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    Got the tickets now!!!!
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    No worries. And after I said not to post the codes, Mika of course posted them everywhere. I don't have a code for that show, sorry. Maybe someone else has one they didn't use?
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    I hope the word has gotten out by now that for countries outside of France and the UK, you need to visit mikasounds.com/shows to purchase tickets. I was trying to handle problems on social media, didn't get a chance to come here, sorry! It seems they're still having some issues with the UK and Spanish sales, but I *hope* everyone else has gotten the shows they wanted? If you have problems, I'll try to help -- just leave a message here and I'll keep checking back!
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    This is the thread for this event https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/33724-music-awards-2019-arena-di-verona-4-june-2019-reportspicsvids/?tab=comments#comment-4154007
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    mikainstagram When I was writing the song #IceCream I was working out of a home studio 25 minutes outside of the city of Florence in Italy. It was so so hot. Jokingly, I said to my collaborator Dan Black, that the only person who was probably managing to stay cool in this very moment was the statue of David! “Because that ass is made of marble, I’m jealous!” From the very beginning, imagery illustration and lyrics have always come together at the same time. Working from a tiny sketch on the back of a lyric sheet, my sister Yasmine (who also worked with me since the first album Life In Cartoon Motion) then interprets what I have done and makes it look far more beautiful! @dawack #mika #mikaicecream #florence David( statue ) of Florence : made of marble
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    Hi! My name is Gülce and I'm from Turkey. I'm nearly 17 years old. I'm here because I want to make new friends and talk about Mika. He is one of my favourite singers! It'll be fun to be here. My best friend (İrem) recommended me to this fan club. I like watching football games, listening to music and going out with my friends! I support Liverpool, Juventus and Fenerbahçe. My favourite artists and bands are Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Queen, Kiss, Lana Del Rey, Eminem, Mika, JB and 1D. I listen to every genre of music. My favourite football player is Paulo Dybala who plays for Juventus. I have 3 big dreams; 1-Travelling the world 2-Living on abroad (especially in England) 3-Meeting with Paulo Dybala These are basic things about me. I really want to know about you. You can introduce yourself. I'm waiting for you! Lots of love, Gülce.
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    Hi Gülce Glad Irem made you discover Mika and join MFC Welcome here and enjoy your time with us I am French I live in the west part of France. I became a Mika fan instantly when I saw Grace Kelly video for the first time in February 2007. I have two grown up children and a dog Mikado. It took a long time for my husband to understand my fandom and it can still be complicated at times even if it got better. My dreams were to go to Mika gigs, talk with him, make him laugh (as I want to make him happy as much as he makes me) give him gifts and hug him (which happened a few days ago) and all those dreams came true little by little with time which still amazes me but I still want to go to his concerts and meet him afterwards when possible and I always want to make him laugh each time if I can. So my dream now is to keep having fun with him each time it's possible to meet him He is such a sweet man and certainly the best singer on earth to be a fan of as he really cares about his fans He makes me happy everyday and all my Mika family I met thanks to him too Enjoy being part of MFC
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    Yessss I got them through the sound as well! Utrecht I am there 😉
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    OH YEAAAAHH ✌🏻🥳💫🤩
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    Guys!! I tried the tickets via the website of Mikasounds > shows > tickets. And there was for ALL his gigs the option to buy pre-sale tickets!! So I just bought one ticket for The Netherlands in the pre-sale (I hope this will help all of you not-frenchies)
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    You can get them through the mikasounds site! Only my code isn't working apparantly
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    I'm sure we still can get them! Also just read they might put the other dates up within this hour, so I'm waiting for that now!
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    I'm sorry to hear of the problems with the pre-order codes. We have reported the problem, but it is out of MFC control so we can only hope it is sorted by 9am
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    Congratulations !!! finally Mika comes back to Australia He mentions Australia in this Cherie interview on yesterday. Chérie fm https://www.cheriefm.fr/artistes/mika/videos 03/06/2019 Mika révèle ce qu’il prépare pour la tournée «Revelation Tour » C’est officiel, Mika part en tournée à partir du 15 octobre 2019 ! En interview, il nous a donné de précieux indices sur la teneur de son nouveau spectacle. Regardez ! L’année 2019 marque le retour de Mika en musique. Après la publication du single «Ice Cream» vendredi 31 mai 2019, le coach de The Voice dévoilera son cinquième album le 4 octobre prochain. Ce nouveau projet s’accompagnera d’une tournée qui débutera à l’automne aux États-Unis avant de se poursuivre en Europe, puis en Australie et Asie en 2020. Mika : un nouveau show très étudié Mika en a dit plus sur le contenu de son nouveau show. «Je veux faire vivre l’album en live sur la scène. Pour moi c’est très important». L’interprète de «Elle me dit» prévoit «un spectacle inspiré par les performances des années 90», avec l’idée d’une «troupe musicale qui danse chante et joue». Le chanteur promet également un «show extrêmement étudié», avec «beaucoup de vibes». Ses fans français auront l'occasion de le découvrir à l'AccorHotels Arena, le 22 décembre prochain. Mika reveals what he is preparing for the "Revelation Tour" tour It's official, Mika goes on tour from October 15, 2019! In interviews, he gave us valuable clues about the content of his new show. Look ! The year 2019 marks the return of Mika to music. After the release of the single "Ice Cream" on Friday, May 31, 2019, the coach of The Voice will unveil his fifth album on October 4. This new project will be accompanied by a tour beginning in the fall in the United States before continuing in Europe, then in Australia and Asia in 2020. Mika: a new show very studied Mika said more about the content of his new show. "I want to live the album live on the stage. For me it's very important. The interpreter of "She tells me" plans "a show inspired by the performances of the 90s", with the idea of a "musical troupe that dances and sings". The singer also promises an "extremely studied show", with "a lot of vibes". His French fans will have the opportunity to discover it at the AccorHotels Arena on December 22nd. VIDEO https://www.cheriefm.fr/artistes/mika/videos/mika-revele-ce-quil-prepare-pour-la-tournee-revelation-tour-71414929 DIRECT MP4 https://cdn.cheriefm.fr/nrj_cdn/cheriefm/2019/06/itw-mika-tournee_5cf528b506b79.mp4
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    Dalle 11 del mattino aggiungeranno le altre date.
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    @Loo I've met him every time when Mika came to Japan, but it was a few minutes. I'd like to meet him in personal...
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    Yeah okay, I would've gotten the album anyway I'm just annoyed at the moment, that's all
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    I’m not all that pissy about having preordered the album, I’d obviously have bought it either way, but I am kinda annoyed that I’m now even further behind in the queue to get London tickets, as everyone else seems to have their codes.
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    lore_cammarata https://www.instagram.com/lore_cammarata/
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    I was there too. I thought it had been dammaged while Mika was signing it as someone moved around (when he signed my korean No Place in Heaven someone moved too and his hand moved and so did his siggie.) It's easier to fix if it is just the name (too bad he didn't use erasable pilot pens ) On second thought erasable ink is not a good idea as obviously we want to keep his siggie....sorry I missed you Krys
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    Id just woken up when i saw this and all i saw was bums and all my brain processed was “im jealous” and i was just like “ok mika”