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    I tried to send you a PM but it says that you can’t receive them. Since I didn’t have to use my code, I’d be happy to give it to you! Send me a message if you still need it
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    I hope the word has gotten out by now that for countries outside of France and the UK, you need to visit mikasounds.com/shows to purchase tickets. I was trying to handle problems on social media, didn't get a chance to come here, sorry! It seems they're still having some issues with the UK and Spanish sales, but I *hope* everyone else has gotten the shows they wanted? If you have problems, I'll try to help -- just leave a message here and I'll keep checking back!
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    Hello everyone! I am not entirely new, seeing as I made this account a while back ago, yet I had forgotten all about this fanclub. So now that I do plan on being active here I thought, why not introduce myself as well! I am Mel, 21 and a dutchie. I have always loved his songs since they cane out yet never knew it was MIKA until l one day my cousin put it on our playlist to Paris. Thats when i realised all the songs I liked were Mika's songs and well I have grown to love his music and just him as the person he is. I can not imagine my life without my car filled with mika music xD I am so thrilled for his new tour! Finally my wish of seeing him perform life can happen and I am so excited! I also love the idea of this fanclub and I hope to get to know you all and to appreciate mika together
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    I know I'm late but... Does anybody else need a code ? I have one I didn't need to use, so feel free to ask if you need it.
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    I am so excited about this, I've been a fan for at least 10 years, though on and off for probably 5/6 years before that, and I've never seen him live before. last time he was in the uk for the tour with the previous album, I had uni exams so couldn't make it. This is my chance, I have no money thanks to other shows and concerts i'm going to this year but I was not gonna miss another chance! November 10th too, right after my birthday so great timing mika 😊
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    Hi Gülce Glad Irem made you discover Mika and join MFC Welcome here and enjoy your time with us I am French I live in the west part of France. I became a Mika fan instantly when I saw Grace Kelly video for the first time in February 2007. I have two grown up children and a dog Mikado. It took a long time for my husband to understand my fandom and it can still be complicated at times even if it got better. My dreams were to go to Mika gigs, talk with him, make him laugh (as I want to make him happy as much as he makes me) give him gifts and hug him (which happened a few days ago) and all those dreams came true little by little with time which still amazes me but I still want to go to his concerts and meet him afterwards when possible and I always want to make him laugh each time if I can. So my dream now is to keep having fun with him each time it's possible to meet him He is such a sweet man and certainly the best singer on earth to be a fan of as he really cares about his fans He makes me happy everyday and all my Mika family I met thanks to him too Enjoy being part of MFC
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    I'm sure we still can get them! Also just read they might put the other dates up within this hour, so I'm waiting for that now!
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    I'm sorry to hear of the problems with the pre-order codes. We have reported the problem, but it is out of MFC control so we can only hope it is sorted by 9am
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    Pre-show chat, meet-ups, etc Don't forget to RSVP on the Calendar:
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    This is the place for pre-show chat. Don't forget to say if you are attending on the Calendar
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    Hey everyone! Just this minute joined MIKA fan club and very pleased to be here! I have adored MIKA since I was 9- he was my first proper introduction to music. I’m now 21 and my love has never wavered!
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    I think this article mentions Mika's grandfather William Frederick Penniman Jr.. Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1977/02/12/wf-penniman-consultant-on-oil-ex-embassy-attache/ 1977/02/12 W.F. Penniman, Consultant On Oil, Ex-Embassy Attache William Frederick Penniman Jr., 64, a former oil executive in the Middle East and a Foreign Service officer of the State Department, died Sunday in New York City after a heart attack. He had been an official with Continental Overseas Oil Co. (Conoco) in the Middle East from 1962 to 1970, when he opened his own consulting firm, specializing in petroleum affairs, in Beirut. He had maintained the Beirut offices until recently and continued to be a consultant for that area. Born in Savannah, Ga., Mr. Penniman attended the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. During the late 1930s, he joined the State Department and was assigned to Caracas, Venezuela. After World War II, when he served in the Marine Corps, he went to Santiago, Chile, as minerals and petroleum attache at the U.S. Embassy there. Mr. Penniman was transferred to Jerusalem in 1950, and to Beirut a year later. He served with the petroleum policy staff at the State Department here in 1952. He than left government service to join Conorada petroleum in Libya in 1953. After transferring to Conoco, he opened offices for that firm in Libya, Egypt, Paris, London and Beirut. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy, of the home in Washington; four sons, Michael, of Philadelphia, Kingman, of Montpelier, Vt., Richard, of London, England, and William, and two grandchildren.
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    Large Pics (2048 x 2048) (2048 x 1638)
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    I think he is doing it now to promote the new single because this performance looks better on screens and at festivals where he is perfoming just a couple of songs and no everybody in the crowd is a fan... The choreography with the clapping in the middle etc. grabs more attention and it's probably more fun for the general public. I'm pretty sure he won't do that with every song on the tour (at least I hope)...
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    I noticed it also doesn't work if I have another presale window open at the same time. But it could be something about the website, we also had problems. Like it didn't load the credit card verification site, showed a wrong timer (tickets timed out before already), just kept freezing... weird that it's just for the London gig website. Maybe the site is preparing for Brexit already.
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    Indeed, I just ordered my tickets and it was only for one show at a time, sorry ! And thanks a lot again Ellys ! 😚
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    thanks @Chriss-MikaFan for the videos. I'm curious where this dancing thing will end up. His idea behind it might be nice, in fact there were bits of this even on the early tours, lots more interaction with the band back then, just remember the butt wiggling "choreography" with Mikey, or the drum duels with Cherisse, bin bashing with the band and all that. But. These guys aren't even actually playing the instruments on stage! And the sexy dressed girls? Just for the guys to stare at. I really, really really hope that for the tour it'll be more "music with dancing" instead of the other way round, as it is here (esp. for Ice Cream).
