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    "Exciting next few weeks" I have never been more ready!
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    Siiiii!!! 💪✨❤️
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    I really like the idea with these shorts updates about upcoming album it's so EXCITING!
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    Mika's new Louboutin shoes for the musical tour!
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    Not necessairly If Brendon can do it why not Mika?
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    Finalmente il BOSS sta tornando 😍😍😍🤓🤓...... Felicissima di ascoltare sua nuova musica e di emozionarmi assieme a voi 😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵
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    Si @CristinaC., finalmente!!!!! Ci aspettano tantissime novità, nuova musica e nuove emozioni da condividere!!!! received_625505661264377.mp4
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    I like the songs from France, Armenia and Sweden. I just watched the first semi final show and I can't believe San Marino went through.
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    Rai Pubblicita http://www.raipubblicita.it/?end=1008 Music Awards L’evento musicale dell’estate, in diretta dall’Arena di Verona, con Carlo Conti, Vanessa Incontrada e i cantanti più amati. Dal 5 giugno su Rai 1 e RaiPlay. The summer musical event, live from the Verona Arena, with Carlo Conti, Vanessa Incontrada and the most beloved singers. From 5 June on Rai 1 and RaiPlay. pdf file : MusicAwards2019.pdf
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    Ciao Giulia Hopefully you will find a lot more Italian fans here
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    MIKA En Concert À Bordeaux En Partenariat Avec Virgin Radio ! 😍 Rendez-vous le vendredi 24 mai sur la place des Quinconces à Bordeaux, lors du World Impact Summit, le festival des solutions pour la planète. ✊🌍 Au programme également: Ofenbach, Cassius et Tom Walker Toute la programmation sur : www.wisfest.com
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    Welcome to the MFC, I'm Sara! Can I ask what's your name? What an adorable video. I'm so glad you joined and shared this lovely gift. It's the best medicine to cheer up a bad day! Looking forward to watching other compilations in the meantime, have a lot of fun here! See you around
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    thank you all sooooo much!!!!😍😍
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    Non mi sembra vero!!!! 😍😍🎉🎉
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    Just reading this but I also have strange problems while tagging sometimes like after I tag someone my post freezes and I can't type anything else. The latest update on my browser has somehow fixed that problem. (Firefox on android phone)
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    Hi, Thank you!😊 I haven't tried with other browsers but I will, thank you! Otherwise I will try to ask the people you told me😃
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    Thank you! I certainly will!😊
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    Hi, I both received the mail that told me to validate my account and then the one that told me that my registration is completed!
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    Si vi por Twitter que lo adelantaban! Es que lo hacen muy seguido, creo que no es un programa para todos los años, es para hacer y después dejar pasar un tiempo! Pero esa opinión es mía jajaja
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    This is more like a help call more than anything, and let me tell you, I need whatever piece of interview you distinguished MFCers have of Mika, especially is he comments on his world view, or his lyrics. I have found out about him tho years ago and I'm in dire need of processed data on him commenting on his art. The essay is on his expression of the conflict between imdividual freedom and social expectations/traditions- so lyrics provide me for the larger part already but I know it won't be enough, thus I turn to the elders of this fandom for their archives. I need, and honestly I cannot express this enough, NEED the knowledge and catagorization you already have at hand. I have searched online for more than 24 hrs total with this essay on mind, but everytime I believe I have covered it all, I find new records and pieces scattered around here, and simply cannot calculate them all. Message me if you will, please. I could give you my email for the documents or whatever content you have. P.s.: English and pre-NPiH preferred, as much a complete display of artistry the album is too late on the timeline I can afford. You see I'll portray him as a British person and he has become more and more of an international figure for me to pull it off properly. Thanks in advance -enx
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    Merhaba! Bu başlığı ilk defa görüyorum ama çok sevindim! Çok aktif bir fan değilim ve son bir iki sene alakasız bir durum sebebiyle MIKA'yı dinleyemez olmuştum 😕 Ama bundan sonra MIKA'nın haberlerini ve konserlerini takip etmeye devam etmeyi umuyorum 😊 burası başlamak için güzel bir yer gibi geldi. Sormaya gerek yok eminim ama umarım Türkiye'de konseri olduğunda buradan haberimiz olabiliyordur 😂 Bir de burada Türkiye'nin (az sayıda ) lgbt ally'larını (ya da direkt lgbt kişilerini) bulmak mümkündür büyük ihtimalle, onur yürüyüşlerine falan toplanılıp gidiliyor mu? Çok güzel olurdu bence 🏳️‍🌈 İyi günler ❤️
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    Hey remember this helpless fan asking desperately for help 😂😅 Well I finished the essay and would like to link it here so if someone wants to read some high school level analysis on the concept of religion in MIKA's songs, it is a thing that exists 😂😂 Also if you'd like to see the fruits of your contributions 😊 Again, thank you all very much! It's two years later but it was a hectic year and I only realised when I logged in now that I never updated you guys So here it is now, it's a bit long and my language gets too technical sometimes but Hope you enjoy it! https://docs.google.com/document/d/19V1rweucQvr0NH-UlkyqriATKFIt-Vu7JAv3GWOUBg8/edit?usp=sharing
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    Neither can I - it was pretty awful. Can't believe Belgium didn't get through.
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    He hugged you so that was a lovely dream
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    It will happen this year with the new songs and the new tour
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    RUTUBE : FULL version ( 51:37min [ 576p ] ) https://rutube.ru/video/cc59c30658f087f6a260eb828a669b32/
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    Why do I feel like this cat is going to demand that I answer a series of riddles?
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    The only thing I like about this year eurovision is the theme: DARE TO DREAM And I change my opinion about Czech Republic. They present themselves much better live than when I watched their video clip
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    It can be anything. At least we are approaching some new songs
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    No, my soon Anyway, why Mika could take Max to Paris just to rehearse for a video?
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    IG story 60256324_105131803974455_2245907611984373980_n.mp4
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    Hello @Giulia221b and welcome to the MFC. Enjoy your stay here! If you want, you could post an introduction here https://www.mikafanclub.com/forum/5-introductions/ and tell us more about you and how you discovered Mika and also more people can welcome you.
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    I think Italy will probably win, but Spain could do well. Malta's entry is quite quirky, and I also like The Netherlands, Slovenia, and Romania. I think the Swiss entry could surprise people too
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    Oh girl youre the ddevil- this song talks about conforming to society and then eventually letting yourself go "jumped out of the closet head first no parachute" and in the next line, he talks of running away from society's expectations http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32660-lgbt-mika-songs/
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    Ah I understand can it be interviews or only lyrics? As crazyaboutmika said, the NPIH album is real good for your assignment
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    This view makes me sad bc I squish between them and he didn't care. Ah he doesn't know I'm breating in the world. Keep commenting
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    Last night I dreamt I went to a Mika concert. I was in the front row and I was so excited... but I woke up before the concert actually started. I think this is a sign that I am in need of a Mika gig in real life. It's been three years since I saw him in London and I miss him.