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    Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow - Арарат Парк Хаятт Москва https://www.instagram.com/stories/sebando/
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    When Mika shows us where his fabulous mélodies come from.
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    Some party it must have been 💯 At first there was this concert with Shawn, Alessia and Mika. And now this. Times like these I realise Mika is a celebrity.
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    Instagram andron_pavlov - Mika's hairdresser in Moscow .
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    Mine, yes! The 2nd one! The third one! And the gardener's one.
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    Both. And when you see the number of bodyguards, plus the reputation of the 3 singers, you think it was an anniversary that must have cost a maximum! 🤣
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    Mika IG story from Metropol Hotel Moscow Metropol Hotel Moscow https://metropol-moscow.ru/en/rooms/nomera-art-deko/#room-block-8762
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    It was one private event or two? I see two hotels : Metropol Hotel and Ararat Hyatt Park
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    I read on Twitter it was a private party in which Mika, Seal and Newman have sang. Is it possible?
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    As I read on other insta accounts, Mika was opening Seal concert and there was also John Newman. If I'm wrong correct me 😉
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    https://www.instagram.com/stories/helenashostak/ 55399563_313655012628492_1513139571999127439_n.mp4
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    Qui potete trovare alcuni video del concerto privato di Mika a Mosca:
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    Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow - Арарат Парк Хаятт Москва https://www.instagram.com/stories/sebando/
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    Questi sono i link per vedere o rivedere la 5a puntata di The Voice e de La Suite: https://t.co/x0QDVkMQd6 https://t.co/KT3GWSH2ii
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