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    Hey pretty please I really need one ! ❤️
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    try using a different browser to buy them. Some people on twitter couldn't get it to work and tried different browsers until it worked. i used google chrome and it worked fine
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    thanks!! i might see if i can get any tier 1 seats if there are resales on ticket master so i don't have to stand
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    TIME TABLE of 5 June / Rai1 https://www.raiplay.it/guidatv/Page-e120a813-1b92-4057-a214-15943d95aa68-lista.html?canale=Rai1&giorno=05-06-201
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    they're not specific. Only for the Spanish gigs Deb has posted extra codes, as the normal presale codes didn't work for these.
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    So the codes are shows specific ? I thought it was one for any show. Thanks for your reply though !
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    Hi, sorry it's not possible to buy from the Fan Club. Only through mikasounds right now... but you would've needed to preorder the album until yesterday to get a code. The general ticket sale will start on Friday (June 7) at 9am UK time, then you can buy them on websites like ticketmaster.co.uk, without needing a code. The venue is not seated, only on the balconies, but it's not reserved seats. So you can just meet up with MFCers there. I'm closing this thread, as there is already a thread about this show: please check here for further questions / meet up plans:
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    Mika's Twitter official account did it 🤨
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    London presale was sold out, but they've just told me they have added more tickets. Try again! If you're desperate for London, Kata, I may have an extra ticket Or try again now that there are more tickets available. Anyone who wants to try for Madrid or Barcelona, I can give you the codes: MADRID: MIKAMAD19 BARCELONA: MIKA21FM Please don't share these on social media! Thanks!
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    The pre-sale lasts until then - just try later today, it's unlikely all the tickets will be sold. It's not like you will be booking a seat anyway, it will be either standing or unreserved seating.
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    You had to go to another screen to select the type of tickets you wanted. But the seating is unreserved anyway.
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    I didnt even use my code hahaha (it never asked for any codes). So weird but anyways brussels here I come 🤓😃
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    It's official... I'VE GOT TICKETS!!!!! I bought two standing tickets as none of the seated areas were available, don't know if anyone else had the same issue. This will be my second Mika gig, and I am SO EXCITED! Only 158 days to go...
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    I have tickets!!
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    Como baila el "nene" y que mono con la gorra. Y ha cambiado a toda la banda menos a Max 62335722_393584144580358_5617152748431600423_n.mp4 62500469_321839445413588_2803378914180604379_n.mp4
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    lore_cammarata https://www.instagram.com/lore_cammarata/
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    Hi Sara! Nice to meet you too I discovered Mika because of İrem obviously 🤣 We have been friends since 2007 She always talks about Mika and how good Mika's music are. I'm happy to be in here
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    @mikainstagram Backstage video from rehearsals with my band!! Moving and playing at the same time has always something I wanted to do with the band. Its all starting to come together. Here is a first look of us putting it in place with @icouldneverbeadancer_olivier and @icouldneverbeadancer_carine ❤️❤️🕴🕴 #icecream Mika IC stories
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    Id just woken up when i saw this and all i saw was bums and all my brain processed was “im jealous” and i was just like “ok mika”
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    Yes, I was there. It was a diary with pics and autographs of a French fan and he wrote a wrong name, so now he has to fix the problem
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    That's interesting. Numbered seats would be nice... but somehow I doubt it'll be seated, it looks like most concerts there are standing. Btw on the venue website there's info about O2 customers getting into a priority queue. I suppose it's only for O2 customers in the UK, but anyway also for those who can't use this option I wanted to mention it, so you're not disappointed if you're queueing for a frontrow place but get in only after the priority queue.
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    This is such a cute reaction video... Love her fangirling over Mika.
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    Btw, the tickets go on sale this Friday at 9.00 https://academymusicgroup.com/o2shepherdsbushempire/o2academyleeds/events/1266388/mika-tickets
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    Merhaba Gülce, MFC'ye hoş geldiniz! My name is Loo and I'm from France. My three dreams: * May no more children be unhappy. * May there be quality food for all humans. * May peace be international. Wow! You've never met Mika and you're doing all this for him?! I thought you, at least, went on stage with him, or that you were part of his staff.
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    I'm very mysterious I've been a Mika fan for years, am waiting patiently to see him again, and have 2 big dogs (German Shepherds). I sometimes visit the Turkish thread, but as I don't speak Turkish and have to use a translation program, some of the conversations are very strange
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    Welcome to the MFC I'm Eriko from Japan. My three dreams. meeting with Mika hugging Mika like there is no tomorrow live long
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    We're trying to determine the whereabouts of all the members of Mika Fan Club, and we need your help! When you register for the MFC, you are now required to include your location, but previously it was not a required field. Many of you long-time members may not have entered your country, or perhaps you added a "fantasy" location, like "In Mika World"... Unfortunately that doesn't help us when we're trying to figure out where all of our members are from! So we're asking you to do two things. 1) Take a minute and look at the poll included with this thread. Tick the box for the country you live in. Check only one box, please, and please just check the country you presently are living in. If, for example, you are originally from France, but now live in London, please check United Kingdom. If the country you live in is not listed, please tick the box marked "Other" and then tell us where you are here in the thread. 2) If you haven't already, please update your profile with the country you live in. Thanks so much -- this will help us in a variety of ways, from helping us organize meet & greets and other potential events, to prize giveaways, and other fun stuff.