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    It's a French site, called "ConcertFrance" - what do you expect there? Of course I also wish we got official news from Mika's team. 🙄
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    A friend sent me this miniature. A true artist and a Mika fan.
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    @Antoine shares DOWNLOAD link and uploading to RuTube. http://www.mikawebsite.com/ video-mika-dans-emission-la-vie-secrete-des-chansons
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    Questa sera alle 21 su Tf1, andrà in onda l'ultimo appuntamento con le battles di The Voice! Il prossimo sabato inizieranno i lives... https://www.myfree-tivi.com/watch/d https://www.stream4free.live/tf1-live-streaming?ttc=9xj9yvrc
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    Astier de Villatte https://www.bally.jp/ja/blog/craftsmanship/blog-craftsmanship-astier-villatte.html Astier de Villatte 173, rue Saint-Honoré astiervillatte.com The Strangely Seductive Smoking Cat Cats were an important source of inspiration for the French painter Balthus. So his widow, Countess Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, an esteemed artist in her own right, pays tribute to her late husband and his love of felines and cigarettes in her line for Parisian ceramics maker Astier de Villatte. Her eight-inch-tall Encensoir Chat ceramic figurine, which is all the rage in London, puffs incense smoke out of its mouth. $235.
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    Mika and a smoking cat.
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    It was more for everyone who was worried than for you. I know you know how concerts work!
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    Ciao Paoletta. If you wrote this post for italians maybe its better to post It in the italian thread.
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    Mika singing with a cat 😸 Mika ft Ariana Grande Popular Song Dancing With the Stars
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    best. thread. ever.
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    Io non capisco molto il francese ma non mi sono persa una puntata di the Voice... a di là della presenza di Mika mi piace veramente tanto come programma perché presentatore e coach sono veramente carini...competenti e umani e soprattutto non ci sono polemiche create a arte e inutili... 😍
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    I have to study, I have to study... These are my last exams and I need to study. Only one week I have to do it after that it gonna finish I have to study. My first results are very bad aaaaaaaaaa
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    yes i remember this
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    Im not worried about buying tickets I just would like to know if Mika will do shows in another countries.
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    When we check the venues on site there is no programming for Mika at the moment and as his team will notify the MFC, we don't have to worry. Everyone will know in time to buy the concert tickets. So as Sir says:
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    So, is this the world tour? Is he only touring in France? Didn't he say that he would start in Asia, then Europe and USA? It would be nice to clear things, Mika or his team said something about it.
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    Where is a Cat ? 🐈
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    Does this one count? https://www.instagram.com/p/BxP-DVoBHWv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=tuhf38na3e6j
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    yes the very Mika Cat
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    Ohh maybe he wanted to draw this cat breed
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    A cat without ears?
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    An INTERVIEW in China. a part of Mika Interview ELLEMEN Magazine 2016 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTU2MzE5MDI2MA==.html "Could you please draw me a cat ?" MIKA "THIS IS A CAT." MP4 Can you draw me a CAT.mp4
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    Salut Les inscriptions pour les directs de The Voice sont ouvertes http://www.emissions-tv.com/emissions/208/the_voice
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    REPLAY will be on https://www.france.tv/france-3/la-vie-secrete-des-chansons/