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    Mission accomplished! I'm officialy in heaven InShot_20190522_165107390.mp4
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    His picture with Andy is so amazing, and what's even greater is the support and lovely comments he's getting for it. He's come a long, loooooong way. And is such an inspiration to anyone struggling with their own Identity. It's trully awesome.
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    Who dare to ask him if he received his birthday gift from 2 years ago and if the belt's size was still good after receiving so many food gifts ????
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    OH MY GOSH!! I can't wait for this song!!! I'm so excited!
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    I cried happy tears when I saw it I'm so happy for them and also as you said their couple can give hope to young people who struggle
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    Let's say, if soon paparazzi photos of him & Andy turn up, it's not like he tried to avoid that...
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    mikainstagram stories three clips and a pic into one file.
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    In his new instagram story (at the restaurant with a view on Eiffel Tower), he is at the Girafe Restaurant ! 😂😂😂 Been there once...... so classy I tried to post the story here but cannot find how to dld it 😞
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    But am I the only one who doesn't get why he says "yesterday"? Does he really mean it or did he lost the perception of time (lol) and these gifts were given to him on Saturday at The Voice's backstage?
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    Hi everyone! I am so happy I discovered the MFC! This is fantastic to be able to share news, pictures, videos, projects and all kind of stuff about Mika, with other passionate people! i discovered Mika in 2007, with Love today and Relax... i remember first listening to Love today... 😂😂 : i was in 17, in my mom’s pink car (true story 😂 it was a renault Twingo of 1999), trying to learn how to drive (back and forth in the garden alley at my parents’ place 🤣, doing my best not to crash the car).... My mom was resting in the living room, while I was in her car with my best friend, at the time (he was gay, and particularly fond of Mika who he believed to be gay 😜). And there we were, happy as can be, singing (i mean literally SCREAMING) LOVE TODAY in the pink car ...... back... forth..... back again.... forth again...... drive...... reverse...... drive.....reverse.... and then it happened: i crashed the back of the car into the corner of the garden wall 🥴 My mom came out running..... my friend and I jumped out of the car, guilty..... my mom destroyed us but Mika was still singing LOVE TODAY in the background.... and that is one of the happiest memory of my teenage years 😂😂😂😂😂 Since then, i’ve been fascinated by his personnality, his music and the way he considers life. As many of us here, I found a bit of myself in him. thank you for reading me! This was Chloé speaking, 29 years old, living in South of France I speak English and french, y puedo hablar espanol tambièn pero il mio spagnolo è un po rotto da quando ho imparato l’italiano per parlare con tutti i fan around the world !! Love you all #Lovetoday
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    I think that he opened yesterday some gifts fans left in his dressing room. Some of them he got from hand to hand on Saturday night but for sure he was not able to have a look at them.
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    He maybe got gifts saturday AND yesterday …..
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    It's so wonderful that Andy is working with Mika 31st of May - Andy's birthday and a sweet gift from Mika "Ice Cream"
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    Mika Instagram Story (integrated version) "Thank you for the gifts" From Bulgaria and POLAND too 2019 05 22 thank you.mp4
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    I swear on my life, or my Limited Edition MIKA pens which are a lot more valuable, that I'd never download any song illegally let alone Mika!!
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    31.5.19 I am so ready!
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    I see that that woman is doing many insta-videos like that with different funny moments, maybe it was a joke for Mika? I'm curios too, now that she also received flowers from him...
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I'll be listening to it until the 31st!!!
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    I think so, where else should it be released nowadays? Spotify and co. & music video on YouTube.
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    mikainstagram stories two clips into one file.
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    To eat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    He really seems to have a good marketing team this time... the teasing has become pretty professional! 😄
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    Hahaha. I have been listening the chorus all day long preparing a short video for the 31st of May 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Superb birthday present 🎂. Delicious attention. 🍧 (whether the text is wise or not wise ... everyone chose his version! 😇 😈)
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    Ah, I had already wondered whether I had missed an event yesterday.
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    Does anyone know if it will be available on Spotify on the 31st aswell?
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    31.05.2019 The world will never be the same. The God will start raining... ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!! VID_19860126_213226_055.mp4
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    One more light - Linkin Park Killer Queen - Queen 😍
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    Heyy Yeah, just like Irem Aytepe said, it's addiiiiictiiiiiive (I've only been here for a few days too ^^) WELCOME! Have fun 🌸
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    Hello welcome to MFC I like your story and I imagine your pink car 😂 Find some friend in here and enjoy your time. Here is kinda addiction, you can't stop yourself to enter here.
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    Haha sorry. Im autistic and i can never tell when people are being sarcastic yes, it does make more sense than “condoms” but i dont understand why swimming pools would have teeth
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    Oh my he is teasing with us! It's like a torture!
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    StorySaver_mikainstagram_60906477_185453309107600_2972698518980550410_n.mp4 StorySaver_mikainstagram_34408860_679179302507427_3624780928717738257_n.mp4 StorySaver_mikainstagram_60906477_185453309107600_2972698518980550410_n.mp4 StorySaver_mikainstagram_60906477_185453309107600_2972698518980550410_n.mp4
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    Heeyyy I'm Emma, I'm 23 and from southern France (from Nîmes specifically, where Mika was last week for La chanson de l'année but also where the tickets were sold out in less than 20 minutes. Can you believe that? 😡) I'm in my last year of a philosophy degree (currently (((/taking my finals))) listening to Mika's music instead. #UpsyDaisy.) Also, I used to live in th UK, went back to France, and now I'm about to move to the US for a year or so (from september, luckly.). I love writing, making short movies, music (Mika, Linkin Park, Queen, U2….) and loads of other stuff. My username comes from my love of wild pansies and more importantly of Oscar Wilde, who is my biggest inspiration and favourite writer ever. I've loved Mika's music for years! When I was 11 I discovered his art with Relax and it all started from this point Since then I've been a pretty quiet fan, as I've not really participated in anything nor met any other fan. But recently (since like nov-dec last year) I haven't found that satisfying and have started wanting to put my fangirl cap on Sooo after being SO P****D watching Mika's IG stories in the Arena (which is literally 500m from where I live) and not being able to go, I've booked a ticket to the Bordeaux event next Friday (I'm really interested in the conferences there will be durng the day and am SO THRILLED about the concert in the evening!) It's one of the reasons I've finally joined Mika Fan Club, as I was hoping I could find someone else going. Really hope to be as active as possible. Also, I'd be happy to chat and/or meet fans from everywhere. Cheers! 🌸
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    Hi Chloé! I'm Gabriella and I live in Italy, nice to meet you and welcome to the MFC! I hope to see you in the next tour and have fun here! We are waiting for you in the Italian page...
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    5 clips into one, re-uploaded to YouTube