story by philipmauris (Philippe Laugier). No idea where and when 😲
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    Yeeeesss. We should reach 1 million today!!!!! Let's listen to the song on Spotify!!!!!!!!!!! All hand on board!!!!!!
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    05/ 02 : 16 526 06/02 : 15 652 986 431 We're close 13 569 left
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    Trabajando para variar la rutina? 😂🙈
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    Para mi también en su mayoria son regalados... Casi todo lo q últimamente Mika hace es x publicidad asi que no me extrañaria que sea x publicidad solamente. Todos ganan ahi. Si lei x ahi quién criticaba que postee su fortuna ante nosotros los pobres 😂😂😂 pero no se xq de última el tipo vive bien gracias a nosotras y también xq tiene varios trabajitos extras que le pagan bien... No es que anda robando o algo asi. (No literalmente 🙈)
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    Nuovo Anno, Nuovo Thread! 🎉 Un caldo benvenuto a tutti, Italiani e non! Avremo di che riempire queste pagine con in vista tante novità: musica, album, tour e collaborazioni! Buon divertimento! ------------------------------------------- Italian Press 2019 Italian Thread 2018
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/pascalguix/ LE BOSS @mikainstagram MP4
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    Well, we had a lot of discussion about Mika's chart in this thread but we never came to any definite conclusion about his rising sign (ascendant). However, based on something he said in a tweet, I calculated his rising sign to be Gemini. Sadly none of our astrology experts were still around to confirm this.
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    Interesting. One of the candidates shown today on Facebook!!!!!! Four coaches turned their chairs. Which one will Gjon choose?
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    Sabato pomeriggio alle ore 15 su France Bleu, andrà in onda un'intervista di Mika, in cui parlerà della sua nuova avventura a The Voice. https://www.francebleu.fr/107-1 E ne stiamo parlando anche qui:
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    Thank you @lormare73 I think now I get the meaning!
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    IG Story Chiara Aurora Pia . Chiara was answering questions sent by her fans. Can anybody translate itfrom Italian? My translation does not do it correctly and I don't want to write any stupid thing
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    this is a fantastic song... this is the sound of an orchestra.... beautiful lyric
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    Yes, this year Mika's team will win!!!!! (I hope so )
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    Esto es de vuestro país. ¿Habéis escuchado el especial de Mika?
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    Que tul? Pasaba por acá para bardear a Mika y me voy... 😂 #AguanteElNo-WorldTour
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    I like Bigger Than Us by Holly Tandy too, but I don't think it has any chance of winning. However, my record of picking the winning song is pretty poor , so what do I know.
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    I really love all this outfit! The blue, the cut of the coat, the black collar, the fine leather shoes and the matching hat!
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    Yes, i was wrong about last year, it was 2014 My country always like that, not as good as like other countries about brains. Annoying Winners are good, "winner"
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    Many lgbt couples do wear a ring on the wrong hand to show they are in a stable relationship. (Even Freddie Mercury did it) but I don’t think Mika does it. The lgbt community is kinda split on whether the traditional left hand or the lgbt right hand should be the one to wear a ring on since same sex marriage is legalised. Mika is very private so I doubt he would do something as publically significant as a ring unless he would wear one on a chain around his neck or something. Thought i should chip in as a member of the lgbt community
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    Ecco il cameo di Mika ne "La Compagnia Del Cigno":
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    30 pics from Getty images mika-hmv-oxford-london-2007
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