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    Hi im shirley 34 from the netherlands. I live together with my future husband and 2 dogs. I love the songs from mika from the beginning. Funny thing ...By a coinsidence i also had at that time a hamster i called myka.
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    Mika IG story https://www.instagram.com/stories/mikainstagram/
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    Dan Priddy is in London tonight. https://www.instagram.com/stories/notpriddy/ ( maybe, taken from the plane )
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    She is currently "working" at the "Folies Bergère".
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    Who has to study? ME!!!!!! How many days do I have until exam week? 2 week! What am I doinnng? I haven't been studying for a 1,5 month, since 20th January. I'm just sitting.
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    Mika is the best for me if choupette go with Mika is so better because he is a very best cat sitter
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    Hi, Shirley! Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place If you have any questions about Mika's work you can ask here : https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/28644-the-looking-for-something-thread-part-ii/
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    Hello Shirley and welcome to the MFC. Hope you have a lot of fun here. Enjoy the form, Mika, his music and make good friends. I leave you some threads you can be interested. And always is good people can take a look to the Guidelines https://www.mikafanclub.com/mika-fan-club-guidelines/
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    We have the-dutch-thread hope you find some friends at the MFC.
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    Uff. Skończyłam podsumowanie piątego odcinka The Voice. Jestem wykończona! Chyba pobiłam rekord szybkości Dla wygody w czytaniu (ale i w uzupełnianiu) utworzyłam kolejną zakładkę na "Przesłuchania w ciemno część 2". Myślę, że po 4 odcinki w zakładce wystarczą, żeby się przeglądarka "nie zapchała" https://mikapopolsku.com/przesluchania-w-ciemno-czesc-2/
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    Trabajando, trabajando. A ver que sale de todo esto.
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    In our country she left the contest after the battles, but only because she refused to be saved by another coach. She only wanted to work with her coach from the beginning and didn't want to do any compromise
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    I just saw this! Manahil here from Pakistan. Could you please add me?
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    Hello I'm new here, i'm a big fan of Mika since many years, Mika is my all, my idol 😍 I'm Aurore from France
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    Of course HE is better
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    Hi, never seen it before during all these years 😱 Anyway, if you can add me, I'm Virginia from Italy!